Day: January 18, 2022

Surah for success in everything

 Everybody desires success. It’s only natural to want to succeed in whatever you take on in life. For the fulfillment of those desires, you need some surah for success in everything. Maybe you are starting a business, or perhaps you are deciding to move to a different city. 

Maybe you want to start a new job, or maybe you want to start a new relationship. Regardless of the nature of your project, you must get success in whatever new thing you start in life. 

It’s natural to fear failure. But, did you know you can almost guarantee success with the right method in everything? We’re talking about a particular Wazifa that will make sure that no matter what you do in life you are bound to be successful in it. This post is about dua for success in English. Would you like to know about it? If yes, then read this blog.

How To Perform Surah For Success Step by Step –

Create ablution and sit in the posture of prayer with a clean and pure heart.

Be sure you are not occupied with any worries or stress.

Make sure to start it on a Thursday.

On a piece of paper write down your exact wish and what you want to be successful in

Repeat Surah Al Waqiah 5 times

After this, recite Surah Yaseen to fulfil the objectives at least seven times.

Next, you will take a verse of Surah Baqarah to protect yourself from failure.

Put that piece of paper under your pillow and sleep with it.

Do This For a week. You will see the effects within a week. If you want fast and best effects, then you can contact our Molana ji.

How To Perform Surah For Success Step by Step –

How does it work?

Any Dua no matter what you desire is based on the power of your desire and the positivity behind it. Surah for success in everything is also based on the power of your belief. If your heart is pure and clean, you are bound to get success in life.

When you sit particularly for that purpose and radiate good vibes you attract all the good things in life; it’s like a magnet. It will attract exactly what you are looking for. That’s the law of attraction at play.

When will this be effective?

It doesn’t matter what in life you want to achieve success; this is going to be just as effective for all the things. That’s one thing you can be sure of. It also doesn’t matter what your age is or your gender; literally, anyone and everyone can perform it. It can be any time of the year or any season; it’s not going to make much of a difference. 

Surah for success in everything

What else do you need to remember? It’s important to perform this religiously. Once you start performing this surah for success in everything, make sure you never skip even for one single day. Otherwise, it will undo all your hard work. In addition to the following the particular dua and reciting of Surah, you must perform namaz every single day. This surah for success in life is especially for you.

Make sure to do at least three times, and make sure to follow a healthy and pure lifestyle. You can also perform surah al Fath. Also, remember that your wish should be in line with your talents. You cannot expect to achieve success in something that you are not meant to do. Your desires and goals should be realistic. They should serve everyone around you. 

Which Surah Is For Success

Talk to us. Yes If Your Question is, which Surah is for success? And If you are going through some hardship in life if you want a solution for; or some existential problem, you can always reach us. Just pick up the phone, and we will connect you to a Maulvi who will tell you about surah for success and will provide you with a custom solution.

Can you perform this during your periods?

You can perform surah for success in everything during your periods. Although in our experience, most duas are effective when performed right before periods. In this way, you can make it come true more quickly and effectively. You are also better able to expedite the whole process.

Although there are no such restrictions on women on whether or not they can perform this during periods, it is better if they wait until the menses phase is over. However, if you want to perform it during periods, feel free to do so.

Surah For Success In Business

What precautions to follow during this practice? You have to know these precautions when performing surah for success in everything as a means of caution. You do not have to perform them. You can do just fine even if you are not big on precautions. But, please practice a few precautions. 

Here is precautions of Surah for success in everything 

Avoid eating any kinds of haram foods. You have to familiarize yourself with foods that are listed under this category as per the religion of Islam. Accordingly, you need to follow all those guidelines.

People who practice and follow all the religious guidelines are better able to make their wishes come true. 

It would help if you practiced namaz as much as you can. People who make namaz a part of their lifestyle are naturally happier and can achieve success more easily in whatever endeavours they undertake.

Best Surah for success in everything

Will Allah listen to my Surah? Yes, Allah listens to all our prayers. He will also listen to your surah for success in everything you want. He will listen to your prayer. But, it would help if you had undying faith in the healing and magical powers of Allah Tallah. Without those powers, nothing will happen. If you do not have faith in Allah Tallah, then you need to address that first.

This One Is One of The 7 Important Surahs

Faith is the one thing that is essential for making any miracle come true. If you want to make magic happen in your life, then you should start by having faith in Allah Tallah. If you can do this much, you will see that success has started coming to you naturally.

Do not question or have doubts as to whether or not your dua of surah for success in everything will be answered or not. Just have faith that it will be answered. Other than that, you don’t need to do anything else.

Also Read About This – Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For Love back immediately.

Contact our Molvi Ji for surah for success in everything. If you are going through some issues while performing this dua, then you need to contact our molvi Ji as soon as possible. Sometimes a person runs into troubles while performing a specific dua or wazifa.

 During those times, please heed the advice of someone experienced who knows the intricate details of Surah and wazifas. A lot of your questions and doubts will be answered. You will also see that things have started to fall into places more naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can reading surah help in success?

According to Islam experts, there is seven important Kuran’s Surah for success in everything. one of the most powerful surahs is mention above. Please read it with all the precautions, but if you have any problem, contact our Molana ji. He will assist you in the best Islamic ways.

I cannot perform this Surah. I think I am doing it wrong. I want quick results?

In this, you can directly contact our Molana ji. He will help you out and keep faith in Allah. Don’t lose hope.

What is Surah Rahman read for?

Surah-Al-Rahman is mainly read for curing ailments such as blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases. Reading this Surah is said to have miraculous effects on many patients who suffered from incurable diseases.


Dua or wazifa to take revenge from husband


The purpose of this dua and Wazifa is not to make your relationship with your husband bitter. Dua or wazifa to take revenge from husband It’s actually quite the opposite. The purpose of this practice is to make sure that your husband will start respecting you. Sometimes, a wife often finds herself in a situation where her husband is either constantly tormenting her or taunting her. Either way, his behavior or bitter nature can make things difficult for her.

If you think that your husband needs to change his nature so that you two can get along and lead a happy healthy married life, then, first of all, there’s nothing wrong with wishing that. Dua or wazifa to take revenge from husband It’s more than just wishful thinking. It’s something you need for a happy future. But, the same is not going to happen if you lower your frequency every time your husband tries to taunt you or making things difficult by ordering you around.

Dua or wazifa to take revenge from husband

The best you can do is pray to Allah Tallah that your husband will change. Wazifa To Keep Husband Under Control Anything beyond that, you are going to have to leave to the forces that be. But, in the meantime, you need to make sure not to let your husband’s words get to you

How to perform Dua or Wazifa to take revenge from husband

Grab a black paper and put four green chilies

Now fold it thrice and place it in front of you

Chant ‘Ya Wadudu’ 543 times

Recite this Wazifa 243 times “

Remember your husband and create a beautiful thought for him all the while praying to Allah Tallah to bless him. This will change his very nature on a spiritual/instinctive level

Now take those chilies along with paper and burn them

You have to do this regularly for around a month at the very least. Within the first week of this dua, you will begin to notice a change in his behavior.

If your husband is cheating on you

If you suspect your husband of cheating on you, then you need to make sure to take your fair share of revenge. Dua or wazifa to take revenge from husband This will make him come to his senses and he will realize his mistake. The revenge can be in the form where he will find himself conflicted and struggling with his choices and decision. Eventually, he will wake up and realize his mistakes and shortcomings.

Dua or wazifa to take revenge from husband

The important thing is to know that you deserve a loving husband. A husband who understands you. Who will love you unconditionally and not trouble when you things go awry. Every woman has a right to the kind of husband who will stand by her side. And, if that means resorting to Islamic Wazifa and dua so be it.

Talk to us

Everyone in life goes through hardships and trouble. No one was born without his fair share of difficulties in life. But, if you are not finding yourself strong enough to cross those hurdles, effortlessly, at least for quite some time now then now it’s time to ask Allah Tallah directly for help and support.  He will tell you exactly what you need to do.

Dua to get rid of family problems

You can then follow his guidelines. Sometimes you will get instructions from the great Prophet and Allah in the form of dream manifestations. You can then bring those dreams into reality. If you find it hard to draw the true meaning of those dreams, then you can always 

Dua for waking up in the middle of the night


We can all understand the importance of prayer. It is more than just folding hands and asking for a favor from the Almighty. Morning Dua Recite Daily When You Wake Up [100 % Tested]  It is also a means of staying in constant communion with that Supreme Power. Why do I wake up in the middle of the night Islam A prayer also clears our minds. It teaches us the way of living a healthy, happy, and positive life.

Therefore, it is no surprise that we should make it a habit to take special time to sit in the posture of prayer and recite dua. 

You can recite prayers and dua at any time of the day. What surah to read when you wake up But, the dua that you are going to recite in the morning, that is going to have a special kind of effect on your mind, body, and soul. Morning Dua Recite Daily When You Wake Up [100 % Tested] That, in turn, is bound to positively impact your family and everyone that you come in contact with. That’s the magic of prayer and that’s the magic of morning dua.

Would you like to know how you can perform morning dua to start your day on a positive, healthy, and happy note?

If yes, then read this excerpt below 

How to perform Morning dua after fajr

Create fresh ablution or wudu.

Now sit in a silent room with a clean mind. Make sure your mind is not preoccupied with otherworldly thoughts.

Now recite Surah 5 times.

Recite this dua 432 times

“Al ameena karseema karam afeel maqal zaqar waqaar Allah Bismillah ya al zamin”

It translates to “the king of everything; there is no god other than Allah alone. Morning Dua Recite Daily When You Wake Up [100 % Tested] He has no other partner. King Hamad, the power of all things. You are for the good of the night and the good of everything that will follow. I seek refuge and comfort in You away from the evils of the world that this night may hold.

And the evil that may come after. Oh My Lord, save me from the harm of laziness, arrogance, and badness. May Lord be on my side then and now”

Benefits of Morning Dua

The list of benefits that one stands to benefit if he or she performs this regularly without skipping a day are myriad. For one thing, it will open your mind, body, and soul. Everything about your existence will begin to come in alignment.

This will automatically empower you across all fronts of life. You will become mentally, emotionally, and physically strong. Whether you are a mother, a worker, a housewife, or perform any otherworldly job – you will be able to do it ten times better. 

If you are fighting with any kind of ailment or sickness, you will be able to overpower it. Or at least, you will figure out a way to come out of it. Morning Dua Recite Daily When You Wake Up.

Dua for waking up from sleep

These are just a handful of the ways in which morning dua will prove miraculous. Dua for waking up early Your mind will become solution-oriented. Morning dua after fajr, Therefore, nothing in the world will be able to disturb your peace of mind.

No matter the kind of difficulty you are going through in life, you will be able to work a way out of even the hardest things in life.

Talk to us

If you are feeling stuck in life or battling some kind of trouble that seems impossible to step out of, then talk to us. Our Molvi Ji will guide you on how you can right those wrongs.

Dua to remove jinn from body

 As-salamu Alaykum, my All dear Today we talk about Dua To Remove Jinn From Body or remove from your home. If you want this dua, then you are in the right place. Jinnat or Jinn is a form of evil that can overpower or house any human being. Sometimes, it can affect the whole family. If you think that a jinn also infects your household or a particular individual’s Body is occupied by Jinn, don’t worry. There are ways to make things work.

First of all, you need to be on the lookout for certain signs. Do you think that your family is experiencing certain kinds of problems for no apparent reason? Perhaps it’s a member of your family who is repeatedly falling sick. Or, maybe it is some financial trouble. Maybe you are suddenly losing your job.

Jinnat is evil that manifests itself in multiple forms. Dua to remove Jinn from Body It mostly attacks families that are the most vulnerable. Meaning, it’s the families that are not attuned to prayer or namaaz. Those who do not perform namaz every single day are much more susceptible to the attacks of Jinnat. Would you like to know how you can remove Jinn from the Body? So now we share Dua to remove Jinn from Body.

Here is Dua to remove Jinn from body Step by Step –

Create ablution and sit in the room of prayer

Sit with the mindset of prayer

Recite Al-Baqrah 6 times

Surah Al-jinn after this three times

Follow this by reciting of Surah Al Ikhlas 7 times

Recite Surah Ar Rahman 9 times

Do this ritual for one week and Pray to Allah Tallah to protect you and your family. Do this for a month. Pray every day. If you suspect that you are a victim of Jinn or Jinnat, then the first thing you need to do is make prayer a mandatory part of your lifestyle. 

Here is Dua to remove Jinn from body Step by Step

It would help if you kept in mind during performing this dua that this dua will work slowly. If you want an immediate result, you should contact Molana Ji. Don’t be confused. Just click on Consult With us button and contact Molana Ji.

Dua to remove Jinn from Body Your routine will not be complete unless you prayed to Allah Tallah at least three times a day. Dua for protection from Jinn Makes it as mandatory as eating three times a day. When your routine includes prayer, you will notice that inner strength will automatically build up inside you. 

Procedure to Perform Dua for protection from jinn Step by Step –

Dua is one of the most potent remedies that destroys black magic in Islam very quickly through the Husband, Wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, family member, or male. You may recite this strong Dua from your home and people who seem to be inspired by it. This Dua you can read to erase dark magic forever from Islam to eliminate the Islamic way of black magic.

Bring fresh water before you recite the Dua.

Enchant the ayats 100 times a day below, and blast the air on the human with the destructive impact of black magic.

“Qulnaa laa takhaf antal a’laa innaka Wa alqi Maa Fee Yamee nika talqaf maa Sana’oo; wa laa yuplihus saahiru haisu ataa “

You should recite the ayats for 11 days, and make sure that you don’t forget the ayat for one day.

Three times before and even after this dua, you can recite the Durood Shareef.

Powerful dua to remove Jinn from Body

Jinn, the word itself, generates fear in the heart. Imagine how scary it is to be in control of a jinn. There are many ways to fight /remove Jinn, but only a few are effective in real. According to Islam, there are two types of Jinn, good and bad. Jinn is a power existing around us—Islamic mythology and theology witness jinn. Jinn gets attracted to perfume, especially the fragrance of jasmine.

So here are some steps you need to follow to remove Jinn from the Body.

Start the morning by listening or reciting Surah Yaseen and Surah Fatiha. Repeat the same in the evening.

Any person from the family recites surah baqarah for 40 days at home. No evil power will stay or enter your house. (The most effective way).

The more you offer namaz at home there are fewer chances of an evil/jinn entering your house. Jinn resides in your family member’s Body. Don’t fear. The more you worry, the more Jinn scares you.

The best way to tackle is to recite tasbi thrice a day(Allahhuakbar, subanaAllah, Allhumdulilah).

Recite the Quran once a day.

Drink jam water or recite surah Fatiha, surah Yaseen drink water

Within a month, there will be no chances of Jinn in your home. Someone recites surah Yaseen, and Fatiha asks them to blow it in the ears of one suffering from Jinn .keep a spray bottle filled with reciting surah baqarah, surah Fatiha and surah Yaseen, and 4 Quls ( surah Falak, surah Naas, surah Klaas and surah kaaf) Spray the water on the walls, curtains, and each corner of the house.

In the night, the ones affected with Jinn put their legs in the water and put some sandalwood powder. Surah Mulk is beneficial too. Following the above steps will help you.

Why be careful about Jinnat signs and bad omens

You see, the Jinn can occupy your life in all aspects of life. Perhaps it affects your marital life. Dua to remove Jinn from Body Or maybe it is affecting your job. Sometimes, a person will find that his daughter cannot get married despite all the efforts in the world. How to burn a jinn Other times, he may find himself buried under financial troubles.

Sometimes, the way a Jinnat will manifest itself can be severe in certain individuals. How to get rid of Jinn and Blackmagic If that’s the case with you, you need to talk to a good Molvi Ji without any second thoughts. Because the more you delay working on the solution, the more momentum Jinnat will continue to gain. It’s only a matter of time before the situation will slip out of hand. So, do get in touch with a Molvi Ji without any delays.

Powerful Dua to remove jinn from body

If you want to remove Jinn from your Body and your house, then Sprinkle the entire house with Indian costus powder mix in olive oil, put every corner of the house, and drink one drop in water every three times a day.

You should also pray Namaz five times a day regularly by your heart and pray to the almighty Allah to get the blessing for getting rid of the Jinns from your Body as well as from your house. Dua should remove Jinn from Body.

We have helped out countless individuals in the past. You can be one of those. Just pick up the phone and get in touch with us so you can talk to our Molvi Ji. We will take care of the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ayatul Kursi Protect You From Jinns?

Ayatul Kursi is known as the Throne Verse. It is the 255 verse of the 2nd Chapter of the Holy Quran, namely Surah Baqarah. As the name suggests,  “Throne Verse,”  Ayatul Kursi is used to provide physical and spiritual protection from evil supernatural powers like Jinns. Persons belonging to the religion Islam often believe in using this recitation before going to sleep or before setting out on any journey to keep Jinns.

Can A Jinn Possess Your Mind and body? What can help to take this out?

You can read this Dua to remove jinn from the body. It is potent Dua, and it will help you out but follow it with all the precautions, and if you need any help, you can contact our Maulana ji. He will help you with your problem with the best Islamic Dua’s.

 I think my husband is possessed with jinn. He behaves very weirdly, and I don’t know what to do in this situation. Please help me out?

Okay, you can directly consult with Maulana ji to help you out with this problem in this situation. You can consult with them by clicking on Consult with us on Whatsapp.

Signs that your dua is accepted 100 % Tested


The interesting thing about Islam and Islamic Duas and Wazifas is that not only they are effective Signs that your Dua is accepted but that those Duas have an interesting way of coming true. Dua acceptance stories You need to be on the lookout for certain signs and symbols that will tell you that whatever you desire for; it’s actually coming true.

Signs that your dua is accepted

So what are some of the common signs that you need to be on the lookout for? In this post, we talk exactly about that

Recurring numbers – if you see numbers in triples. For example, if you see 111 or 444 or 666 – this is a sign that your wish or dua has been accepted. You can take it as a sign that the forces of the universe are working in alignment with your objective and your dua will come true sooner than you might have expected. Signs that your Dua is accepted

If your lover broke up with you and you want him/her back in your life, then you can read I love him, I Want a Dua To Get Him Back

life is a bundle of happiness as well as a lot of problems but doesn’t worry, and you want to solve these problems so you can recite Solve Your All Problem By Reciting “Ya Hayyu ya Qayyum.”

How to get your dua accepted instantly

A recurrent Dream – Dreams are possibly the most common ways in which Allah Tallah talks to us. He will send certain symbols and objects in your dream to tell you what He needs to tell since he cannot talk like a human with us. Accepted dua in 3 days One of the most recurrent dreams will be seeing a horse. If you see a horse running wild in the field, that’s a good sign. Basically, a horse whether he is just standing in a stable or running; take that as a good sign.

Seeing a famous figure in dreams – Perhaps you are seeing a personality or a celebrity in your dream. It could be an actor, a writer, a sportsperson; basically, anyone who is always in the limelight or in the public’s eye, that’s again another common sign.

In 3 situations dua will be accepted

Seeing red and green more prominently around you – perhaps you got a shirt from someone that’s red or green in color. Or maybe you are lately eating foods or fruits that are of that color. Take this as a sign of positivity telling you that, good things are coming in life. 

Signs that your dua is accepted

Seeing the great Prophet in a dream – Now this is not the kind of dream that most people will have in their sleep. But, if you do happen to dream about our great Prophet, nothing can be a sign bigger than that, that whatever you desired for and your dua is about to come true with flying colors. Signs that your Dua is accepted

If your lover does not take any interest in you and you want he/she miss you, then you can read this article Dua to make someone Miss You

If you want someone to fall in love with you, you can read this Dua To Make Someone Fall In Love With You This dua will help you fall in love

Making dua for something you really want

A feeling of detachment from things around you – if you suddenly find yourself feeling detached from the ground and the reality around you; this can also be one of the less popular signs that your dua is about to come true. Ya Allah accepts my dua Although not a lot of people tend to experience this if around the tenth day of your starting a Dua you begin to feel a sensation of detachment from the world around you; this is yet another good sign that it’s time for the big harvest.

Talk to us

Words, symbols, recurrent dreams, objects; all of it can have literally dozens of meanings. And your ability to interpret the right things in the right manner depends largely on how accurate your interpretation is. If you do not want to leave things to guesswork, then the best thing would be to talk to a good Maulvi Ji.

It’s easy to wrongly interpret things and then be disappointed that your dua did not come true by the time you expected. Therefore, to remove disappointment and guesswork; it’s always best to leave things to the wise and the expert mind.

Dua for husband’s success in the job


They say behind every successful man there is a woman. It’s not wrong. Dua for husband success in business without the support of a woman in your life, no man can achieve what he wants to. Sometimes that woman can be his mother. Other times, it can be his sister and more often than not, it’s usually the woman that he is married to who supports his dreams. 

Are you a woman who wants to make her husband achieve amazing heights of success? If yes then congratulate yourself because you are a powerful woman. Dua for husband success in business Powerful because you are ready to take that step. That practical step to make that wishful thinking a reality. 

Sometimes success is more than just a desire. It is essential to keep your family flourishing and to make sure they can survive. No one can understand that better than a married woman. If you are a housewife who cannot earn for herself then the best you can do is make sure that your husband can become successful. As a woman, you can contribute to his growth.

Dua for husband success in business

It is one of the best things you can do. But, how can you do that? Did you know there are powerful Islamic Duas and Wazifas that can make sure your husband will be successful in whatever endeavour he takes on? If he is running a business or wants to run one, he is going to touch amazing heights of success. 

Make sure to read the Wazifa given below and implement it in your life. 

How to perform Dua For husband success in business

Take the photo of your husband and tie it with a red ribbon

Now recite ‘Al-Baqrah’ 5 times

Do this after the namaz of Isha

Recite “Ya Wadoodo” 432 times

Take a verse of Surah Ikhlas and recite it 6 times

Now take the ribbon place it under your pillow and sleep on it

Do this consistently for 21 days

Dua for husband health and success

Did you know there is a dua for all kinds of problems in Islam? Dua for husband success in business Whether you are facing marital problems or your facing love related problems you can find a solution for anything and everything. That means even if you think your husband is not able to achieve the kind of success that is used as you can even find a solution for that kind of problem. That is the beauty of this religion. That is the beauty of the Quran and Allah Tala. All you have to do is have that mindset of solution and you are good to go. 

Dua for health and long life of husband

Make sure not to perform this Wazifa when you are menstruating. It is better if you start performing this right after your periods are over. Additionally, we highly recommend you to make sure to perform Namaz at least 3 times a day. Half of your problems will be automatically solved by Namaz alone. Combine that with the power of a powerful Wazifa and your husband is sure to touch and kiss the heights of success. 

Talk to us

Regardless of the nature of your problem remember we are here to help you. Just get in touch with us and we will connect you with the most experienced Molvi Ji who will listen to your problem and craft you a Taweez to wear. He will also tell you all the measures to follow and precautions to take along with the most effective dua to perform. 

Wazifa to increase love in husband heart in 3 day

 Marriage is one of the most beautiful experiences one can have in a lifetime. Dua to increase love between husband and wife But, this beautiful relationship is not without its ups and downs. The love between a couple is bound to go through highs and the lows. But, it’s the willingness and the commitment to stay true to each other that’s the true test of a relationship and a marriage. Dua to increase love between husband and wife

Often a marriage can take a rocky turn if one or both the parties are not careful enough. Dua to increase love between husband and wife Sometimes the husband and the wife can be so busy with other duties that they forget to spend quality time with each other. As a result, many find themselves slowly falling out of love with each other. If the right measures are not taken at the right time, things can go beyond control.

Dua for Good Matrimonial Relationship

There will come a time when the only way out of their marital problems will be to call it quits. Beautiful dua for husband, In other words, divorce will be the only way out of it. But, if you have realized that the love between you two is slowing fading and you want to correct things, then, first of all, you need to make namaz a part of your lifestyle and routine. 

Next, you need to follow this Dua 

How to perform dua that will bring husband and wife closer 

After Isha namaz, freshen yourself

Take a chunk of turmeric and place it in front of you

Now recite ‘Ya wadoodo’

Take a verse of Surah and repeat it seven times

Chant this dua 500 times “Al Ameen Sirohi Waqar waqal Allah Bismillah al Raheem”

Use that turmeric for cooking

Do this every day for a week

Dua for bringing husband and wife back together

If you are going through a phase of separation where you are away from each other for a while or you no longer get along with each other, even in that case too this dua is going to work its magic. 

So many people who were contemplating separation or divorce tried this dua and in no time they found themselves falling in love with each other again. This dua is an extremely powerful tool. Especially when you combine it with the power of everyday namaz of Isha – you will be surprised by how quickly this dua will work for you.

Powerful Dua to increase love between husband and wife

These Dua are used to remove the tension and disagreement between the two. There has to be a general issue, and is there some means of addressing husband and wife issues or friction? Yeah. There are certainly a variety of solutions to all of your problems.

“Bismillahir Rahaman-nir Rahim” recite 786 times before going to bed every night;

“Suhah_Annisa” Recite 71 times every day;

“Reese-31 of Ali Imran” Recite 3 times every day;

Wazifa to increase love in husband heart

A happy marriage is a work and effort

You have to know that nothing in life comes free. Even if we talk about relationships you have to look after them. You have to nurture them. You have to feed them and care for them. Otherwise, it will be like having a plant in the house and forgetting to water it. It won’t be long before that plant is dead and lifeless. The same goes with everything else in life.

This DUA Will Increase LOVE Between Husband & Wife

The things that are important to you and matter to you, you have to care for them. Dua to increase love between husband and wife When you make up your mind to ave your marriage and your relationship, there’s nothing int hew world that can stand in the way of your mission.

Talk to us

Life is not without ups and downs. Troubles are part of life. But you need strength to walk through them. That’s what a dua or a Wazifa does to you. It gives you the power and strength to overcome hurdles in life. To more know, contact us and talk to our Molvi Ji.

Wazifa to see unseen 101 % Works

 Life is a mystery and it is supposed to be that way. Wazifa to see future in a dream It is much like a radio that throws you a bunch of melodies and you are supposed to enjoy whatever is thrown your way. But, at times you are caught off guard in life. What we mean by that is that sometimes you are faced with certain situations that you are completely unprepared for. Wazifa to see future in a dream

The downside of such incidents is that it can be particularly troubling for some individuals. The best way to handle such situations is to prepare yourself ahead of time. How can you do that? 

You can do that by getting to know what the future holds for you. Dua to see the husband in a dream It’s one of those mystic powers that you can master over the time where you can actually feel yourself living in the future and you know exactly what is going to happen with you. When you are equipped with that kind of information you can prepare yourself ahead of time. 

Powerful Wazifa to see Future in a dream

Have you ever thought how much life could be easy if you can see what the future lies ahead for you?

Life is itself a mystery. It is so much like a mystery book that takes you to a roller coaster filled with suspense, you don’t know what will happen next; you may receive only and only good luck or something awful may happen to you. Here I am sharing the best Wazifa to see Future in a dream.

Recite durood e, Ibrahim, thrice

Repeat this Wazifa 101 times

“Allah Bismillah Ibrahmimee laa yaa maas dirham VA sal al Raheem” 654 times

Wazifa to see future in a dream

Even the biggest shock is not going to surprise you. Because you are already prepared for whatever is coming to you.

How to know what the future holds for you? Well, all you have to do is perform this Wazifa. 

Wazifa for peeping into the future

Recite durood e, Ibrahim, thrice

Repeat this Wazifa 101 times

“Allah Bismillah Ibrahmimee laa yaa maas dirham VA sal al Raheem” 654 times

Now be mindful of your dreams. It is highly likely that within a week of performing this Wazifa, you will get to know the future in the form of your dreams.

Dua to reveal secrets

You have to know that Islamic Wazifas are not restricted to any particular type of individual. Wazifa to see future in a dream Literally, anyone and everyone can perform it. Whether you are a man or a woman whether you are a teenager or a middle-aged person, you are free to perform them. Just remember that your intentions are pure and clean. If you are performing this Wazifa to cause any kind of harm to someone then it is not going to work. 

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Your attention should be to benefit yourself and others. How to see the future husband in dream Because by knowing the future you are disrupting the natural forces of the universe. If you are not right to use it to everyone’s advantage, then the universe is going to take its payback. That’s why you need to be extra careful when performing this particular Wazifa. 

Wazifa to see future in dream

If the future holds some kind of trouble for you, then you can prepare yourself by knowing the future. Wazifa to get spiritual powers You can make preparations for all kinds of possible scenarios. When you are equipped with this kind of information you can avoid some major issues from happening.

You can save your relationships, your job, your financial freedom, and all aspects of your life from the doom. There are a whole bunch of benefits of successfully knowing what the future holds for you. But, for that, you need to have a clear and open mind. 

Wazifa to see Future in a dream

How Do I Know Whether The Dream I Had Is From Allah, From Nafs, Or From The Devil?

If the message through the dreams makes your heart full of happiness and the goodness is felt internally by your heart then they could not be but from Allah. It gives you peace and fills your heart with happiness. The sort of dreams, that makes you to feel pain, make you confuse and disturb your peace by bothering your mind that definitely comes from Satan.

If the dreams is basically based on the experiences that you face in your daily life and you view their representations and images depending upon the maturity level of your intellect and mind then that type of dreams are basically from Nafs. These are also meaningless dreams that could be good or be bad based on the person, observing it.

Let us know your troubles

If you are experiencing some kind of hardship or trouble in your life then you can always talk to us. Wazifa to see future in a dream Our Moliv Ji will listen to your issues. Based on the nature of your problems he will suggest the perfect Wazifa. 

You may also be asked to wear a Taweez for added efficiency, effectiveness, and protection.

Which Surah To Read For Husband Love


Yes, it is completely halal for a woman in trouble to use Islamic dua and Wazifa to pull herself out of marital trouble. Which Surah To Read For Husband Love If you think your husband is lacking the love and respect that he once used to shower you with, then you can, by all means, resort to Islamic dua and Wazifa without any kind of fear or hesitation.

It’s not uncommon for the entry of that dreaded third woman in the marriage. This kind of person can steal your husband away from you. So, it is your duty and responsiblity to stay out on the outlook for any signs that are showing that your husband is growing distant from you. Clearly the first sign would be a lack of affection and love in the little things that you used to show or display.

Which Surah To Read For Husband Love

So what can you do to turn things around? Well, do read and follow this Surah Kausar to win back your husband’s love 

How to perform Surah Kausar

After you have completed the namaz of ISHA, pray Surah Kaur 1001 times

You have to do this every day

However, make sure to skip it during your periods.

You have to do it regularly for 21 days. It’s better to start it after your menstrual cycle.

Surah Kausar – an effective tool for marital troubles

Surah Kausar is a tried and tested tool that countless women have tried in the past. It works like wonders for increasing the love and affection between a husband and a wife. If you fear that some woman is trying to steal your husband from you, then Surah Kausar will work its magic in increasing the quotient of love, affection, and understanding that you two share. Surah Kausar for Hajat Your husband will come rushing back to you in your arms in no time. You just have to maintain consistency and do this Surah regularly for the duration that it is required. 

Best Wazifa for husband’s love

Surah Kausar is seen as probably the most effective way for women to win their husband’s, lost love. Which Surah To Read For Husband Love Marriage is a lifelong commitment. It’s more like an investment. You have to invest every single day in order to keep things flourishing. But, often due to our lack of attention – most husbands find themselves falling for another woman and losing their love for their wives.

Which Surah To Read For Husband Love

Surah Kausar 129 times benefits In that case, Surah Kausar is definitely one of the best Wazifas you can perform to safeguard your marriage and restock your husband’s love for you.

What’s the meaning of Surah Kausar

The literal meaning of this Surah is – in the name of Allah Tallah, the one who is the most powerful and merciful, we are offering our prayers to Him. Surah Juma benefits for husband We are granting our Kausar Fountain and praying to our Lord. WE make our sacrifice here so may no enemy harm us or be successful in doing what they want.

Talk to us

Perhaps you are going through some other kind of marital trouble not just love wise, but something else too. Which Surah To Read For Husband Love Perhaps your wife wants to divorce you or it’s something else. Maybe you are bombarded with a ton of financial issues or some kind of familial problems. Regardless, know there are a dua and Wazifa for everyone.

Our Molvi Ji will listen carefully to your issues and advise you on the best dua/Wazifa. He might offer a Taweez also for you to wear for some time.

Dua To Make Your Boss Promote You

 So you have been working your ears off in the company but you are not able to get where your heart always is. Dua To Make Your Boss Promote You Perhaps you want that increase in salary or maybe you have been eyeing that managerial or senior position for quite some time now.

But, everyone around you seems to be climbing the ladder of success except you even though you’re the one who’s clocking the maximum number of hours and working harder than the rest of the folks. Dua To Make Your Boss Promote You That’s totally alright. It happens with the best of us.

The important thing is to not lose hope. Dua to settle abroad A lot of people desire for their boss to be promoted but to no good end. If you also want your boss to promote you without you even having to ask for it, then you have come to the right place.

Dua To Make Your Boss Promote You

In this post, we talk about how you can make your boss promote you without you even trying that much harder. Would you like to know how to unlock this treasure? Well, if the answer is yes, then do read this post carefully and carry out the dua we have mentioned down below – 

Here’s how this dua is performed 

After you have performed the maghrib namaz, again perform wudu.

Sit in the posture of prayer.

Now recite Al Baqrah 121 times

Pray to our great Prophet Mohammad to listen to your prayers and forgive you for any mistakes you might have made.

Recite ‘Ya Wadoodo’ 70 times.

Place a glass of water and while concentrating on it, imagine yourself in that managerial position or getting that promotion that you have been dreaming of.

Send out a powerful, loveful, positive thought to your boss.

Do this for a month.

Success in job and career with the power of Islamic dua

There’s a deep connection between the power of dua and the power of the mind and how you use it to unleash success. Dua To Make Your Boss Promote You You will be surprised how by connecting with that superpower Allah, you will end-up attracting harmony, happiness, and joy in life. Dua for bad boss That’s the power of dua. Essentially – here’s what happens when you pray to Allah or perform a powerful dua in his memory.

Basically you are connecting yourself with the highest source of power, harmony, and abundance. Dua to make the boss happy  While otherworldly treasures can be seen with these two eyes, the treasure that you get access to by connecting with Allah – it cannot be seen with the eyes. It’s the metaphysical thing that truly makes the world of a difference.

Dua To Make Your Boss Promote You

When you are just chasing after success without giving any thought religion or spirituality, it’s like trying to run a vehicle without the fuel. That’s what’s happening to the majority of us. But, when you perform a dua, you are essentially fuelling yourself. A fueled vehicle will run faster, more efficiently, and will get you where you want without you having to stop or pause in the middle.

Talk to us

Perhaps you are going through some kind of issue in life that is seemingly bigger than life itself. Wazifa To Control Strict Boss We can all relate to such stuff in life. If it’s been way too long since you’ve been trying your way out of it, then it’s about time you tried, Islamic dua and Wazifa.

Let us know and we will give you the best possible with our Molvi Ji help.