Wazifa to get back your job

Wazifa to get back your job | Dua for keeping your job | Get islamic wazifa, ” What can you do when you’ve quit your job, started a new position, and then discover that the new job isn’t what you expected? What are your options when you’re regretting leaving your old job, and you really want it back?

Wazifa to get back your job

Because you don’t know what can happen when you start a new job, it makes good sense to leave a job on the best terms you can. Even if you diligently check out the company, your future manager, and your co-workers, as best you can, the job might not be what you thought it was and working for the company might not be what you expected. Powerful islamic mantra dua for getting your lost love back

You resigned for a reason. Is the fact that the new job isn’t working out a good enough reason to return to a situation that you have recently left? Or, does it make sense to look for another new job and move on?

  • Wazifa to get back your job | Dua for keeping your job | Get islamic wazifa
  • Weigh the pros and cons. Make a list of why you left and then create another list of what the benefits would be if you went back. If the pros outweigh the cons, consider asking for your old job back or for a new job at your former employer.
  • You still can not get a job back then we can solve your problem.
  • If you lost your job and you want it back please do the following Vashikaran mantra to control mind for sex
  • Darood/ Salavat 11 times
  • Surah Yusuf 13 times
  • Darood/ Salavat 11 times
  • Then do a dua every day.
  • The time and place must be the same every day.
  • Inshallah first day someone will tell you that you can have your old job back. Continue until some one gives you the news that you can have it back.

Before you start any wazifa, remember that all wazifas given by me are approved by Baba ji personally. You must send all Savab / Hasana of what ever wazifa you do, to him first. Only then the wazifas will work. Please read carefully how to send the savab correctly from this website.


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