How to pray istikhara or wazifa


We all need guidance of others at some point or another in our life. How to pray istikhara or wazifa Often when we are faced with a dilemma or indecision, that’s when we need quality guidance the most. However, make sure to approach the right person for that guidance because wrong advice can set-off of a series of catastrophic events that can prove disastrous in the end.

Who better to ask for help and guidance than Allah Tallah Himself? The way to seek his help is via Islamic wazifa and istikhara. how to pray istikhara for marriage But, how do you make sure whether or not you are performing it right?

Start by performing wudu or ablution

Before you offer any prayer in Islam, it’s important that you perform wudu or as some may call – ablution. how to pray istikhara step by step It essentially entails making sure that you are clean. How to pray istikhara or wazifa Focus all your thoughts and wash these three body parts three times – hands, face, nose, lower forearms, and mouth.

Ears and head should be washed once. After that wash your feet 3 times. Start with the right foot.

After you have finished performing with Wudu then you need to point right index finger towards the sky and begin reciting the prayer of witness.

Preparing the space for offering prayer

It is super important in Islam that when you are about to perform any ishtikhar or wazifa that your place of prayer is clean and dry. It should be suitable for offering prayer. How to pray istikhara or wazifa Start by placing a mat on the floor and make sure the floor is clean. Make sure the mat as well as your body is facing the direction of Mecca or Qibla.

How to pray istikhara or wazifa

Before you start praying, make sure to center and bring all your thoughts at the forefront of your mind. istikhara prayer rules & signs of response Raise your hands bring them near your ears as you are standing and start by reciting “Allah Akbar”. It roughly translates to Allah is the greatest force. After that you can open your prayers.

You are now free to offer an opening prayer which can be followed by Tasmiah or Tawuz.

istikhara for marriage by name

Things to remember For any Islamic istikhara to work effectively, no matter if you are performing it for nikah or any other wish fulfillment, it is important to stick to all the guidelines as mentioned in Islam and Quran. how to do istikhara shia After that, you need to have utter faith in the powers of Allah Tallah and that he will listen to your prayers. Most importantly, have faith in yourself that you can overcome all obstacles in life.

if you can take care of these certain things, your istikhara and wazifa will be beyond effective. You will attract peace, harmony, and abundance in life. when your heart and head are in the right place, every single prayer of yours will have an immense effect on the universe.

how to do istikhara for marriage

When to contact our Molvi Saab A lot of people feel doubtful when performing certain istikhara or dua. If that’s the case with you, then don’t worry. We have our Molvi Saab to help you out during those times or self doubt and confusion. Just let us know what trouble you are facing and what kind of help you are seeking. Our molvi saab will be happy to answer any and all questions that you may have.


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