Powerful Islamic dua and Wazifa to get the love of your life


No question falling in love is the most precious feeling in the world. Allah Talah has bestowed every human being with the ability to experience this feeling. 

Powerful Islamic dua and Wazifa to get the love of your life. We express our love for our children, our parents, the elderly, and eventually, our romantic partner. It’s rewarding and heavenly when someone who we love reciprocates that feeling back with their love. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen all the time. 

If you feel that the person they love cannot share those feelings back, you need to practice Islamic wazifa for love. This wazifa for love is one of the strongest powers to help you find the love you need and deserve in life.

Mohabbat Ka Amal

You have to know that love wazifa or Mohabbat ka amal doesn’t work only in the cases of romantic relationships. This is equally effective no matter who you love. It could be your father, mother, a friend, a relative. 

Anyone that you have a deep appreciation for and would like it for them to show interest in you and love you back, this wazifa is just for you.  Powerful Islamic dua and Wazifa to get the love of your life. You will never feel lonely again.

But, make sure to use it only on someone who is not in a relationship. Someone who is already committed to another relationship, don’t use it on them. This wazifa to create love in someone’s heart should be used wisely.

Many people have tried this powerful wazifa and found the love of their life expressing their emotions towards them—Dua for love to come back. You can also try this and experience life-changing results.

Mohabbat Tilsim Ka Taweez

There can be moments of doubt where you feel like you may not be able to perform this powerful wazifa to get the love of your life. That’s okay. If you also feel doubtful in this regard, we suggest you get Mohabbat til sim ka taweez. This particular taweez is made by molvi Saab, which supposedly contains miraculous power that should work to help you win the love of your life.

Powerful dua for lost love

Perhaps your love partner chose to leave you for someone else. Or, you sense they are beginning to lose interest in you. Regardless, this Islamic amal for love will work like magic and in no time, and you will begin to notice incredibly positive results. 

In no time, you will find them rushing back to you. You can keep this taweez below your mattress or wear it around your neck to make it work. Most powerful dua for love back But, remember there can be certain other important details to follow. So, make sure to contact our molvi Saab for all those crucial details. Powerful Islamic dua and Wazifa to get the love of your life

Powerful Islamic dua and Wazifa to get the love of your life

It’s essential to have strong faith in the powers of this taweez for it to work. In the absence of that faith, things may get delayed, and it may end up taking longer than usual for things to turn around. It’s also essential that you talk to a molvi first.

Below are the details of the powerful Islamic wazifa to get your love back

 The wazifa is performed on Thursdays

Recite “ya wadoodo you Raheem.”

 You need to recipe it 300 times and blow it in the glass of water you place next to you.

 Keep a glass of water in front of you.

 Next, you would need to make sure that the person you love drinks it

 With the grace of Allah Tallah, that person will start reciprocating your love as soon as within 3 Thursdays.

It’s essential to perform this ceremony with faith and religiously every Thursday. To know about it in detail, contact us.

Islamic dua and Wazifa to get the love of your life

Wazifa is the process of reciting dua. Wazifa can also be called a powerful Islamic spell. At the same time, dua, in simple terms, is prayer. We pray to Allah to ask for forgiveness and to help fulfil our wishes. There are many ways to instantly and efficiently perform wazifa to get the love of your life back.

Follow simple steps with a good heart, and Allah may grant your wish. These steps are included in the procedure for wazifa for getting the love of your life –

Perform the prayers daily. Maintain a positive mindset.

Send, preach and practice love, especially for the loved one you are trying to get back with.

Intentions for getting your love back should be pure and with the intentions of nikkah.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any surah or ayat to get the love of your life?

Before beginning, read Bismil-lah and clean yourself properly, then recite Darood sharif (11) times. After that, recite this ayat “hasbunallaahu wa ni’amal-wakeel” seven times while imagining your love and pray to Allah to get the love of your life.

Any Dua to get your ex-love back?

Yes, before starting to make wuzu, then recite Darood Sharif (11) times. After that, recite this Dua to get your lost love back after Fazr Nawaz, repeat la ilaha illallah (11) times. The next day you will get some hints to get your ex-love back.   

How do I get my love back into my life?

You should perform this dua after the Namaz of Isha. Sit on your prayer mat and recite durood Shareef (11) times. After this, recite “ya mim ain seen kaaf” (786) times. Then again, recite Durood Shareef (11) times, and Allah will bless you by getting your love back in your life.


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