Powerful Surah Wazifa For Marriage


Aslam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu to all my brothers and sisters. Today’s article gives you hope with the most influential Islamic Wazifa for marriage to make sure you get a marriage proposal and are satisfied with your marriage problem. So, do not worry. Allah SWT says don’t lose hope nor be sad! Why? Because he always makes way for you, has faith and complete trust in Allah SWT, that he will soon give you what you desire.

Yes, So HERE we give you a “wazifa for marriage”. Performing accurately will enable you to get married, either to whom you wish, the arrival of a proposal or an acceptance of a proposal. Ultimately, it is a wazifa for marriage, and therefore, you will get married and be happy- InshaAllah.

Marriage in Islam is the most crucial reason we have put on this earth for procreation, and that marriage is essential! Allah SWT has mentioned various times in the Quran that ‘those of you who are the best to their spouses are amongst the best Muslims‘. Now that is powerful! Marriage also completes half of your deen (religion), so you can imagine how high Allah SWT has regarded marriage in Islam.

Well, now you are of age and wish to get married? Are you ready for the commitment? The sacrifices that may come, purely for love? Are you prepared to be the best husband or wife to your partner? And now you need the person you have always dreamt of to marry you, to come along into your life and take you have, so you both can be the happiest you can ever be. 

Again, like I’ve said before, whether you want a proposal or want someone to accept your proposal, this ‘Wazifa For Marriage’ is for you.

Some Advice before Performing Wazifa for marriage:

Always make fresh wudu.

Pray your daily 5 TIMES Namaz.

If you are a woman, please do this after your menstrual cycle.

If you start during, do not worry; continue where you stopped from after your process.

Stay away from negative thoughts When you are performing this Wazifa.

You must Pray Tuhujjud if you want something from Allah SWT.

Some Advice before Performing Wazifa for marriage

Here is Wazifa for marriage in one week:

After praying, Tuhujjud and Fajr recite Durood Shareef 11 times.

Recite ‘YaaLateefu’ 1000 times.

Now recite “Surah Yaseen“ once.

Finally, Pray to Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) for you to get married soon.

Do this Wazifa for seven days straight.

Here is Wazifa for marriage in one week

In this image, We mention Wazifa for marriage in one week.

You can contact our Molana Ji if you want immediate results. He will use his years of Islamic knowledge to help you. Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) has to accept what you desire as long as you have a pure heart and good intentions. 

Surah Yaseen is the heart of the Holy Quran, so reading this every day will surely bring peace and contentment to your heart. Insha-Allah, you will see things change around you, and everything will fall into place just as you wish.

If you want to marry any specific person in your life, then you can do “Dua to Get Married to a Specific Person.”

Sometimes your marriage will delay for any other reason, and you want your wedding not to be delayed more and get married soon, then you can do “Dua to Get Married Soon.”

Some Surah for love marriage that you can read daily at anytime that will help ease the process of marriage for you:

Surah Rehman.

Surah Fatiha.

Surah Kausar.

Surah Tauba.

Surah Baqhara. (for protection of any evil that may be preventing you from getting married).

These all Surah for love marriage will help you solve all marriage problems in your life. You can perform these Surah after Any Salat.

Do not hesitate to contact us. Sometimes, other things can get in the way that may be stopping you from getting married; these things are beyond an average Muslim understanding and knowledge. That is why it is good to seek external help.

You can also check “Dua for marriage problems” for any Marriage problems.

Depending on your situation and circumstances, our Molana Ji will be able to see and help you personally. Otherwise, we can also help and guide you in performing the wazifa correctly. So, if you have any questions, please do contact us. We are here to help.

Frequently asked questions

Is there any Wazifa for love marriage?

The first step is to clean yourself. After that, begin with reciting “Allah hu Akbar” ×5 times, then take a glass of Zam Zam water and remember your lover with a very pure heart. Recite verse of Surah Kahlf [18:23] “Wa laa taqoolanna lishai’in innee faa’ilun zaalika ghadaa” Finally, blow on water and drink it. InshaAllah, This “Wazifa for love marriage” will solve your love marriage problem in a few days.

Is there any Marriage advice from the Quran?

Yes, In Quran, it is written that love is not haram until you see the person with the eyes of marriage. In that case, There are multiple surah and ayat are given to solve your love problems. Like Surah Yaseen, it is one of the most potent surah verses given to solve your marriage problems.


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