Dua to get rid of blackmail

 As-salamu Alaykum My all brother and sister Today’s topic is very significant. In this article, we bring you powerful Islamic Dua to get rid of blackmail or how to get rid of blackmail. For whatever reason, you have been put in a situation where someone is forcing you to do something you do not want to do, and they have left you with no choice but to do what they say. 

That is called blackmail. Blackmail in Islam is haram. No one has the right to give someone an ultimatum and make them do something they do not want to do. Allah SWT will severely punish those who choose to go down the path of blackmailing. Because you have been blackmailed, we understand the severe stress and emotional toll it has had on you, and you have had enough and wish to get rid of it?

Well, fear no more, pour your heart out to Allah SWT, and he will help those in need. He always does! Verily it is the work of the shaytan that forces one to blackmail. However, that does not mean you have to suffer. So do not worry, have faith in Allah SWT. He will help. He always does! And Do this Dua to get rid of blackmail Perfectly.

Some Recommendations for Dua to get rid of blackmail –

Before performing any dua, always make sure you have made fresh Wudhu. 

If you are a woman, do these duas after your menstrual cycle. 

Have complete faith in Almighty Allah when you do this Ritual.

Steps to Perform Dua to get rid of blackmail:

After any salah recite “Allahu Akbar” x 3

Then Recite “Allaahummak-fineehim bimaa shi’ta” x 101 times.

Now Pray to Allah SWT to get rid of that person who is blackmailing you.

Do this Ritual for 21 days.

Steps to Perform Dua to get rid of blackmail

If, for whatever reason, depending on your situation, you need extra guidance and help, Then do not hesitate to contact us. Our highly experienced Molana ji will give you the best Islamic and powerful solution to your problem in proper Hallal Way. Our Molana Ji should do a special dua for you to get results faster! For someone with such Islamic knowledge, you are guaranteed success. 

If you think someone has done black magic on you and you want to remove that spell anyhow from you, then you can do “Dua to destroy black magic.”

Here is Dua for protection against blackmail

Allaahumma ‘innaa naj’aluka fee nuhoorihim wa na’oothu bika min shuroorihim.

Recite the above dua after every prayer.

Pray to Allah SWT for protection against blackmail. 

Do this ritual for ten days.

Necessary: Make sure you recite ayat ul kursi three times before you sleep and three times when you awake in the morning. Your day will be great, and you will be protected from any harm. 

Dua for protection against blackmail

Sometimes Evil eyes of people also cause harm in your life. You don’t know how to remove evil eyes on you and protect yourself from evil eyes, then don’t worry. You can do “dua to remove evil eyes.”

Wazifa to protect yourself from Blackmailing Step by Step –

First of all Recite “Allaahumma ‘Anta ‘adhudee”, “wa ‘Anta naseeree”, bika ‘ajoolu.”

Then recite “Hasbunallaahu wa ni’amal-wakeel” 1000 times.

Recite the above dua after Fajr prayer.

Make dua give you the strength to fight your enemy and get rid of their blackmail trap.

Do this for 11 days. 

Remember to contact us, as your situation can be more complicated than you even think. Blackmail is very complex and isn’t easy to get out of. Isha-Allah, you will be relieved from your enemy and their blackmail.

Wazifa to protect yourself from Blackmailing Step by Step

For performing Dua to stop blackmailing, first, clean yourself and the place where you are performing this Dua. After that, recite ‘Wa kuntum azwaajan salaasah‘ facing the direction of Kaba and repeat this for three days, and your Dua will get accepted.

Is there any surah to get rid of blackmail?

Yes, if you want Surah to get rid of blackmail, you can recite Surah Al-Waqiah. It is one of the most Powerful surahs. To perform this, Surah first makes wudu. After that, at midnight, complete all the ayat of this Surah. After that, close your eyes. With a pure heart and calm mind, make dua to Allah to help you get rid of all the blackmailers inshallah your dua will get Qabool within a few days.


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