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Islamic way To increase breast size


Breasts are an essential part of womanhood. They are more than just a body organ. They also hold a particular symbolic value. For one thing, healthy and well-shaped breasts symbolize youth. They are also a symbol of health. But do you know about the Islamic way To increase breast size or Islamic wazifa To increase breast size? Nicely shaped breasts are suggestive of nutritional and reproductive age. 

Let’s not forget, adequately shaped breasts also shape your overall personality, and they are also a big part of your personality. But, that’s not it. Breasts are also essential for biological functioning as a mother. They tend to provide comfort for the baby, and they are also a way for the human body to produce milk for the baby’s growth.

How to increase breast size before marriage

Even after a certain age, breasts they haven’t appropriately grown can sometimes make one feel less of a woman. They can sometimes also take a toll on a woman’s health.

If you are also struggling with self-esteem issues Breast size barhane ki dua can help you. due to poorly developed breasts, don’t worry because there are ways to make it work. Islamic holds many duas and wazifas that are specifically designed to increase your breast size.

Sometimes a lot of women tend to consume a lot of supplements and try many exercises. But, despite all their efforts, they fail to improve their breast size. If you have also tried all the things but was unable to achieve your goal, you need to turn to Islam. Islamic medicine for breast enlargement can really help you in this.

Wazifa for bigger breast

Your body is a temple. And it would help if you did everything you can to ensure good health and good bodily shape. As a woman, your breasts are a big part of your health and your looks. They also define your personality. If your breasts are not adequately shaped, then try Islamic way To increase breast size this dua can prove immensely helpful for you. . Islamic medicine for breast enlargement shall help you.

Islamic way To increase breast size

 With the power of this dua, the hormonal system of your body will improve dramatically. Your immune and hormonal system will become better, and you will start to notice good changes happening in your body. This Islamic dua for bigger breasts is the best and powerful dua in the world. Our molana has 35 years of experience in this Islamic astrology, so you don’t waste your time anywhere. We Muslim people worldwide in all our the world. 

How to increase breast size in Islamic way

If you are a woman, you can perform this breast enlargement dua in islam It doesn’t matter your age; anyone can achieve it. As long as you are doing it for the right reasons, this dua will work for you. Good breast size is essential for good health as well as for the health of the forthcoming baby. 

It’s the way for a new mother to provide nutrition to her baby. Perhaps you are about to get married, or maybe you are thinking of having a baby. In that case, you can perform this Islamic way To increase breast size.

Islamic way To increase breast size

Create an ablution

Take any verse from surah at the teen and repeat it 400 times

Now recite your daily namaaz

Keep a cup of water in front of you

Now once again, repeat the same verse

Now recite ‘Allah vudoor Omar Akhtar qufarr zamal abrusii Amaury Nolasco’

Repeat this exercise for at least a month

In addition to that, try to keep your back straight as much as you can because posture influences your hormonal system as well as health. Dua to increase breast size in islam will start to show its magic soon enough.

Islamic way To increase breast size

Remember This

While it is good to have wishes, it is super important that you do not tie your self worth with how you look. There’s no doubt that a full-figured body not only looks good, but it feels healthy too. Just for that try this Islamic way To increase breast size.

Sadly, more often than not – a lot of the women go on to tie their self worth with how they look. Dua to increase breast size in Islam can take a toll on their self-esteem and make them feel crushed.

Dua to reduce breast size

This crushing feeling will do you more damage than good. So, while you are practicing these Islamic ways to increase breast size, make sure not to indulge in self-hatred or feelings of low esteem. Always remember that regardless of how your body looks – you are entirely within.

Talk To our Molvi Ji

Sometimes, it so happens that despite your best efforts, you are unable to bring your wishes to fruition. Dua for breast growth can do best if you meditate well, but things don’t seem to be working out for you no matter what you try. If that’s the case with you, then you need to talk to a right molvi Ji.

Wazifa for breast enlargement

Islamic way To increase breast size can solve this problem. There’s a good chance that you’re probably making the tiniest of the mistake, which is keeping you from realizing your goals. A right molvi Ji will be able to sense that in you and point it out. If it is some karmic blockage or energy blockage, he will be able to remove it for you by telling you the right ways.

All and all, there’s nothing quite like the guidance and the wisdom that comes from a right molvi Ji. To that end, you can always reach out to us, and we will help you out.


Islamic Dua Or Wazifa To Win Court Cases


A court case is more than just a date on which you are supposed to show up in the court of law. Islamic Dua Or Wazifa To Win Court Cases. If you don’t handle things with scrutiny from the get go, it can consume all areas of your life. First of all, lawsuits can be extremely time-consuming. Secondly, they can take a toll on your mental health if you are not aware of how you process things. Islamic Dua Or Wazifa To Win Court Cases

 Let’s not forget that these things can be super expensive depending on the legal help that you have hired. dua to win court case transliteration We all know that any family involved in a court case can go through a tough emotional time. And, if God forbid, justice is not served, an entire family can succumb to gloom and hopelessness. Court cases can easily tear even the strongest family apart.

Powerful Dua Or Wazifa To Win Court Cases

Prolonged court-cases are really too frustrating for the person who goes through it. If there is some related to you or your matter and you want to get rid of it as soon as possible then you should definitely use the Powerful Wazifa To Win Court-Cases. If you pray for the dua with all your heart and want the solution to be declared as soon as possible then you will surely get the right decision very soon. But to get the reward you should follow all the necessary procedures to perform this Wazifa along with its precautions too.

Procedure to Perform Wazifa To Win Court Cases

If you are looking for a procedure to perform dua to win court cases then you should follow all the steps listed below by the purity of your heart.

After getting free from the night-works, make an ablution

Recite Durood Shareef 11 times

Read Surah A-Tur 5 times before reciting the actual dua

Then enchant the dua to win a court-case – “ Laahhul Hamdoo Fill Oohlaa Wal Aakhiratee Waa Laaa Hull Hukmoo Waa Ilayehee Turrjaoon ” by 11 times from the core of your heart.

Again recite the Durood Shareef by 11 times after reciting the dua.

After making your dua, pray to Allah to help you for getting the right decision of the case as soon as possible.

If you recite the dua by the purity of your heart has a deep faith in Allah inside your soul, then definitely your prayer would be accepted by the almighty and you will get the result from your case very soon.

Islamic Dua Or Wazifa To Win Court CasesPrecautions to perform Dua Or Wazifa To Win Court Cases

Dua or Wazifa is not just some lines that give you the desired result by just enchanting them. You should follow some proper precautions at the time of making your Wazifa. The necessary precautions that should be followed by you at the time of making your Wazifa are –

Wazifa is not actually included in the words of the Prophet hence you should not use it for the purpose of mankind. You should only use it only for yourself.

You should always pray the Wazifa with proper spelling and syntax, otherwise, any little mistake of little mispronunciation makes your dua invalid or it might result in some negative to you.

You should keep blind faith in Almighty Allah and have to believe each and every word that you will be enchanted through the Wazifa. Otherwise, your dua will not be accepted by Allah and you will not get any desired result from it.

If you pray the Powerful Wazifa To Win Court-Cases by all your heart keeping a deep faith on Allah then definitely your prayer will be granted by the Almighty Allah and you will get your desired result very soon, In Sha Allah.

Dua Or Wazifa To Win Court Cases

That is why; sometimes trying your best is not enough. Sometimes you need to take help from Allah Miyan and ask Him for His blessings and His help. His blessings can move mountains. dua for legal problems Therefore, you can always rely on Allah Miyan to solve all kinds of problems in your life including a pending court case the date of which is fast approaching.

Islamic Dua Or Wazifa To Win Court Cases 

If you are feeling nervous by the thought of attending a court then you don’t need to worry anymore.

You don’t need to have big finances and you don’t need to bribe anyone to win a case.

The power of dua and Allah Miyan’s blessings in winning your case

This dua is powerful that it can work like nothing short like magic. court mein case jeetne ki dua Many people who were fighting a tough case saw amazing results with this dua. You too can be one of those lucky and fortunate souls. All you need is to have faith in that powerhouse and that he will help you win the case no matter what.

Many times a poor person becomes a victim of injustice due to lack of power or finances or resources to influence the key people involved in a case. one time wazifa for court case successfully winning  But, you don’t need to rely on those external factors. When all else fails, you can always turn to that almighty Allah Miyan and He will tell you exactly what to do in those dark times.

Islamic Dua Or Wazifa To Win Court Cases 

How to perform this dua

Make sure you perform this dua every single day and do not skip even a single day

Take a bath and make sure you are clean. Also make sure to wear clean clothes

Take any verse or Ayah and repeat it at least 11 times

Perform your daily naamaz

Now recite “al durud shareef omar akbar Allah quorami akhtarr ill irah amin laillah zarahmie omakhti”

Chant it 111 times

Now recite any verse from durood sharif 9 times

Perform this for at least 29 days

If you run into any troubles during the course of performing this dua, you can always count on our Molvi Saab. He will be there to help you out. ya malikul kareem

Dua for court case judgement

Some cases can be too complex and complicated to work on. In that case, our Molvi saab may provide you with added guidance and some added rituals that may need performing on your end. dua to be victorious For example, you may have to wear a taweez around your wrist or around your neck or added protection. In Sha Allah you will win the case and get the justice you deserve.

Best And Most Effective Dua To Get Married To The Person You Want


Getting married to the person of your love is all that we dream about. Rather it’s important to marry the right person, as you are gonna spend your whole life with them. So, how can this decision be taken abruptly? So, you should start reciting Dua To Get Married To The Person You Want from now onwards. As it seems to prove good for many people.

Dua To Get Married To The Person You Want

Marriage is such a beautiful union. It’s also perhaps the single most important decision of anyone’s life. That’s because you are not just getting married to a person. Your partner is supposed to be your soulmate. After all, he or she is the one that’s going to stand by your side in both good and bad times. Therefore, the decision of marriage should not be taken lightly. You should never rush into it and never do it hastily. Instead, start reciting Dua To Get Married To The Person You Want to get married to the right person.

Dua To Get Married To The Person You Want

If you have found someone special and want to get married to that specific person, then you need to perform Dua To Get Married To The Person You Want. Sometimes, you have found your soul mates but due to some bad luck, many people end-up having challenges thrown their way. and It can be difficult to navigate through those challenges if you are not strong enough and if you don’t maintain faith in those times.

Powerful Wazifa That Will Connect You With Your Soulmate

By performing Islamic Dua For Immediate Marriage, you can get married to any person that you want. This dua will make sure that you get married to that soul mate of yours. It also gives you strength and courage in times of despair and challenges. The power of this Dua To Get Married To The Person You Want is such that it doesn’t matter how big a challenge you face in your life. By Allah’s strength and blessings, you will stand strong even in the face of the biggest adversities. And you will see that anyone and everyone who stood in the way of your decision will start to change their behaviour. 

Power Of Love And Prayer For Marriage To Your Soul Mate

This dua will also attract the person with whom you want to get married. Maybe the other person is also interested in getting married to you, but that person is facing opposition from his or her family. In that case also this Dua To Get Married To The Person You Want will work its magic. You simply need to have faith in those times as and when you practice this powerful Islamic dua. dua for immediate marriage Just remember Allah Tallah and always remember that he is there by your side supporting you and giving you the strength and courage you need to navigate dark times in life.

It’s your right to get married to the right person when and if that person comes along. And when that happens, make sure to not let that opportunity pass.

How To Perform This Dua?

Make sure you have taken a bath before performing this dua

Sit on the mat on which you perform namaaz

Fold your legs and put your palms on thighs

Take any verse from durud e shareef and recite it 21 times

Now recite “zaraah ul amaaal akhtar illallahi odur al ikhtiyar amasara’ 300 times

Once again recite the verse from durud shreef 7 times

Now remember Allah Tallah and pray to him to bestow you with good health

♦ Perform this dua consistently for 1 month.

In shaAllah, you will start to notice that the person you want to get married to is also getting attracted to you. That person will also start to make efforts to get married to you.

If you face any issues during the course of this dua. Then you can always get in touch with our Molvi Saab.  First of all, he will keenly listen & figure out the depth of your problem. He will analyze the true reasons behind your hardships & struggles in life. After that, he might also ask you to perform some added rituals to speed things up if you are not able to get the desired results from any other sources. You need to follow these rituals regularly while practising Dua To Get Married To The Person You Want.

Powerful Dua To Get Married To The Person You Want

With this, he may also suggest you to wear a taweez for better results or fasten up the process. Wearing a taweez is not a mandate for everyone out there. However, if the intensity of your problem is deep, then it is a requisite for you. As that’s how things will start to work out in your favours. You will also feel the positivity of taweez after wearing it every time. It’s a magical thread that has the power to surpass all your problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get married to the person you want?

Answer: Firstly, believe that you can get married to the person you want. After that, start reciting the dua suggested by our Molvi ji.

2. How to speed up the effect of dua?

Answer: Firstly, make sure that you are performing daily namaaz without a gap. Secondly, perform added rituals while you perform regular dua. Thirdly & most importantly, wear a taweez as suggested by Molvi ji for better results. 

3. How to make Allah Tallah happy?

Answer: Make sure that your heart & intentions are pure. Do not think bad about anyone at any point of time. Allah Tallah will surely shower his love upon you. 

4. How to ask someone to get married to you?

Answer: Convey your feelings genuinely with them. Also, recite the right Dua For Success In Marriage Proposal to get stronger while expressing yourself. 

5. How to connect with a good Molvi ji?

Answer: You can get in touch with Molvi ji from the WhatsApp icon shown on our website. Also, you can send us an email containing nitty-gritty of your problem.

Most Powerful Dua To Remove Obstacles In Life

 Life is full of happy & sad moments. Sometimes, everything is going well in life. Whereas suddenly, something bad also happens in life. So, you need to remove that obstacle from your life to live a happier life. Dua To Remove Obstacles In Life can help you out in this case.

Obstacles are a part of life. In fact, without challenges life can become a bit boring. Islamic Dua To Remove Obstacles In Life But, there can be times when some problems in life can be too overwhelming to handle. Things become even harder when you don’t have anyone to support you in times of crisis. But, don’t worry. Dua To Remove Obstacles In Life can help you to turn around obstacles from your life. Even if no one is able to stand by you in those hard times. You can always rely on Allah Miyan to support you. 

To earn His support, you need to perform dua with dedication and purity. And you will be able to unleash his blessings and unlimited powers of the universe. Dua To Remove Obstacles In Life is there to help you from that particular situation or obstacle you are dealing with. You have to recite this Dua For Problem Solving on a daily basis for effective results.

Dua For Problems To Go Away

Everyone wants to love a life of peace and harmony. Everyone craves for a life that is free from challenges and obstacles. If those are your wishes. Then this Dua To Remove Obstacles In Life is for you. You can arrange a session with our molvi saab who will listen to your situation carefully and craft a taweez specifically for you. 

That taweez will cast a spell of protection. With the power of dua and taweez. All the obstacles from your life will be removed in no time. You will see the obstacle will be gone before you even noticed. So, recite this Dua For All Problems & face your obstacles fiercely every day.

Dua To Remove Obstacles In Life

It doesn’t matter the nature of the obstacles that you are facing in your life. This Dua To Remove Obstacles In Life will work just as effectively for all kinds of scenarios. Perhaps you are not getting married to the love of your life. Or maybe you are not able to get that promotion. That you have been eyeing for months. Or maybe you are facing opposition from your family to pursue your career. Or it could be perhaps a debilitating illness or chronic health condition that is not going away despite your trying every single thing out there. 

Regardless of the nature of an obstacle, you should feel free and confident to try out this dua as it will definitely work like magic. If you face any problem or have any questions to ask, then feel free to contact our Molvi saab ji. You can reach out to him through WhatsApp or email us mentioning your problem in detail. We will soon reach to you.

How To Perform This Dua?

If you are a menstruating woman, then wait till your menses are over. Do not perform this dua during those 7 days.

Read the guidelines below carefully to perform this dua –

Create a fresh ablution

Perform your everyday namaaz. You should perform this dua after the everyday obligatory Namaaz

Grab your mat and sit on it in a quiet room

Place a cup of water in front of you

Now recite ‘za la ra tey omar allah obstentis obscury conroy zalus eolso oraley omantey’

Chant this mantra at least 500 words

Repeat this practice for at least 21 days

Most Powerful Dua To Remove Obstacles In Life

Practising this Dua To Remove Obstacles In Life regularly, you are sure to achieve great success & prosperity in life. You are bound to overcome every obstacle that comes across your way. Your hardships will soon come to an end. Just have faith in Allah Tallah and he will do what’s great for you. You just need to maintain consistency and recite dua religiously. You will see the great results in the mean time.

If you are facing some extremely big challenge in life then you may need to get in touch with our Molvi Saab. Dua For Any Problem can resolve the majority of your problems. You will need to share all aspects of your problem with our Molvi Saab. Based on the severity of your situation, he will inscribe a dua on your taweez and ask you to wear it around your neck or on your wrist. 

Dua To Remove Obstacles In Life

In Sha allah, with his help our Molvi ji and with the help of Allah Miyan, all the obstacles of your life will melt away in no time and you will be able to live a life of peace, harmony, and happiness.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any dua that will give me strength to overcome obstacles?

Answer: Yes, you can recite Dua To Remove Obstacles In Life everyday. Practicing it regularly, you are bound to achieve good results & overcome obstacles in life. 

2. Do I need to perform namaaz before I start reciting this dua?

Answer: Yes, you need to perform your obligatory namaaz before you recite this Dua To Remove Obstacles In Life.

3. How will Molvi ji help me out?

Answer: He will understand the depth of your problem. On the basis of which, he will guide you on reciting dua. He may also offer you to wear prestigious taweez on your hands.

4. Is Dua To Remove Obstacles In Life true in every sense?

Answer: Yes, they are designed to solve human problems by our ancestors. Many have benefited by reciting these islamic duas. You can be one of them as well.

5. What things should be taken care of before reciting duas?

Answer: You need to make a strong ablution before you begin with duas. Also, make sure that you have put every essential in front of you which is needed while reciting this dua. The essential can be a glass of water or sugar cube.

Koi bhi Dua qabool hone ki dua in hindi

 Zidagi ka dusra naam chahat hai – asa kehta galat nahi hoga. Kaha jata hai ki chahat insaan ko dukh deti hai lekin kuch chahto ke bina zindagi ko theek se jiya nahi ja sakta. Koi bhi Dua qabool hone ki dua in hindi Ye to sab jaante hai ki har kisi insaan ki kam se kam ek khwaish to hoti hi hai. Lekin sirf khrwaish se kuch nahi hota. Bahut log koshish karte hai apni khwaish ko pura karne ki. Har koi chahta hai ki unki chahat jald se jald puri ho. In sha allah, bahut logo ki chahat puri hoti bhi hai.

Lekin kuch sab kuch karne k bad bhi apni chahat ko pura nahi kar paate. dua qabool hone ki tasbeeh Agar ap ki bhi koi tammanna abhi tak adhuri hai or ap chahte hai ki apki wo tammana jaldi se jaldi puri ho to apko bhi apni dua jaldi quaboon hone ke liye hmari ye dua ko apnana chahiye.

Ruke huwe kaam aur chahat jaldi puri karne ki dua or amal

Kuch log chahte hai ki unke pas ek bada ghar ho. Kuch logo chahte hai ki unka nikaah bade ghar m ho. dua qabool hone dua Kuch logo ko ek acha pati ya patni ki talaash hoti hai. Chahat koi bhi ho skti hai. Jaruri ye hai ki ap wo har cheej kare jisse ki apki iccha jald hi kubool ho. Ap to jante hi hai ki islam main insaan ke har dukh or dard ka ilaaj hai. dua qabool hone ki ayat in hindi Islam main apni icchao ko pura karne ki bhi achook tareeke bataye gaye hai. Agar ap un tareeko ko sahi tareeke se karte hai, to dunia ka har dukh or dard door ho skta hai.

Koi bhi Dua qabool hone ki dua – Wazifa

Har insan chahta hai ki uski dua jld se jld kubul ojaaye or uski kwahish bhi. Par kabhi kabhi zindgi me aiesa bhi lagta hai allah hmse ruthe hue hai kiu ki hmari koi bhi dua kubool nahi ho rhi hoti hai jisse hum asani se pareshan bhi ho jaate hai. Par yeh baat hme yaad rakhni chhaiye ki koi bhi cheez itni asani se nahi mil jaati hai usme waqt lagta hai. Agar aap chahte hai ki apki dua jldi kubool hojaye to Koi bhi Dua qabool hone ki dua ko apnaye.

Ye dua aap din bhar me ya shab bhar me jab chahe parh sakte hain.

Wuzu ki halat me rahte parhiye.

Surah Az-Zumar, ayat adad 46 kam se kam teen (3) bar parhiye.

Parhne ke bad ALLAH Zille Shanahu ki bargah me apna maqsad bayan kijiye. Apni hajat ke liye bohat dil se dua kijiye.

Aap chahen to har bar dua mangne se pahle ye ayat parh sakte hain. Iske ilawa panchon namazo ke bad ye ayat kam se kam teen (3) bar parhkar dua mang sakte hain. Yahan Fori Hajat Ki Dua dekhiye!

Is amal ki koi miyad nahi hai. Aap ise apni zindagi me shamil rakhiye.

Koi bhi Dua qabool hone ki dua

Dua qabool hone ki surat

Agar ap ne koi or dua ya wazifa ko apnaya hai lekin wo dua puri nahi ho rahi hai to takalluf na kare. Kafi bar lakh koshisho k bad bhi ap pareshan rehte hai kyuki ap ka kaam mukammal nahi ho paa rha hota. turant hajat puri hone ki dua  Har surat main cheeje theek nahi ho pati. Agar is post main di hui dua ko aap amal karege to in Sha Allah apka ruka hua kaam pura hoga or ap jald hi us kaam ko anjaam de payege. Koi bhi Dua qabool hone ki dua in hindi

Ap kisi bhi hajat ko pura karne k liye aap dua qubool hone k liye dua kare. khwahish puri hone ki dua Iske rojana amal se ap dekhege ki jo koi bhi insaan ya mushkil ap ke kaam main arahi thi, wo khud b khud hi door ho jaegi.

Is Dua ke amal ka tarika

Is dua ko jumme k din shuru kare

Rojana 5 waqt ke namaazi bane

Ek gilas main paani or ek sabut haldi ka tukda le or in dono ko apne saamne rakh le

Apni rojana ki naamaz k bad 50 bar “Waz Hamid Illalah Samiyu” padhe

Ab surah ko 11 baar padhe

Is dua ko karne k baad Allah Miyan ko yaad kare or uski yad main wo pani pe lie. Or haldi ko bhi pees kar khane m daal kar kha le.

Rojana Is dua ko 2 martaba kare or lagatar 24 dino k liye kare

Asa karne se jaldi hi apki dua rang layegi. dua qabool hone ki nishani Or jo bhi apka kaam ruka hua tha wo pura ho jayega. Allah Tallah apki har iccha ko puri karega.

Agar apko dua theek se nahi kar pate, to ap hmare molvi ji se baat kare. dua puri hone ki dua Wo apke liye special taweez tyaar kar ke dege jise phne rakhen se ap mushkilo se bache rahege.

Best Black magic specialist Molvi ji


Everyone knows and has heard about black magic. But, sadly most people see it in a negative light. black magic specialist near me They think that it is performed to harm others or use it for selfish reasons. Best Black magic specialist Molvi ji But, that’s far from true. Although many people may use it for the wrong reasons, but it’s actually used to get out of troubles of life which – let’s face it – are inevitable.

Most of the reasons for people to use black magic is for the good of their own and that of their family. Free black magic specialist You would be surprised to find out just how many problems you can solve with the help of a black magic specialist. Best Black magic specialist Molvi ji

Best Black magic specialist Molvi ji 

Perhaps you are going though –

Financial troubles

Marital problems

Success related problems

Difficulty in finding true love

Facing troubles in finding the right person for nikah

Court related problems

Health related problems

Problem with a person

It doesn’t matter what kind of problem you are going through in life, with the help of this dua. Black magic specialist baba You will be able to get rid of all and any kinds of problem. So many people who have gotten the help of our black magic specialist molvi saab ji were able to find their true love and they were also able to convince their parents for marriage.

Some people fight judicial issues all their lives where they continue to spend money on lawyers. But, with the help of dua wazifa and a specialist, they are able to win court cases and lead a peaceful life. 

Black magic specialist in uk

First of all, black magic is a powerful force. It almost always guarantees success of your wishes and your goals. Powerful black magic specialist Therefore, it is by far one of the most effective means to get what you want in life. it really does work like magic. Instead of waiting for your life to suddenly wish for things to go away or struggle with them, it’s better to use black magic to get what you want out of life.

Best Black magic specialist Molvi ji 

Black magic works on the power of belief and dedication. online black magic specialist astrologer You are supposed to perform a ritual for as specified duration during which you gather your thoughts and prayers and offer them to Allah in offering as a means to accept your prayers and help you out.

When you perform this dua and when you offer your prayer, you send out the power of your belief out in the universe. black magic specialist in canada That energy of positivity works on the problem that you want to be rid of or the person that you want to change the behavior of. Best black magic specialist in the world. we have 35 years experience in this line.

It’s completely science-based and 100% accurate with no room for mistakes or flukes.

Why you should contact a black magic expert?

Instead of trying to work things out based on trial and error or your judgment, it is always best to contact an expert who has performed black magic previously. black magic specialist in usa These experts know exactly what spell or charm will work best for your particular problem. They also know the right method and the proper ritual to carry out a particular dua or wazifa that a regular person may not know.

Sometimes in the absence of proper guidance, some people end up making certain mistakes or they end up performing the wrong ritual. To avoid those mistakes, it is best to ask for expert advice and contact a molvi ji.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any surah for removing black magic?

First, recite Ayatul kursi. After that recite Surah Al Fatiha verse 1 to 7 after Fazr Nawaz. After that, read the five names of Allah by keeping full faith. Then after day by day, you can see this Ritual will remove the black magic.

How to remove black magic in Islam?

When black magic is cast on someone, it might be difficult to free themselves of its harmful effects. It has the power to damage your employment, fortune, health, and even your life. The only way to get out of the grip of black magic is to use a strong Dua to remove black magic in Islam. This Dua will help you out.

How to know that black magic has done to us or not?

Certain things in your lifestyle will change it will affect you mentally and physically, but you can contact our Black magic expert if you are confused. He will assist you in the best Islamic ways.

I am under some black magic, and it is affecting me day by day. How can I remove this quickly?

You can read this Dua that is mentioned above. It is a very powerful and effective dua but does it carefully with all the precautions. If you cannot perform this, contact our Molana ji by clicking on consult with us on whatsapp.

My house is under some black magic, and my whole family is affected by it. How can I remove this quickly, and how can I get to know who has done it all?

In this case, if you want a quick solution, you can contact our Molana ji. He will tell you who has done it and why. He is an expert in his work and solves many cases like this.

Very Powerful Dua For Good Relationship With Husband


Every lady wishes to have a good relationship with her husband forever. However, not everyone out there is a lucky one. So, you should better take the help of the Dua For Good Relationship With Husband to get attention from your husband like never before.

After your health, the next most important thing in life is the quality of your relationship with those around you. And if you are a woman who happens to be married. Then it goes without saying that your life’s quality is highly dependent on the kind of relationship you share with your husband. 

It would help if you started reciting Dua For Good Relationship With Husband. Some husband-wife relationships are just so out of this world wonderful. On the other hand, some hit a sour patch, and things go awry in a few relationships with no apparent reason. 

Some women are victims of misfortune where their relationship with their husbands has no longer that healthy tone that it once used to have. All these problems have answers in Dua For Good Relationship With Husband.

Here is Dua For Good Relationship With Husband Step by Step –

Make sure to sit in the same room where you perform your daily namaaz.

Recite Durood e shreeef four times.

Now recite “Subhaanal-laahi wa bihamdihi, Subhaanal-laahil-‘Adheem” 150 times.

Finally, Pray to Allah SWT for a good relationship with your husband.

Remember Allah and beg for his mercy and blessings. Now collect the ginger and sugar cube and feed, put it in the foods your husband will consume, and eat it yourself as well. Repeat this for at least a month. 

In Sha Allah, your prayers will work with luck and effort, and you will see changes happening in your relationship. Your relationship that had been in a rut for a while will start to flourish.

Here is Dua For Good Relationship With Husband Step by Step

Suppose your relationship with your husband has hit a rough patch. Then without any delays, you need to perform a powerful Dua For Good Relationship With your Husband. 

Islam has many powerful wazifas and duas that are directed solely at husband-wife relationships. They are meant to help out women who want to preserve the quality of their relationship with their husbands and want to keep things as healthy as they can be for a happy family.

Dua For Good Relationship With Husband

You can get in touch with our Molvi Saab Ji to understand these duas on a deeper level. They are designed in a way that aims to resolve human problems from their roots. Every problem has a solution in Islam. 

Practice these duas religiously & consistently under the guidance of our Molvi Saab Ji. He will patiently listen & understand your hardships. After that, he will suggest to you the most powerful dua. To maintain a good relationship with your husband, he may suggest you recite Dua For Good Relationship With Husband.

Dua For Husband

You need to perform this dua religiously for a specified period. In that time, when and as you perform dua, you need to connect yourself with that almighty Allah Tallah. Dua for controlling husband In sha Allah with your devotion and dedication, you will win His heart, and He will bless you with His powers. So, start reciting this Dua For Good Relationship With Husband from today itself.

He will show mercy, and your relationship with your husband will take a glorious and beautiful turn. It will change things completely for good, and before you know it, you will have the most beautiful relationship, the kind that you always wanted. That’s the power of Dua For a Good Relationship With their Husband.

Dua Or Wazifa For A Good Relationship With Husband

This dua can be performed on any day of the week. Just make sure you have performed your obligatory everyday namaaz before you get on with this dua or wazifa. Also, remember to take a shower first. It’s mandatory to sit in prayer with a clean body and mind. As that’s how this Dua For Good Relationship With Husband will work at its best. Best dua for husband love

It’s also essential to remember Allah Tallah with all your heart and might and believe in powers that he can and will change everything for good. Without that belief, the dua will not work, and your efforts will eventually prove futile.

Dua For Good Relationship With Husband

You will once again see that spark of health in your relationship with your husband. For any queries, talk to our Molvi Saab, and he will help you out. Many people in the past have taken advice from our Molvi Ji & their lives have been changed completely. All hardships have ended. So, contact him with a free mind. He may also suggest you wear a taweez to see quicker results. 

Follow every instruction in a good manner. Sooner, you will start to see good results of it in your life. Your relationship with your husband will flourish like never before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Surah For Good Relationship With Husband?

Surah Al-Mulk is the most powerful surah in Quran. It will also helps you in your marriage related problem. If your husband doesn’t love you and your relationship is not good, you should recite Surah Al-Mulk Verse (1 to 5) Fifty Times after Fajar Namaz. Do this ritual for atleast one week and Pray to Allah SWT for Good Relationship With your Husband.

How can I make my husband love me back?

Dua is really powerful when we wish to make something happen. Start reciting Dua mentioned above as per instruction. In addition, to know the Dua procedure, you should communicate with the maulana Ji. He will also advise you on the right solutions to your problems fast.

How to seek mercy from Allah Tallah?

First of all, decide your purpose. Then, start reciting the relevant dua that aims to fulfil your dream. Pray to Allah Tallah with all your heart, and you can contact our maulana Ji for any help. They will assist you in the best Islamic way.

Why do we need to make ablution before we start dua?

Making an ablution keeps you clean while you are reciting the dua. It refreshes your body & soul. It also makes you focussed regarding the Dua which you are Doing.

 My relationship with my wife is not good. We are fighting almost all the time. Which Dua can help me to solve this problem?

You can read the Hadith about husband wife fighting it will help you a lot in your problem if you want additional knowledge about it you can contact to our Molana ji.

100% Result Oriented Kisi Ko Apne Kabu Me Karne Ka Amal

 Kya apke shauhar apse baate nahi karte? Kya wo apko neecha samajhte hai? Ya apke mata pita ke inkaar ki vajah se apka nikah nahi ho raha? Yadi haan, toh apko Kisi Ko Apne Kabu Me Karne Ka Amal dohraane ki sakt jarurat hai.

Kisi Ko Apne Kabu Me Karne Ka Amal

Agar ap kisi se sachi mohabbat karte hai to jaahir se bat hai ki ap bhi badle main unse mohabbat ka ikraar chahte hai. Lekin agar apko us insaan se badle main pyaar or mohabbat nahi mil raha hai. Ya apko lagata hai ki apko dhokha mil rha hai to apko kya krna chahiye. Apko Kisi Ko Apne Kabu Me Karne Ka Amal dohrana chahiye.

Kisi Ko Apne Kabu Me Karne Ka Amal

yhe amal bhi karta hai Kuch log ro kar apna man halka kar lete hai. Or kuch log sab kuch chod kar zindagi jeeni shuru kar dete hai. 

Kisi Se Bhi Koi Bhi Baat Manwane Ke Liye Dua

Lekin agar ap zindagi main har bar haar manne lagoge to zindagi zine ka maja nahi ata. Isliye, kafi bar apko islam main diye Kisi Ko Apne Kabu Me Karne Ka Amal ka ismetaal karna chahiye. Is amal se ap apni zindagi main kisi ko bhi kabu kar sakte hai. Kehne ka matlab hai ki wo insaan bhi apki tarah pyaar or mohabbat ka bartaav karega jaise ki ap chahte hai.

Dua to Get Loved One Back 

Yaad rakhe ki ye amal sirf mohabbat karne walo k liye nahi hai. Ho sakta hai ki apke abu ya ammi apke nikah k liye inkaar kr rahe hai. Ya ho sakta hai ki ape office main apke boss apko promton nahi de rahe hai. Ase waqt main ap us insaan ka behavior badlane ki koshish krna chahoge. Ase main bhi ye amal bhat karigar saabit hoga. Kisi Ko Apne Kabu Me Karne Ka Amal is prakar me bhi mehtvapurnna reheta hai. 

Kisi Ko Apne Kabu Me Karne Ka Amal

Agar ap kisi ki mohabbat ko paana chahte hai to ye amal apke liye hi hai. Islam main zindagi ki har musibat or mushkil ka solution hai. To fir kisi ko apne kabu main karna bhi bahut asaan hai. Agar aap than lo ki aap Kisi Ko Apne Kabu Me Karne Ka Amal roz dohraoge.

Mohabbat Pane Or Kisi Ko Bhi Kabu Karne Ka Tareeka

Agar apki biwi or shahur apse sahi tareeke se takullat nahi karte ya apki bat ko nahi mante, to ase main jaruri ho jata hai ki ap Allah Tallah se apne shikayat kare or unse madad ki duhaar lagaye. Apko pareshan hone ki jarurat nahi hai. Kisi Ko Apne Kabu Me Karne Ka Amal isme apki madad karega.

Ye amal bahut karigar hai or insha Allah ise ajmaane se apki zindagi ki sabhi mushkile door ho jayegi or ap jis bhi insaan se apni mohabbat ka izhaar karna chahte ho wo apki taraf khicha chla aayega or apki har baat ko manne lagega. Yahi taqat hai Mohabbat Ka Amal ki.

In sha Allah,agar ap nikah ka sapna dekh rahe hai, to apki marji se ap nikaah use se hoga jiske sath ap nikaah karna chahte hai.

Kisi Ko Apna Banana Or Kabu Main Karne Ke Liye Amal Ka Tareeka

Dohar ki namaz k bad hi ye amal kare

Durood Ibrahim ko 9 martaba padhe

درود ابراہیم 9 بار پڑھیں

Iske bad apni naamaaz padhe

Namaz k bad ‘ya wadudu’ ko 450 bar padhe

نماز ‘برا یا ودو’ 450 بار پڑھیں

Iske baad Allah Tallah se apne man kai bat kare or dua kare ki ap jis insaan ko zindagi main lana chahte hai wo apki zindagi main aye or apki har baat mane

Kisi Ko Apne Kabu Me Karne Ka Amal

In sha Allah, is Kisi Ko Apne Kabu Me Karne Ka Amal ki taqat se ap jise bhi kabu main karna chahte hai wo insane apki bat manne lagega

Kisi Ko Apne Bas Me Karne Ka Taweez

Agar apko lagta hai ki sab kch karne k baad bhi apko kuch haasil nahi ho raha to chinta na kare. Ap hamare Molvi Saab ji se baat kare or unse apni pareshani share kare.

Wo apko batayege ki kaun se tareeke or amal apke liye sabse karigar sabit hoga. Ho sakta hai ap kuch cheeje sahi tareeke se na kare rahe ho. Ya apke liye koi aur dua jyada effective ho, toh Molvi saab ji se baat chit pe apko sahi salah mil sakti. Apke har sawaal ka jaawab apko molvi saab ji se milega. Wo apko Amal Karne Ka Tarika sahi tarike se batayenge. 

Duniyabharse bahutse logone molvi ji ke salah se dua ko apnaaya hai. Aur unki zindagi pehelese behtareen hui hai. Apki bhi ho sakti. Bas apko ek kadam aage badhna seekhna hoga. Agar aap pareshan ho, toh khudko tokna chod do. Aur turant molvi ji se baat karo. Islam me har samsya ka nirakaran hai. Ye dua or wazifa itni shaktishaali hai ki woh apki problem ko gayab kar degi.

Toh aap in dua pe bharosa rakho. Allah Tallah pe bharosa rakho. Woh sab thik kardega. Apke aachar-vichar sahi rakho. Sabkeliye accha socho, bura mat socho. Agar aap bohot sacche ho, toh allah tallah apki sunega. Aur apki har khwaish puri ho jayegi. In sha Allah, apke har khwaab pure ho.


Adhiktar Puche Jaane Wale Sawal

Kya mere shauhar phirse muzse pyaar se bartav kar sakte?

Uttar: Haan, wo apse pyaar se bartav karenge agar aap Kisi Ko Apne Kabu Me Karne Ka Amal apnao. Ise roz dohrao taaki apko iske acche parinam dikhne chalu ho.

2. Kya mere pati meri har baat manenge?

Uttar: Haan, ye amal bahuthi parinamkarak hai. Ise dohrane ke baad aap kisi ko bhi apne amal me laa sakte ho. Bas apke hetu acche hone chahiye. 

3. Ye amal ko parinam karne me kitna vakt lagega?

Uttar: Ye apke upar nirbhar karta hai. Apki iccha aur mehnat jitni jyada hogi, utni jaldi ye amal apko parinamkarak siddha hoga.

4. Kya mere ruthe hue shauhar muzse dobara baat kar sakte?

Uttar: Haan, ye amal ladki aur ladka donokeliye hai. Ap iska istemaal karke apne ruthe hue shauhar ko bade aasani se mana sakte. 

5. Kisiko apne amal me laana bura hota hai?

Uttar: Jab tak apke aachar-vichar shuddha hai, tab tak kisiko apne bas me ya kabu me karna haanikarak nahi hai. Allah Tallah sach ka sathi hai. 

Shohar ko apna banane ka islamic taweez


Ye biwi ka liye is dunia main sbse kimti cheej hoti hai uske shauhar ka pyaar. Shohar ko apna banane ka islamic taweez Agar use shahuar ka pyaar milta rahe. To wo dunia ki badi se badi mushkil se ladne ke liye tyaar rahti hai. Ye to hm sabhi jante hai ki har biwi chahti hai. Ki uska shauhar usse mohabbat kare or wo pyaar or mohabbat kabhi bhi kam na ho.

Agar ap bhi kisi se nikah kar chuki hai or apne man main is tarah ki iccha hai. To isme kuch bhi galat nahi hai. Shauhar ka pyaar har aurat ka haq hai jaisa ki Islam main likha hua hi. shohar ko apne bas mai karne ki dua

shohar ko gulam banane ka taweez

Miyan or biwi main jhagde to aam baat hai. Lekin kafi bar jhagda unke rishte se bada ho jata hai. shohar ko kabu karne ka qurani wazifa. Or agar ap waqt se us door karna ka tareeka nahi dundhte. To wo fasle badhte jate hai. Or dono main duri badhni shuru ho jati hai. Agar ap dono main bhi kissi bat par ladai ho gai hai. Or apk shauhar apki tarah sahi bartao nahi kar rahe hai to is taweez ke istemaal se apko bahut fayda hoga.

Ap dekhege ki lagaatar ye taweez ko pahne se apke miyan apko ijaat or pyaar dene legege jo ki har aurat ka haq hai. Apke shauhar ka rawaya apki tarah acha hoga or ap dono k beech jhagde bhi kamho jayege. Shohar ko apna banane ka islamic taweez

shohar ko apni taraf karne ka wazifa

Kafi bar kuch shohar isste garam mijaaj ke hotey hai ki bat bat par apni biwi ko talaaq ki dhami dene lagte hai. Is tarak ki baate is rishte ko tod sakti hai. shohar ko apna banane ka wazifa Agar ap bhi apne shohar ke is rawayye se pareshan hai to apko bahut jaruri hai ki ap ek molvi ji se baat kare or apne liye ek taweej banwaye.

In sha Allah, is taweej ki madad se unka garam mijaad thanda ho jayega or unka gussa bhi pyaar mein tabdeel ho jayega. Ap dekhege ki jaise wo bat baat par talaq ki dhamki dete the, ab unhone dhamki dena band kr dege or badhchadh kar apse ijjat or pyaar se baat karege. Shohar ko apna banane ka islamic taweez

shohar ko gulam banane ka taweez

Bahut baar asa bhi hota hai ki kuch waqt k baad. Shohar ka apni biwi ki dilchapi kam ho jati hai. shohar ko kabu karne ka taweez Is tarah ki doori rishte ko dheere dheere khrab kar dete hai. Agar ap ko bhi lagta hai. ki apke shahuar aap main kam or dusri aurato main jada dilchaspi dikha rahe hai. To apko is taweej ki jarurat hai. Insha Allah, wo apki hare k baat sunna shuur kar dege. Or kisi dusri aurat ki taraf nahi dekhege. Shohar ko apna banane ka islamic taweez

Bahut sari biwi apne pati par shaq karti hai ki kisi nazaij rishte main hai. shohar ko kabu karne ka wazifa  Ase main bhi dua or taweez se apko bahut fayda hoga. Apko shauhar ki khyaalo main sirf or sirf ap hi hogi or koi dusri aurat unke khyaalo main nahi ayegi.

Taweej ke liye hmare molvi ji se baat kare

Har kisi biwi k liye ek alag tarah ka taweej kaam karega. shohar ko kabu karne ka jadu in urdu Ap hmare molvi saab se bat kr ke. Apni dikkat ki hisaab se ek taweej banwaye. Hmare molvi ji us par surah likh kar apko dege. Us taweej ki taqat se ap bache rahege or apke shauhar bhi apse sahi tareeke se bat karege. To aj hi hmare molvi ji se bat kare.

Muhabbat paida karne ki Dua or Wazifa

 Kya aap khud ko kisi k khyalo main duba dekhte hai? Kya ap kisi se nikah karna chahte hai lekin apko darr hai ki wo insane apko mohabbat nahi karta ya apko dhokha de dega? Agar asa hai to islam main apki mushkil ka hal hai. Muhabbat paida karne ki Dua or Wazifa Ishq or mohabbat bahut sundar ehsaas hai. Ye apko zindagi zeena ka madsad dete hai. Lekin bahut bar zindagi main apko koi pasand ajata hai. Magar wo insaan apko mud kar pyaar nahi karta.

Ya bahut bar asa bhi hota hai ki koi insaan jise ap sachhi mohabbat karte the, Muhabbat paida karne ki Dua or Wazifa wo apko dhoka dekar chla jata hai. Bahut se log is tarah ki judai ke bawjuud bhi alag nahi reh pate. Kuch log andar hi andar pareshaan rehte hai or us shkhas ko bhula nahi pate. Ase main sirf dua or wazifa hi apki madad kr skte hai. Apko darne ki or takalluf lene ki koi jarurt nahi hai.

Muhabbat paida karne ki Dua or Wazifa

Ap hamare molvi saab ji se bat karte apni mushkil ka hal pa skte hai. mohabbat paida karne ka wazifa in urdu Is dua ke jaadu se apko khoya hua pyaar wapis ajega. Agar ap kisi ko apna banana chahte hai lekin man hi mann darr hai ki wo apko mana kr dege, to ye dua ko padhe. Isse padhne se wo khud hi apko pasand karne legege.

Chahe ap dono main umar ka faasla ho ya paise ka farak ho. shadeed mohabbat ka wazifa Ye dua bahut hi karigar hai isse karne se ye sb cheeje mayne nahi rakhegi. Koi bhi fasla apki mohabat k beech main nahi aa paega. Apke ammi or abu bhi apke rishte se khush hoge. Or agar ap kisi se nikah karna chahte hai lekin wo insaan ya apke ami abu nahi man rahe to bhi ye dua padhne se apki mushkile door ho jaegi.

Kisi Ke Dil Me Mohabbat Paida Karne Ka Wazifa

Mohabbat kisi ke dil me jgaane ke liye ap Mohabbat Paida Karne Ki Dua ko apna skte hai. Kehte hai pyaar kisi se karna or agr wo insan apse bhi utna hi pyaar kare to isse jayada acchi cheez zindigi me kuch or ni ho sakti. To agar aap is dua ko apnayneg e to aap kisi ko apne pyaar me daalne ke liye istemal kar skte hai. Islam me pyaar karna bahuut khubsoorat cheez maani jaati hai. Or aap moalana ji ki bhi madad le skate hai dua ko samjhne me.

Raat ko jab sone jaye to usse thik pahle-

Sabse phle Taza wudu bana lijiye;

Bistar chahe zameen par ho ya fir kisi charpayi ya bed par bas pak saf hona chahiye. Ap jakar beth jaye;

Awwal Durood Shareef 11 martaba party;

Fir upar di hui Quran-e-Pak ki Surah Yusuf ki ayat #30 ka ek chhota sa hissa hai jo upar diya hua hai Bismillah Shareef parhkar use 101 martaba parhiye;

Akhir mein fir se Durood Shareef 11 martaba parhiye;

Yad rahe pure waqt parhne ke dauran matloob ka tasavvur kijiye;

Ye wazifa thik 11 ya fir faydah hone mein der ho to 21 roz tak parh sakte hai;

Insha ALLAH matloob be-qaraar hoga, haazir hoga.

Ye amal bahot mujarrab amal hai.

Muhabbat paida karne ki Dua or Wazifa

Mohabbat har kisi ka haq hai. mohabbat ka wazifa video Lekin kuch log dar ya kisi or wajah se apne ohababt or pyaar ka ijhaar nahi kar pate. Lekin darr apke pyaar k beech main nahi ana chahiye. Bina pyaar ka nikah rachana bhi theek nahi. Mohabbat paida karne ka asan amal Isliye jaruri hai ki ap sachi mohabbat ki talaash main rahe. Or jab apko koi bhi pasand aye to apko har wo cheej karni chahiye jisse ki dusre k mann maine bhi pyaar paida ho. tasveer se mohabbat ka amal

Muhabbat paida karne ki Dua or Wazifa – Working Wazifa

Is dua ko karne aur padhne ka tareeka

4 hari mirch apne saamne rakhe

Ab apni roj ki naamaz padhe

Ap har ek mirch le or us par 41 bar ‘Ya wadud’ padhe

Iske bar 100 bar “amin ul idr omar ukhtarash omni octor yamen illahla bismila sa ta ri” padhe

Ap in 4 mirch ko aag main daal de

Ab Allah Tallah ko yaad kare or jisse ap pyaar karte hai usme mohabbat ko pane ki guhaar lagaye.

In sha Allah is dua ko rojana 21 din karne se ap dekhege ki wo shaks apse bat karne lagega or uske man main bhi mohabbat badhne lagegi.

Surah fatiha se mohabbat ka amal

Bahut bar kuch log dua padhne ke dauraan choti choti galti kar dete hai. Mohabbat karne ka wazifa Jiski wajah se dua apan asar nahi dikha pati. Ase main, sabse acha hoga ki ap hmare molvi ji se bat kare. Wo apko dua padhne ka sahi tareeka or waqt bataege. Iski apki dua jaldi asar karegi or ap galti bhi nahi hogi.

Is ke alawa jaruri hai ki ap 5 waqt namaaz bhi padhe.