Dua To Get Your Ex Love Back Through The Power of Quran


Do you want to be reunited with your lover that you are now separated from? Dua To Get Your Ex Love Back Through The Power of Quran Would you like to rekindle that spark of love that kept you warm during difficult times? Would you like to reclaim your lost love that is still humming in your soul and every single fiber of your body? If yes, then you are reading the right post. It’s not unheard of for couples to split only to realize later on that they were always made for each other.

That they are each other’s soulmate. Many people make the mistake of breaking up too early and then later realize just how empty and lifeless they feel later. 

Best Dua To Get Your Ex Love Back

If you are one of those and are now wondering how you can reclaim your ex-lover back, then this Islamic wazifa will work like magic for you. Would you like to know the secret recipe for how you can reclaim your lost love? If yes, then read this below paragraph. Dua To Get Your Ex Love Back Through The Power of Quran Make sure to carry out this wazifa accurately with all your heart and soul and Insha Allah, in no time – will you be reunited with your ex-lover.

The Process of Wazifa for ex Love Back 

Start by making fresh ablution.

After Wudu, perform Esha Salat.

Recall the face of your lover and repeat this Islamic wazifa 265 times “wallah zaqar sir miyan Allah Bismillah ya wal tarah”

Recite Durood Shareef 6 times.

Do this for a fortnight regularly.

Insha Allah, if you perform this wazifa every day with your heart and might, your lover will come rushing back in your life in no time. God blessed, you will soon be reunited with the love of your life and you will get everything that you truly deserve. 

Procedure to perform Dua to get your ex-boyfriend back

Want to get back your Ex-love? It’s hard to get them back in life after you’ve lost love. It is a gift to get my love back again. You can just get grass for your Ex through the prayer. Win back passion with worship. You should undoubtedly pray to God if you don’t want to obey the black sorcery to restore the love of your life. The only key is that you believe in God because if you believe in God, he will allow you to get loving soon.

Make a fresh Roza on Thursdays for three weeks.

On Thursday nights after midnight, say a wudoo prayer seven times regularly.

Allahumma Tiff (name of your beloved) ibn/ Binti Fulani (name of your mother) ale Falanaa (your name) ibn? Binti Falanaa (name of your mother)

Perform this dua at least 79 times.

Now Recite Durood sharif 21 times.

Wazifa to get lost love back

Going beyond your ego to reunite with the love

The fact that you are reading this blog is proof enough that you have decided to rise above your ego. Dua To Get Your Ex Love Back Through The Power of Quran It is a sign of a pure soul. It means that you value love more than ego. A person like this is bound to be successful in life. Now that you have taken this first step, always make sure to live every single day from now on in complete awe and appreciation for the phenomenon of love and for the very fact that you got to experience what love is. Love is the force that keeps the world going. 

Dua for someone to come back to you

Other than that, you should always thank Allah Tallah for being the guiding force and guiding light in your life. Dua To Get Your Ex Love Back Through The Power of Quran All of this wisdom and knowledge is coming straight from that Almighty who is the ocean of knowledge. Without His powers, none of these powerful duas and wazifas that have solved and make easy countless lives in the past have easy would not have been possible.

Stay in tune with Allah Tallah

Allah specifically favors those who love the essence of love. Those who are always choosing love and want to cherish it, Allah has a special place for such people. Dua To Get Your Ex Love Back Through The Power of Quran Congratulations because you are one of those people. With that said, you should always perform namaz at least thrice a day. This will purify your heart and fill it with love.

Once you are connected with that ocean of love, you won’t seek it. You will become love. You will start oozing with a fountain of love and will start attracting it in life.


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