Dua to increase love between husband and wife


The relationship between husband and wife is supposed to be the most precious one. Islamic Istikhara For Husband Wife Relationship, After all, these two people are supposed to spend the rest of their lives together. Dua to bring a husband and wife closer Couples spend more time together they do without their parents. Obviously, this relationship needs protection and a lot of work. Do not think that just because two people are married, the work is over.

You need to stay on your toes and make sure to stay invested in that relationship to keep it safe and sound from the harms that lurk around. Like a baby, marriage and this relationship also need care and nurture. Failing to provide that care can sometimes result in a relationship that seems to have gone sour.

Are you a married person who wants to strengthen their relationship of marriage? Do you want to make your husband-wife relationship stronger than ever? If yes, then read this dua.

Islamic Istikhara For Husband Wife Relationship

How to perform istikhara for better husband-wife relations?

First of all, make sure to grab one piece of cloth from each person.

Now place it in front of you along with two glasses of water

Both need to sit in prayer and remember Allah Tallah

First of all, thank him for his blessings. Now request him to show mercy and make sure to strengthen your relationship

Perform namaaz together followed by first five verses of Surah

Towards the end, both need to drink glasses of water in the memory of Allah Tallah

Do this for two weeks and see the magic happen

When to perform this dua

Sometimes a husband and wife often find themselves fighting all the time. The reason can seem unclear at times. Sometimes the fights are silly. But, if the frequency of fights continues to increase, then it’s always a bad sign.

Something needs to be done in such a case. Islamic Istikhara For Husband Wife Relationship If either the husband or the wife feels that their relationship is going south, then they should and need to perform this Islamic dua and istikhara. It shows that the person is invested in the relationship and that they want to save their marriage from falling apart.

Sometimes, the relationship has been sore for a long time. Dua for husband and wife to get back together It is all the more reason that you need to get on your feet and get started about how to fix a damaged relationship. Whenever you sense that something is not right, that is basically the call that it’s time to perform Islamic istikhara to save your marriage from going south.

The relationship between husband and wife needs investment. By connecting with that almighty Allah Tallah, you are investing in your relationship.

When to contact our molvi Saab

Know that many people claim to be the best in this business. Islamic Istikhara For Husband Wife Relationship But, do not just pick anyone that claims to be the finest.  When you get in touch with our molvi Saab, he will begin by asking questions about your background and what problems you are facing right now.

Other than offering the solution to your current problem, you might even guide you in a direction that may be a solution to all the other problems in your life. 

It is always best to heed the finest advice that comes from an experienced mind. That is exactly what you will get by getting in touch with us. Do not shy away from seeking the help of Allah Tallah in the form of powerful Islamic wazifa, dua, and istikhara. 


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