Wazifa for victory over enemy


We all know that Islam is a religion of peace, love, and harmony. Dua for Victory over Enemy It has guidelines on how a person can attain peace and love in life. dua to destroy enemy, Therefore, it goes without saying that this religion and its principles have no room for enmity and feelings of hatred.

But, if you sense that someone is wishing you back luck and trying to sabotage you in every way possible. You need to first of all safeguard yourself. Obviously you need to love your enemies too. But that won’t be possible unless you first take all the measures to protect yourself from bad and evil intentions of the wrongdoers.

Do you want to know how to become victorious over someone’s enmity? Then read this dua and wazifa down below and bring it into practicality.

Dua for Victory over Enemy

How to perform this dua –

Start this on a Friday

Clean yourself and sit in the posture of prayer.

After performing the everyday obligatory namaaz (preferably in the noon time), recite the following.

Recite this mantra at least 500 times

“Elaahi bakshiyat Subhan eman magdul elabahi julah qabadum Allah Bismillah surah samar shabiyat”

Keep a glass of water in front of and recite Surah Yusuf at least 3 times

Now drink that glass of water

Perform this for at least 21 days

How does this work in winning the enemies?

Hatred and jealousy are strong forces that can drive people to extreme measures. They can get people to do unpredictable things. They often regret their decisions afterward. But, once the harm is done, there’s no undoing it. dua to get rid of enemies, Therefore, you need to make sure that no harm is caused.

Do not wait for things to turn ugly. In terms of how this dua works – you basically create a strong aura of positive energy and send it in the direction of your enemy.

Dua for Victory over Enemy When that energy reaches the person. It is bound to make them feel good. Their intentions and attitude towards you as a person are bound to change once that energy hits them. It may sound very mystic and strange. But, in reality – it’s pure science.  

Dua for Victory over Enemy

Attention must be paid to the fact that when someone talks about destroying enemies in Islamic. They are not talking about any actual, physical destruction or harm. You don’t destroy the person. You destroy the bad and negative feelings inside their heart that have taken over their personality and getting them to do bad things for other people.

Dua for Victory over Enemy The way these dua works is by changing the hearts of other people. And filling them up with love and respect rather than hatred against them for their bad intentions. This is the only way to win over your enemies and come out victorious on the other side.

Why you should perform this dua

Know that if you don’t take corrective measures but sense that someone might be creating problems in your life. It won’t be long before their efforts become true. Wazifa to punish enemy Their bad intentions might come in the way of your career, your relationships, health, peace, and happiness.

Therefore, upon sensing that someone might be doing something to damage your life in any way possible. You shouldn’t wait. You should resort to Islamic dua and wazifa to become victorious.  

Talk to our Molvi ji

If you are doubtful or not don’t know how to perform this dua correctly, you should talk to our molvi Sahib Ji. Explain your situation and he will guide you in the right direction. 


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