Online Islamic istikhara for divorce

 It’s no wonder that marriage is a sacred institution and it should be treated as such. Online Islamic istikhara for divorce, However, sometimes a man and wife find themselves standing at the crossroads of life where they have to make a difficult decision in life. Life is not always rosy and you don’t always get things handed to you.

Sometimes you have to make some tough choices too. One of those questions that can keep you up at night is whether to continue with your troubled marriage where both parties are suffering or whether to step out of it by choosing to divorce as they say in Islamic by going for ‘talaq’. Are you unsure whether or not this is the path for you? Do you want to the guidance of Allah whether or not you should go for talaq? If yes, then recite this istikhara for 19 days straight.

How to perform Islamic istikhara for divorce guidance

To perform this istikhara you will need to recite 2 rakats an hour before going to bed.

The first rakat is Surah fatiha followed by recitation of Surah Al kairfun

The second rakat is about recite Surah al Ikhilas after Surah Fatiha.

Keep a glass of water in front of you and concentrate on it for 10 minutes while praying to Allah Tallah.

Ask him whatever questions you have about your divorce

Now drink that glass of water and go to bed without talking to anybody.

Wait for a dream or a sign in your dream hinting towards the correct answer.


What exactly is this istikhara

At the face of it, it may sound like this particular istikhara is meant to create differences among people or to cause someone to divorce their husband or wife. Online Islamic istikhara for divorce But, that’s not the case. Istikhara for marriage problems The goal behind performing it is to help make up your mind. Sometimes the duration leading up to a final decision can be tumultuous. 

It can be filled with confusion. People are unable to figure out whether they should stick around and wait for situations to improve or whether to go for divorce. In that case, this istikhara helps you by showing you lighting and telling you which decision is in the best interest of everyone involved.

Online Islamic istikhara for divorce

Sometimes two people are trying the best they can to save a marriage. But, for some unknown reason they more they try to invest themselves, the deeper they find themselves buried in the mess. Online Islamic istikhara for divorce Couples are often fighting all the time without any solid reason. 

This creates a constant tension among them as well as the families involved. istikhara for marriage separation If you sense your relationship has reached a point where nothing seems to be working out, then divorce might be the best option. Sometimes it’s best to not wait for things to turn around especially when you are not sure when it will happen if at all.

Seeking allah’s guidance for talaq

The way this istikhara works is through the powers of Allah Tallah. When a person is confused about taking a big decision in life, it is best to seek the advice of that almighty who knows what is best for you. Our hearts may want one thing but sometimes what we need is a completely different thing. We being humans are often unable to see that difference. Only that pure power knows how to make that distinction. By connecting with Allah Tallah, he will tell you whether or not talaq is the right decision for you or not.


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