Dua to Protect Husband from Desiring Other Women


The relationship between a man and a wife is the purest of all kinds. Dua to Protect Husband from Desiring Other Women It should be treated as such. There should be more than just love for each other. The foundation of a true marriage is based on respect, care, and consideration for one another. Surah to get husband back But, the same can be easily disrupted with the entry of another person. Husbands, in particular, are much more susceptible to the charm of that other woman.

Sometimes the other woman is also not able to resist herself and she may form some kind of liking for your husband. Things can further complicate if both parties develop a kind of infatuation for one another. surah Yusuf 12 24 The whole thing can be particularly troubling and taxing for the wife as she is the one who will be slowly losing the love of her life – her husband. No woman wants that to happen.

Dua to Protect Husband from Desiring Other Women

If you think that your husband is slowing getting attracted to some other woman and you would like to protect marriage. Dua to Protect Husband from Desiring Other Women Then you are reading just the right article. Would you like to know how you can safeguard your husband and make sure he loves no one else other than his wife – you? Then read and implement the below mentioned Islamic dua.

How to perform this dua?

On a white piece of paper, write down your exact dua. Whatever you wish to achieve.

Fold that paper four times and place it in front of you. 

On top of that, place a glass of water.

Now recite Al Baqarah 11 times.

Take a verse of Surah and repeat it three times.

Now recite this dua 432 times

“zin maya Allah Bismillah qudreshi arishfa”

Conclude this by drinking that glass of water in the memory of Allah Tallah and ask Him to bless you and your husband with love.

Place the paper under your pillow and sleep on it

Do this non-stop for at least three weeks or 21 days and you will see things turn around for the good.

Surah Kausar for husband love

Allah Tallah and power of Islamic Dua

Allah Tallah helps those who help themselves. Dua to Protect Husband from Desiring Other Women The fact that you are reading this article and this dua shows that you are ready to take that step to fix things. You are not waiting for things to magically turn around on their own. 

Dua to Protect Husband from Desiring Other Women

That alone is half the job done. Now the rest, you can leave up to the powers that be. That means the powers of the Universe and the powers of that great Almighty Allah Tallah. He knows what is best for you. So, when you are in communion with that source of love and empowerment,  you will know exactly how to win back the lost love for your husband.

Surah ikhlas for husband love

You will also notice that the resentment you held in your heart for your husband will slowly fade away. You will understand why he is acting this way and your heart will be filled with compassion for him. That’s the power of connecting with Allah Tallah with a Dua and Islamic namaz.

Perhaps you are contemplating divorcing your partner or you want to save your marriage. Perhaps you would like to marry the love of your life but are unable to. Maybe you are looking for the right life partner or are going through financially troubling times. Just let us know and our Molvi Ji will definitely help you out.


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