Does Allah Always Answer Your Dua


If you are reading this blog, chances are you have either performed a Dua already or you are going to perform one. Does Allah Always Answer Your Dua? If you already have there’s a good chance that your dua has not yet been accepted and which is why now you are reading this blog.

Why does Allah never answer my prayers  If you are seeking the answer to the question as to whether or not Allah Tallah answers your Duas, the answer is – well, both yes and no.

While most people will be upset with this answer, that is who things are. dua is the weapon of a believer hadith You need to take into account a lot of factors and things. For one thing, you need to know why it is that your dua is not being accepted. There can be a couple of reasons for that.

Does allah always answer your dua?

You have to understand that Allah naturally wants the best for you. Does Allah Always Answer Your Dua? So, if for any reason, you are not getting you are not able to manifest your wishes, it is because either you are not sure what is best for you and Allah has better plans for you. Or, it could also be due to one of the following reasons – 

 1. Not having faith – Sometimes people don’t really have faith in Allah Tallah. They just think that they do. But, on a deeper level, they don’t. Only you can answer that question as to how much faith you have. You need to do some introspection and see your level of faith. If you are lacking in that, work on yourself and try to connect with Allah on a deeper level.

 2. You’re not sure what you want – It’s not uncommon for a lot of individuals who do not really know what it is that they seek. Ways in which Allah answers prayers They may be performing a dua or wazifa with all their heart and soul, but it is very much possible that they are not sure what exactly they seek.

 3. Being impatient – Sometimes, a dua is about to be answered but because we are so impatient, we fail to connect the dots and see how much progress we have made. Sometimes the solution to your problem is right in front of you. But, because of our attitude, we are unable to see it.

How to know Allah is not happy with you

There are essentially 3 Ways in which Allah will respond to your Duas

You may get an instant answer

Your dua may be delayed on a future date

Allah has better plans so you need to look beyond the present conditions to see what is best for you.

If you find it in your heart that Allah is putting your plans on hold, then you need to just stay patient. Does Allah Always Answer Your Dua? Patience is an excellent virtue for anyone who is participating in any kind of dua or wazifa. will Allah listen to my dua? Always remember that.

How to get your dua accepted instantly

But, if you sense that the Almighty may have better plans for you, then you need to keep an open mind in that situation as well. Best Way if you pray dua it will definitely be accepted Accept that this is what is best for you in that situation.

Keep an eye for the doors of opportunity and Thank Allah for guiding you through thick and thin.

Talk to us

If you ever run into any kind of process during the course of your practicing dua or wazifa, you can always talk to us. Does Allah Always Answer Your Dua? Our Molvi Ji will guide you through any and every situation in life.


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