Dua or wazifa to take revenge from husband


The purpose of this dua and Wazifa is not to make your relationship with your husband bitter. Dua or wazifa to take revenge from husband It’s actually quite the opposite. The purpose of this practice is to make sure that your husband will start respecting you. Sometimes, a wife often finds herself in a situation where her husband is either constantly tormenting her or taunting her. Either way, his behavior or bitter nature can make things difficult for her.

If you think that your husband needs to change his nature so that you two can get along and lead a happy healthy married life, then, first of all, there’s nothing wrong with wishing that. Dua or wazifa to take revenge from husband It’s more than just wishful thinking. It’s something you need for a happy future. But, the same is not going to happen if you lower your frequency every time your husband tries to taunt you or making things difficult by ordering you around.

Dua or wazifa to take revenge from husband

The best you can do is pray to Allah Tallah that your husband will change. Wazifa To Keep Husband Under Control Anything beyond that, you are going to have to leave to the forces that be. But, in the meantime, you need to make sure not to let your husband’s words get to you

How to perform Dua or Wazifa to take revenge from husband

Grab a black paper and put four green chilies

Now fold it thrice and place it in front of you

Chant ‘Ya Wadudu’ 543 times

Recite this Wazifa 243 times “

Remember your husband and create a beautiful thought for him all the while praying to Allah Tallah to bless him. This will change his very nature on a spiritual/instinctive level

Now take those chilies along with paper and burn them

You have to do this regularly for around a month at the very least. Within the first week of this dua, you will begin to notice a change in his behavior.

If your husband is cheating on you

If you suspect your husband of cheating on you, then you need to make sure to take your fair share of revenge. Dua or wazifa to take revenge from husband This will make him come to his senses and he will realize his mistake. The revenge can be in the form where he will find himself conflicted and struggling with his choices and decision. Eventually, he will wake up and realize his mistakes and shortcomings.

Dua or wazifa to take revenge from husband

The important thing is to know that you deserve a loving husband. A husband who understands you. Who will love you unconditionally and not trouble when you things go awry. Every woman has a right to the kind of husband who will stand by her side. And, if that means resorting to Islamic Wazifa and dua so be it.

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Everyone in life goes through hardships and trouble. No one was born without his fair share of difficulties in life. But, if you are not finding yourself strong enough to cross those hurdles, effortlessly, at least for quite some time now then now it’s time to ask Allah Tallah directly for help and support.  He will tell you exactly what you need to do.

Dua to get rid of family problems

You can then follow his guidelines. Sometimes you will get instructions from the great Prophet and Allah in the form of dream manifestations. You can then bring those dreams into reality. If you find it hard to draw the true meaning of those dreams, then you can always 


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