Dua To Convince My Husband Become A good Muslim


Do you want to know the Dua To Convince My Husband Become A good Muslim? Islam is not just a religion – it’s a way of life. And a true Muslim is an embodiment of all those teachings.

A true Muslim should follow all of the teachings that Allah Tallah has laid out for us immortals. And while many people put their heart and soul into following all these practices, a person goes astray. He sometimes loses track of his focus and finds himself sinking lower and lower into worldly pleasures.

Dua To Convince My Husband Become A Better Muslimah

They start to lose their sense of divinity, which Islam brings out in them. beautiful dua for husband If you are a married woman who has lately started noticing a change in her husband’s behaviour, you have come to the right place. This post aims to educate you about ways in which you can help your husband find his lost ways.

Dua To Convince My Husband Become A good Muslim


After performing the namaz of Isha, sit in the posture of prayer once again.

Make sure to perform it after your menses are over.

Take a couple of cardamoms and place them in a glass of water.

Now place a picture of your husband alongside it and while concentrating on both glass and picture, repeat this wazifa 131 times “mah sun bin lament za a ley kate mhisa toro de Ville par sum”

Take a verse of Surah An-Nisa and repeat it five times.

Now use that water and cardamom while cooking for your husband.

Do this consistently for a month, and soon you will start to notice a change in your husband’s heart. Dua To Convince My Husband Become A good Muslim You will see that he has started to perform namaz every day. You will see him showing more interest in the Quran and Quranic ways of life. He will start talking more and more about the teachings of Islam. If you do things right, all his and more should follow.

Dua To Convince My Husband Become A Better Muslimah

Insha Allah, your prayers will be answered, and you will find it in your heart that Allah has answered your prayers.

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Your Duty as a Wife

One of the reasons why you should perform a Dua To Convince My Husband Become A good Muslim is because it is your duty as a loving and caring wife to bring in your husband. A man is supposed to go higher and higher in his life. That is why a man needs religion in his life. 

Without religion, you will not be able to fly high in life. When two people decide to get married, they are doing more than just agreeing to spend time with each other. They agree to help each other grow and evolve.

As a wife, if you have sensed a set of changes in your husband’s behaviours that are not in line with how a true Muslim is supposed to behave, then you are on the right path. Dua To Convince My Husband Become A good Muslim This is how a good wife is supposed to act.

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You are fulfilling your duties in the right manner as a good and loving wife. dua to protect my husband in Islam With your care and high energies, your husband will soon find that he is growing slowly and sure. It is only a matter of time before your wishes come true.

Talk to a Molvi Ji

At times, the solution is in front of you. But, because we are so busy with the entanglements of our lives, we fail to see that solution. Dua To Convince My Husband Become A good Muslim This is when it is best if you talk to a Molvi Ji.


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