Dua To Make Your Boss Promote You

 So you have been working your ears off in the company but you are not able to get where your heart always is. Dua To Make Your Boss Promote You Perhaps you want that increase in salary or maybe you have been eyeing that managerial or senior position for quite some time now.

But, everyone around you seems to be climbing the ladder of success except you even though you’re the one who’s clocking the maximum number of hours and working harder than the rest of the folks. Dua To Make Your Boss Promote You That’s totally alright. It happens with the best of us.

The important thing is to not lose hope. Dua to settle abroad A lot of people desire for their boss to be promoted but to no good end. If you also want your boss to promote you without you even having to ask for it, then you have come to the right place.

Dua To Make Your Boss Promote You

In this post, we talk about how you can make your boss promote you without you even trying that much harder. Would you like to know how to unlock this treasure? Well, if the answer is yes, then do read this post carefully and carry out the dua we have mentioned down below – 

Here’s how this dua is performed 

After you have performed the maghrib namaz, again perform wudu.

Sit in the posture of prayer.

Now recite Al Baqrah 121 times

Pray to our great Prophet Mohammad to listen to your prayers and forgive you for any mistakes you might have made.

Recite ‘Ya Wadoodo’ 70 times.

Place a glass of water and while concentrating on it, imagine yourself in that managerial position or getting that promotion that you have been dreaming of.

Send out a powerful, loveful, positive thought to your boss.

Do this for a month.

Success in job and career with the power of Islamic dua

There’s a deep connection between the power of dua and the power of the mind and how you use it to unleash success. Dua To Make Your Boss Promote You You will be surprised how by connecting with that superpower Allah, you will end-up attracting harmony, happiness, and joy in life. Dua for bad boss That’s the power of dua. Essentially – here’s what happens when you pray to Allah or perform a powerful dua in his memory.

Basically you are connecting yourself with the highest source of power, harmony, and abundance. Dua to make the boss happy  While otherworldly treasures can be seen with these two eyes, the treasure that you get access to by connecting with Allah – it cannot be seen with the eyes. It’s the metaphysical thing that truly makes the world of a difference.

Dua To Make Your Boss Promote You

When you are just chasing after success without giving any thought religion or spirituality, it’s like trying to run a vehicle without the fuel. That’s what’s happening to the majority of us. But, when you perform a dua, you are essentially fuelling yourself. A fueled vehicle will run faster, more efficiently, and will get you where you want without you having to stop or pause in the middle.

Talk to us

Perhaps you are going through some kind of issue in life that is seemingly bigger than life itself. Wazifa To Control Strict Boss We can all relate to such stuff in life. If it’s been way too long since you’ve been trying your way out of it, then it’s about time you tried, Islamic dua and Wazifa.

Let us know and we will give you the best possible with our Molvi Ji help.


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