Dua for protection from enemies

Dua for protection from enemies | dua for protection from bad evils, ” This is a easy act and by doing this Insha-Allah your enemies become your friends. This prayer is based on Nawafil. You have to offer four 4 Nawafil on 10th of Muharam. You can offer this prayer at any time of the day or night of 10th of Muharam.

Before starting these Nawafil, make a neeyat that you want protection from your enemies. And after offering these nawafil make dua. Insha-Allah all of your enemies become your friend in no time. Or even if they not become your friend they will not able to haram you anymore. According to prophetic tradition, the greatest means of protection against the evil eye lies in the recitation of the following:

Dua for protection from enemies | dua for protection from bad evils

These nawafil also help us to answer the questioned asked by Munkar and Nakir in our graves. For more information and detail how to perform this dua contact Baba ji. She will provide you dua for protection spells. These Spell is so powerful. When you are asked to take a bath (to provide a cure) from the influence of the evil eye, you should take a bath.” Shohar ki mohabbat ka powerful amal

10 Muharam ka Nawafil

Ager app ka bohat dushman hain. app un sa apni hifzat chatya ho to ya nawafil lazmi pharain. App ya 4 nawafil 10 muharam ko kisi waqat bhi phar saktya hain.

Pharna sa phela app na neyat zaror krni hai ka app kiss liya ya nawafil phar rahya ho. Insha-Allah app ka dushman app ka dost baan jayain ga. Ya nawafil kesya pharna hain ya sab khuch aap Baba ji se Rabta kare. Dua for protection from Enemies, dua for protection from bad evils

Note: Humain apni duaoin main yaad rahkain. Humain app ki duaoin ki bohat zaraort hai. Ager app ka koi sawal hai to Aap Baba ji se Rabta kare. Kisi bhi tarah ki problem ke masle ke liye aap Baba ji se Rabta kar sakte hai. Baba ji aap ki Har tarah ki Problem ko solve kar sakte hai. Kisi bhi waqt aap Baba ji se Rabta kar sakte hai orr har tarah ki samasya ko door karne ka solution le sakte hai.


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