How to perform istikhara in islamic way


The literal meaning of istikhara is to ‘seek goodness from that Almighty Allah’. How to perform istikhara in islamic way The idea is to basically seek Allah Miyan’s guidance. As to which course of action would be in the best interest of everyone. Sometimes in life, we have to take some important decision. For example. If you are contemplating divorcing your partner. You may not be fully sure whether or not divorce is the way to go. Power of istikhara By performing istikhara. You put this question our in the universe, and wait for an answer that Allah Himself offers you.

Once you have received that answer, you can take that decision with firmness and surety. You won’t have any more confusion in your mind. That’s why performing istikhara in Islam is an important tool. when it comes to taking some critical judgment or decision in life.

How to perform istikhara in islamic way

There’s no hard and fast rule that can dictate how many times you will have to perform istikhara. How to perform istikhara in islamic way Often you will get the answer in one sitting. Other times you may have to perform it a couple of times before you get a sure answer. However, as a thumb rule, it is best to perform Islamic istikhara at least 7 times. However. If you have received the answer already, you no longer need to keep performing it.

How to perform istikhara step by step

After reciting the supplication or dua, sleep with an ablution. If you are someone who cannot sleep with ablution for long periods of time due to health issues – then don’t worry about keeping it with you before going to sleep. Make sure to sleep in the direction of Qibla. Although it’s not necessary that you face Qibla. but it’s the Sunnat that our beloved Prophet performed.

It is advised to recite salawat/durood also known as salutations on Allah’s Grace and Proper after performing the dua or supplication. istikhara islamqa You can contact our molvi ji to find out which dua you should perform.

How to perform istikhara in islamic way

On the day of performing the istikhara pay special attention to your dreams and what you see in those dreams. If might happen to see something white. It could be anything of white color such as white paper, cloth, white light, white sky or milk, etc. How to perform istikhara in islamic way  You could also notice green color. It could be anything like plants, trees, grass, green light or clothes, etc. Both green and white are symbolic of an ideal decision. istikhara dream If this is the pattern you happen to notice. Take confidence in whatever course of action you are going to implement.

How many times to pray istikhara

If, however, you happen to notice stuff that is black or red in color such as clothing lights, black/red water, or anything like that – then know that particular decision is a bad one and you should not take it. It’s best to avoid that particular decision from implementing.  

It’s not uncommon for people to forget what they saw in their dreams. If that happens then just go with your gut feeling that continues to grow stronger with each passing day. Follow that intuition for seven days of performing istikhara and go with that decision.

How to perform supplication

istikhara signs To know more about dua or supplication get in touch with our Molvi ji and he will tell you everything there is to know about Islamic istikhara.


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