Spell to make someone love you


Imagine that person you recently found yourself getting attracted to. It can make your heart flutter and make you yearn for their love and attention. Spell to make someone love you. Often people who see themselves crushing over someone wonder if that other person also loves them or not. 

Just the curiosity of it all can make you feel butterflies in the stomach. While receiving the confirmation that the other person also thinks for you is one of the most beautiful things globally, it can be quite a challenge to find that the other person can’t return your feelings. 

Spell to make someone love you deeply without ingredients. It can be pretty devastating and heartbreaking. Do you also want to make someone love you? If yes, then read this dua and this post till the end to turn things around.

Powerful Spell to make someone love you

It is best if you start performing this dua on a Friday. Spell to make someone love you. It’s because this day is supposed to be the day of Venus, who happens to be the Goddess of Love. 

Make sure to wear a green color while performing this dua. Spell to make someone obsessed with you. It’s because green is the color of love which might sound a bit surprising. After all, most people think that it is the color red.

Focus on the person that you want to make feel attracted to you

Now concentrate your thoughts and remember Allah Tallah and pray to him to help you out

Now recite Surah 9 times

Follow this by performing your daily namaaz

Keep a glass of water in front of you

Now recite “gnifor wollow itrate evol noser dame notre sucof toms” 300 times

Drink that glass of water in the remembrance of Allah Tallah

Spell to make someone love youRepeat this for 27 days.

This is a love spell that works to make two people feel attracted to each other. It tends to produce strong emotions of love and joy in the hearts of both parties involved. 

Spell to make someone love you. Remember, when you are performing this dua, it is your responsibility for the outcome of that Spell. Therefore, make sure to perform it with the right intentions and in the proper manner so that it works in your favor.

It is also worth noting and remembering that only duas performed with a pure heart will work. Only a positive attitude and actions will bring your desires to fruition. Free love spells for a specific person. Anything done with an evil intention will never work out the way you want things to. Ask yourself these questions and make sure your purpose behind making that person feeling attracted is to marry them eventually.

Best Love Spell That Works Instantly

If you love someone, you only want to love your lover at any cost. They also lose their ability and composure to think. They are waiting for someone to bring your love back. You have to do it regularly if you want the Spell to succeed to make people fall in love with your spells. Within one or two hours, you can’t expect results.

You have to work on that for a couple of days after starting it for the first time. Love may be of different kinds. Few regard profound friendly feelings as affection. Some people consider each other to be cherished for compassion and concern.

Select a lonely place.

Take some sugar.

Recite Ya Waajidu 1111 times along with durood three times before and after.

Blow it on the sugar.

Perform this for 41 consecutive days.

Serve it to your husband.

Islamic dua and wazifa bring people close.

Islam is a religion of peace and love. Everyone is well aware of that fact. Spell to make someone love you. That is why; you will find countless duas and wazifas in the Quran that should help you tackle all kinds of problems. Free spells to make him love you forever. If that problem happens to be love-related, you can always count on Islam to show you a guided path and much=needed direction.

Love spells chants

Talk to our molvi Saab. If you run into any doubts or skepticism or feel unconfident or whether or not this dua will work, then immediately get in touch with our molvi Saab. Free love spells that work immediately. He will tell you how to gain more confidence and practice Islamic duas so that doubt doesn’t creep in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Ayat to make someone love you?

If you want effective results, you must keep utter devotion to Allah Almighty. First, recite Darood Sharif (11) times and then chant this Ayat “Rabbana afrigh ‘Alayna sabran wa thabbit” after Fazr Nawaz. Then again, repeat Darood sharif (11) times. Do this method for (7) times. You can make someone love you.

Which surah can help to make someone love you?

Before starting:

Make wuzu and wear clean clothes.

Recite Bismillah (10) times and recite this Surah Al Hadid verse (7) after Maghrib Nawaz.

Do this ritual for three days continuously.

After three days you will get a result.

Which Dua can help to make someone love you?

Before beginning, recite “Bismillah Ar Rahman” ten times and then perform two Rakat before Fazr Nawaz and then recite Surah Al Fath after Fajr Nawaz. Do this ritual for five days with utter belief in Allah. You will get results in a week.


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