Ruqyah for child protection

 Did you know that not just you but your household also needs protection? Ruqyah For House Protection That’s right! Most people don’t stress enough over the importance of protecting your house from unseen forces. But, who should you protect it from? Well, sometimes jinns aka shaytan can leave a bad and negative influence on the tranquility and peace of the household. ruqyah for house cleansing Do you want to know what can be the results of a Jinns occupying your household and how they can disturb peace and harmony?

If yes, keep reading and you will also learn how to cast a spell of protection all around your household using ruqyah.

Ruqyah For House Protection

The method for protecting your house is called ‘calling the azaan’ followed by Ruqyah water. Sensations of cold limbs, pins and needles, and your children crying out of pain are possible signs of a jinn trying to possess them.

Remember, you can also practice this azaan method even if you are living in a leased home. 

Start by closing the doors of your bedroom and practice saying ‘Bismillah’.

Open the windows a little (around 15cm). And call out the azaan. Make sure your voice is medium to loud. Do not call it out quietly. Make sure you’re not just saying the words but actually feeling them. It should come out with complete sincerity. 

As soon as you are done calling the azan, instantly close the windows and immediately say ‘bismillah’.

Finish this by reading the last verse of Surah al Baqarah

For good measure, you can spray two or three squirts of ruqya water. Make sure to sprinkle it in every corner of every single room to keep the shaytan away.

How do jinns work?

External evil forces like Jinn tend to manifest themselves in myriad forms. Ruqyah For House Protection They can act out through your wife or children. The first sign of a jinn manifestation or something evil lurking around the house is that your children’s actions will be annoying. They will start disobeying you. They might react harshly. Sometimes trying to discipline them can bring out the worst in you which can scare other family members.

Other signs of evil manifestation can be children have nightmares night after night and waking up scared in the middle of their sleep. ruqyah for an evil eye The whole thing can feel downright sinister. You can practically feel the presence of something evil in your house.

Why you should be mindful about protecting your house

As we mentioned earlier. Ruqyah For House Protection If you are not careful enough and on the lookout for all these signs and symptoms. ruqyah dua Evil forces can take a toll on your happiness and family’s well being. Your relationships can go sour if you are not careful enough. It’s almost like keeping your doors open and inviting the burglars who are ready to take all your life’s savings and material possessions. Jinns and evil forces work the same way. They work by robbing your family off of their mental well being and health.

Ruqyah For House Protection

Perhaps reading this will convince you just how crucial it is to protect your house from unseen and evil forces. ruqyah for child protection By casting a spell of protection you are taking preventive measures so nothing can penetrate that seal of protection around you and your family will remain protected from the darkness of it all.

Talk to our molvi saab for more aid

When in doubt, you can always talk to our molvi ji for advise.


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