Istikhara for marriage by name

 If there’s one thing that everyone deserves, it’s true love. Everyone has a right to spend a happy and fulfilled life. Islamic Dua istikhara for marriage. But, you have to believe that yourself in order for it to become a reality. Istikhara for marriage problems Once you believe that you deserve love, you will automatically look for ways that bring you happiness. Speaking of which, your happiness is largely going to depend on who you marry. Therefore, it’s only fitting that you look for the right person to spend your married life with.

Do you want to know what you can do to make sure you live a happy and fulfilled married life? If yes, then read this post till the end as it will tell you which islamic dua and wazifa will bring that wish to fruition. 

Islamic Dua istikhara for marriage

How to perform this dua

You will have to start by performing rakhat nafil namaaz two times. Make sure you do this after performing your obligatory everyday namaz. 

This dua has the immense power to attract the love of your life. You will notice how as you start performing this dua, you will start getting marriage proposals from every which way.

If you have already found the love of your life, but your parents are somehow opposed to the idea of your choice of partner, even in that case also, this dua will work like magic. They will slowly change their perspective. 

Basically you have to recite this mantra at least 500 times after performing two rakhat nafil – “Azaniwaja Qurrat Hubba Rameena Allah Bismillah Muqool Waja’ Taminah Min Tomen Fareeka”

What our prophet has to say about this dua

Our beloved prophet said that anytime you have to take a critical decision in life that is going to set teht one for the rest of your life, it’s important to pray two rakah in addition to your everyday prayers. Dua istikhara for marriage It’s the only road to make an informed decision. When you are performing this dua, your mind sort of gets very clear. How to do istikhara for marriage. A clear mind is able to think of things that a busy mind is simply not able to conceive or form as thoughts. 

With a clear mind, you’ll get an indication right from that Allah Tallah in terms of how to proceed ahead. 

Islamic Dua istikhara for marriage

You have to perform this for a minimum of 7 days. For most, you can continue to perform it for 4 week. You will begin to notice the results and the difference within the first one week. Dua istikhara for marriage Just have faith in the powers of the unknown and that Allah Tallah is with you. The rest will automatically begin to fall into place. In addition to the duration, make sure that you are performing the everyday namaaz at least 3 times a day. This will amplify the effects of your prayers and they will come to fruition ahead of time. 

Talk to us

We are experts in providing solutions to all kinds of problems in life. Islamic Dua istikhara for marriage.  Our wisdom comes from years of experience and the guidance offered directly by Allah Tallah. During the course of this dua, if you run into any trouble, just let us know and we’ll connect you with a Molvi ji. He will help you out whichever way you wished marr to seek help. May Allah Tallah bless you.


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