Ayat ash-Shifa Six Quranic Verses of Healing


Ayat ash-Shifa Six Quranic Verses of Healing Ayat Ash-Shifa in the religion of Islam in the book, the title of which literally translates to “the Books of Healing”. It has to be the most used and highly recommended handbook that many refer to in case of the need for healing. Quran verses about illness Usually, you’ll hear people refer to this book as just ‘al-Shifa’ which again literally translates to ‘the healing’

In this post, we will look at six super important Quranic verses of Healing that come from this particular and important book 

Verse for the Contentment of a believing heart against Enemies

This particular verse is supposed to soothe the hearts of the believers who believe in Allah Tallah and versus the disbelievers who do not believe in Him. Ayat ash-Shifa Six Quranic Verses of Healing This verse is supposed to heal the hearts of disbelievers and turn them into believers.

Healing verse for the Seeking of Direction and Compassion 

Often in life, we seek guidance. Ayat ash-Shifa Six Quranic Verses of Healing It’s hard to tell the right advice from the bad ones especially in this day and age of information where you’re being fed lies from everywhere. In those times, those who seek healing will find compassion and guidance straight from Allah Tallah. 

Healing of Diseases through Honey Bees  

According to Quran verse 16:69, this verse is supposed to help heal your health. Quran verses about health Here’s what the Quran has to say about health – it says that you should eat fruits and follow all the ways that were laid down by the Lord. 

Remedy for Believers in Quran

Verse 17: 82 of the Quran clearly tells us the importance of believing in the Quran and following Allah’s guidance. Ayat ash-Shifa Six Quranic Verses of Healing It talks about the many advantages of seeking His guidance and following a life that Allah has told us to. The believers will always find them standing close to Allah Tallah always ready to help them out. And, the wrongdoers will be punished for not believing in Allah.

Believing in Allah`s Power to Cure Sickness

This verse says that ‘There’s no illness that Allah has created; and if He did, He has also created a cure for it’. This verse tells us to stay calm and patient even in the face of the biggest disease and illness whether they are physical or non-physical. Ayat e Shifa dua To seek physical healing, believe in His powers and connect with Him.

Quran as a Guide and Healer for Believers

Verse 40:41 of this book tells us that the entire Muslim population stands to greatly benefit from the help of Furqaan e Hameed. Ayat ash-Shifa (Six Quranic Verses of Healing) This is the source that brings out the ignorant ones from the shackles of darkness, immortality, and evil that lurks around in the corner. It frees them by showing them the path of enlightenment of the soul and the heart.

Why this book is so crucial

You’ll be surprised to learn the countless magical verses that this book holds. Regardless of the walk of life which is currently in need of healing right now; you’ll find this book to be particularly helpful. If you haven’t read this book yet, give it a try and see the magic happen.

Talk to us

In case you have any questions regarding any of the Quranic verses of healing or whether you need help with some kind of existential crisis that you’re going through – you can always talk to us. Our Molvi Ji is always here to help you navigate life’s challenges through the guidance of Allah Tallah.


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