Name of Allah For Noor on Face


The human body is a wonder itself. After all, it’s used for housing the ever pure soul.  And when your soul is clean, it shows on your face. But, if you think that you lack that spark on your face; the kind that can captivate any soul, then don’t worry. There are many Name of Allah For Noor on Face

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to have that beautiful face or as they say it in wazifa for noor on face in religion of Islam.  You look at some people and feel just captivated by the way they look. By maintaining the right kind of lifestyle, and staying connected with Allah Tallah, anyone can achieve that through name of allah for noor on face. 

What else to remember

If you want to accelerate the pace of this process, then we suggest maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Try Wazifa for noor on face as much as you can, try eating healthy. Because you are what you eat, it’s wazifa for face noor Therefore, try to eat as many fruits and raw veggies as you can. 

Other than that, try to maintain a clean mind. means no evil thoughts for anyone. Do not entertain thoughts and emotions of hatred, jealousy, and condescension. Try to central a pure and clean heart, and that will automatically show on your face. Practice gratitude as much as you can. There is khubsurti ki dua in Hindi through which you can pray in Hindi as well.

Besides of only praying to name of allah for noor on face, Be thankful for the beauty that you have. In addition to all of that, try to pray at least five times a day. Just the mere act of getting up and praying and connecting with that Allah tallah in itself is the most significant dose of beauty that you can get. It’s free, and it’s the most useful thing in the world.

Name of Allah For Noor on Face

Many women think that they are not born naturally beautiful, so they will never look beautiful.  But, that’s not true. If you can make the right changes in your diet, lifestyle, and thinking,

There’s nothing in the world that you cannot achieve. whitening surah allows all the things that we have mentioned above carefully, then you will start to notice changes in your beauty and looks in no time at all. Just have faith in Allah Tallah and yourself.

Get in Touch With Us

If you have trouble practicing any of these Name of Allah For Noor on Face. Or you think that Wazifa is not working for you, then all you have to do is get in touch with us. We will contact you connected with one of our Molvi Ji. He will tell you the best route you can take things to quicken things up.

We are not only limited to dua to get noor on the face. Also if you are facing any other existential, familiar, personal, financial, love, or career-related issues. Our Molvi has experience in handling all kinds of such cases. He will be happy to assist you.

How To Perform Wazifa For Face Noor

So the way to this perform this wazifa is to start by performing everyday namaaz

After that, perform wudu

Once you are done with that, recite Surah Adad 24 and Surah Noor.

You should also repeat Ayat Adad 35 for face noor.

After that rub your both hands for 10 minutes and then slowly put them on your face. 

Sit in the memory of Allah Tallah and pray for him to bestow upon you with face noor and beauty

Do this for a month regularly.

For praying to Name of Allah For Noor on Face, Maintain a Healthy Diet. A healthy diet has a direct bearing on your facial glow.  If you overeat fried or junk food, that is bound to show on your face. It will show itself in the form of a passive look, lack of energy, acne, breakout, uneven skin tone, dark patches, etc. 

That is why there is nothing quite like sticking with a healthy diet that is rich in healthy fats. Fats are the miracle food for the skin.

Wazifa For Skin Whitening

It nourishes the skin cells and keeps them balanced. In addition to that, you should also drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Hydration also helps in the circulation of all the nutrition across the body. So, even though you are performing dua or wazifa, a healthy diet is something that cannot be neglected on your part.

Also, Engage in Mild Exercises. Any mild form of exercise will do you good. It is a form of Surah for noor on face. You do not have to stress yourself too much to maintain a healthy glow. Even a ten-minute brisk walking will do you right. Mild running if you can afford to is another good option.

Sometimes, a couple of facial exercises can also prevent skin from wrinkling and signs of early aging. Name of Allah for noor on face are some practical and useful ways to keep yourself looking healthy, vibrating, and preserve that noor on your face 

That will make you look radiant, divine, and way younger than you are. For facial exercise, you can always do quick google research, and it should show you plenty of results on how you can do that.

Surah Noor For Beautiful Face

In some other name of Allah For Noor on Face, an individual should Avoid stress and stimulating things. Stress, anxiety, and depression can make you look older beyond your years.  It can take a significant toll on the health of the skin. Stress can make your eyes look tired and puffy. A stressed mind finds it hard to sleep. Due to lack of sleep, you are likely to experience dark circles under your eyes and give you that tired look. 

Name of Allah For Noor on Face.

That is why you should avoid stressful things in life. Do not engage in harmful and destructive thoughts. Do not watch violent movies or games. Avoid stimulating stuff that makes you feel rushy. To that end, avoid caffeine consumption as much as possible.

Dua For Skin Whitening

There are also some dua for noor on face. Anything that will calm your mind is useful not just for a reason but for the body as well. It will make you look younger. A happy mind is also less prone to ageing. That is why the best medicine for keeping yourself young for a long, long time.

Remember Allah Always Always remember Allah Tallah. He is the only one who should always be on your mind.  The more time you spend in the memory of Allah, the more radiant and glowy face and eyes you will have. You will look happy, and it will also positively impact your body and mind.

If you can follow all of these name of allah for noor on face, you should be able to reverse the cycle of time and signs of ageing. At least you will be able to slow it down a little.


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