Black Magic for Love

Love is a feeling that every one of us needs to experience at least one in their lifetime. A true feeling of love has the ability to throw away grief and distress. But everyone is not lucky when it comes to finding their love. There are instances when one finds the right partner, but because of some uncalled circumstance, they lost them. So, if you are the one who is hunting for the something like how to make someone fall in love with you or wishing to get back your ex-lover with the help of genuine love spell, here are some love spells for you!

Let’s check out how to make someone fall in love with easy love spells!

“Mujhe mile anhi ishq jaadu chalaye”

It is a very strong and effective love spell. The best thing about this love spell is that you don’t need any ingredients for performing it. This spell is not that difficult to cast. You just need to take care of one thing. You need to keep chanting. Do you like someone? Are you interested in him or her? You will get that person’s attention using this spell.

How to make someone fall in love with you using this spell?

  • You need to chant: “(the name of your beloved) “mujhe mile anhi ishq jaadu chalaye.”
  • You need to these words 300 times per day. Chanting timing is very important. You need to
  • Chant 100 times in the morning
  • Chant 100 times in the afternoon
  • Chant 100 times in the night.
  • Chant this spell outside your house if you need the best outcome

Once you chant this spell, you will notice that your crush slowly but surely getting attracted to you. He or she will follow you wherever you go. They will ask for ways to contact you and will approach you by themselves.

“Yaa madat yaa mujhe mile vo abhi”

  • It is another easy love spell. It this you also required to chant words.
  • The more times you will chant this, the more influential the spell will become. This love spell will emit the love magic, send out your positive energy to the universe, and make your love visible to the one you love.

How to perform it?

  • Wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning
  • Chant these words clearly: “yaa madat yaa mujhe mile vo abhi.”
  • Try to pray with this love spell as much as you can during the day
  • If you chant more, the chances of getting your love will increase.
  • “Har kaam pyaar saat andomaner pura hua”
  • This spell is called a binding love spell. This powerful love spell binds your lover and makes them stay with you forever.
  • You will require a few ingredients to perform this spell:
  • Two clay dolls that will represent your loved one and you
  • A red ribbon
  • A needle.

How to make someone fall in love with you using this spell?

  • Make two dolls using clay
  • Engrave your name using a needle on the first doll
  • Use the needle to write the name of your beloved on the second doll.
  • Create a small hole on both the dolls
  • Tie both the dolls together with the red ribbon in such a way that they are facing each other.
  • Hold both the dolls in your right hand
  • Start chanting loudly “har kaam pyaar saat andomaner pura hua”
  • You need to do it 40 times every morning.
  • Always keep them on your bed while sleeping
  • Make sure to keep them only in your room

This love spell works immediately to bind your love, and you will get committed to a long-lasting relationship.

“Holy pyaar anuman jald aajaaye pitar”

This love spell is also known as a Sandal spell. This spell is used to win back the love that you have lost.You need to take a good rest before practicing this love spell. It is because it will use up a lot of your energy.

How to make someone fall in love with you using this spell?

  • When you perform this reconciliation spell, you need to light up a candle of green color, as other colors bring failure and negativity
  • Inscribe both your partner’s and your name on the candle with the help of a red ink
  • Chant “Holy pyaar anuman jald aajaaye pitar” for 40 times
  • Light up the candle
  • hold the candle with both hands
  • Concentrate hard while thinking of your beloved.

So, these are a few love spells that you can perform to make someone fall in love with you. There are more such spells that are more useful; for that, you should consult a good astrologer. It’s time to get your love!


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