Day: December 7, 2021

Dua to Get My Girlfriend back And Unblock Me

 Love is a word everyone needs. Loving someone is a sensation everyone wants to feel. The reality that everyone wishes to pursue his passion. There is so much strength in love; everybody is willing to face challenges to win the love.

However, as love may fail sometimes, in your life love is the happiest emotions one can experience; you can surely pray to the Almighty Allah if you are willing to get your boyfriend back and pray that your love will be returned to you. Follow this Dua to Get My Girlfriend back And Unblock Me.

If You believe in the one secret to get back your love to your life again because if you really believe in Allah, the all-powerful souls will surely help you get you back love. if You will use this Dua to get lost love back in just a few days to get your boyfriend will come back. Follow the Dua to see the outcome in the shortest time.

Everyone deserves a real lover. Love is considered as the most significant feeling in the universe. Get Dua to Get My Girlfriend back And Unblock Me to get back your old love.

Everyone just needs a soul who loves us truly for our qualities and not for wealth or beauty. You definitely deserve a person worth our life companion, a person who loves you in times of trouble and suffering. to get back your love follow the Dua to Get My Girlfriend back And Unblock Me. Love can be a feeling that sees neither status nor ideology.

When we begin to like a person, we still spend more of our time on the person to understand him. This is sometimes when two people initiate love. But if the lover leaves you to another person, what if we unexpectedly lose our lover.

In order to get back your boyfriend again follow this extremally powerful Dua to Get My Girlfriend back And Unblock Me and see the results in just some days.

The love between two allows one to feel strong and confident. To have someone back. In order to speak together about our daily adventures, we still need parents, partners, friends, acquaintances etc. This passion keeps us alive, and this is also a crucial source for our joy.

So, what is the strength of love to eradicate in your life? You’re going to feel depressed and missed. To make your love of your life back following the Dua to Get My Girlfriend back And Unblock Me.

Powerful Dua to Get My Boyfriend Comeback And Unblock Me

Everybody wishes his love always to be with him, but sometimes a struggle takes place between partners, and they abandon each other. If your love is gone, if you want to get it back, then use the mighty Dua to Get My Girlfriend back And Unblock Me.

You are split from your loved one for whatever reason. But now you cannot survive without them and want to be loved back. If you truly love your partner. You will find your lover or companion by doing the following Dua To Make Someone Fall In Love With You if you cannot share your feelings towards them or if you cannot understand them.

So, mates, let us see directly Dua to Get My Girlfriend back And Unblock Me for your boyfriend, without taking any time. In your relationship, you have to worry about something that eventually forced your life. When you find it tough to survive without the love of your life, adopt this to get the results back in the days ahead. The toughest thing anybody has.

Procedure and precaution to perform Dua to Get My Girlfriend back And Unblock Me

Firstly, make fresh wuzu.

You have to perform this wazifa in the Night.

Now Recite the Durood Shareef 5 times at least.

After Durood Shareef then Recite the Surah Fatiha for 9 times.

Now Read this dua 50 times.

Yaa Allahu Yaa Rahman Ta Rahimi.

Then again read durood Shareef for 5 times.

Then came a prayer to Allah SWT with a clean heart.

Do this Wazifa at least 7 days to see the results.

Powerful Dua to make someone love you back

Dua is personalized to get your love back, Dua to get my boyfriend comeback and unlock me is better to get you back to your love. Is it in you that he lost faith? You want him back even though you’ve been driven out of him. You’ve been tired of waiting, tired of sharing this to give up your life.

Get the Dua leaves him with his wife to come to you. The most effective Dua, before you put my Ex-lover on your ex-lover, is to bring back my ex-lover, who will make him successful, prosperous, and inspire him to live like the one woman left on earth. It is a Dua that gives your love back.

Dua to Break Engagement and Marriage

Dua is the easiest way to love you again with my former lover and, if he goes out, pursue the Dua to Get My Ex Lover Back to get back my ex-lover that will allow you to get your love back in just a couple of days.

Getting back your lost love is the happiest feeling anybody can feel. Love is the world’s purest element. Try it and view the outcome in just a few days if you have lost your Passion and want it. What helps you to meet your lost love again and live with your love a good life.

To bring back my ex-lover, obey the Dua. You experienced your wife earlier to feel the ancient passion. Almighty has everything you need to do already prepared to follow the instructions to see the results.

Procedures and precautions to perform the Dua

Recite Durood Shareef 11 times.

Recite “Allah Hus Samad” 1000 times.

Recite Durood Shareef 11 times.

In the end, make Dua to Allah Talha to create love in the heart of the person you want.

Powerful Dua to get my love back in 2 days

Have you done something to get back your love once again? Then try to get back your lost love with this powerful Dua to get my boyfriend comeback and unlock me.

Love in the relationship will drain for a number of reasons. It may be decreased due to the burden of jobs, responsibilities and ambitions. And it’s not easy to rebound if love is lost, as we all know.

This Dua is not only to inspire my former lover to buy back your love; it also enthuses friendship, reverence, and commitment to preserving the core relationship of your lover so that you do not have to face up to your relationship this day.

If you are unable to obey the black magic, then you may appeal to God to restore to you the love of your life. The only key is your religion, and if you trust in Heaven, he will surely allow you to soon gain your devotion It might be difficult to pull them back into life after you have lost passion.

It’s a gift to get my love back again; you should only get herbs for your ex by prayer. Now, at instant level, you will get back your lost love. Identify the key concerns in the relationship you feel.

Procedure and precaution to perform Dua

First Read Surah Fatiha 5 times.

Strong Islamic Dua To Get Love Back Darood e Ali

Allahumma Jaa Al Salawa Atika Wa Bara Kaati Ka Alaa Muhammadin In Naa Bee Yee Wa Az Wa Aa Jihi Umma Haa.

To return the devotion, for 7 times and for 3 times, you have to recite Surah 101 Surah Al-Qari’ah. It’s a very fast, successful wazifa. You will get results as soon as possible when you first do this wazifa to get affection.


It’s not so difficult to get someone back to love you, particularly if you have previously loved each other. Return your ex-friend from Dua and push your ex. Lost Love.

Strongest Dua gets your ex-friend and makes him love Dua will get your love of your life love. Try this. It’s not so difficult to get someone back to love you, particularly if you have previously loved each other. Return your ex-friend from Dua and push your ex. Lost Love.

Strongest Dua gets your ex-friend and makes him love Dua will get your love.  Love is a lovely experience a person feels like his/her partner. Denying term love is a challenging challenge. You just want someone who loves you to make your life more lively and gratifying.

Either you own a companion for your life, or you are in love with another male. In this situation, you want to make somebody’s heart love. There are a lot of Dua and wazifa in Islam that will assist you in getting back the love of your life.


Mohabbat Pane Ya Hasil Karne Ki Dua

 Mohabbat Pane Ya Hasil Karne Ki Dua ek aisa dua hai jo apko apke pyar pane ke liye bahut madad karega. Jab aap pyar mein hote hain, to aap mahsoos karte hain ki har koi wafadar hai aur sab kuchh sundar hai. Ush samay, apko vibhinya cheje pasand hone lagti hai, jaise ki romantic gane, kavitaen, bhavuk upanyas, aur dukhi films dekhna bhe pasand hai.

Prem dimag mein jatil vabnao ko late hai. Ush vyakti ke saath pyar mein padn a jo aapake liye sahi hai, duniya ki sabse ache bhavnaon mein se ek hai. Aur isko safal karne ke liye apko Mohabbat pane ya hasil krne ki dua ki adat karna uchit hai. Ye sirf ek dua nahi, apke pyar ki jeet ke liye ek chabikathi hai.

Yadi aap cahate hain aapka premi jaldi hi aapke pyar main pagal ho jaye, to aapko Molana ji se sampark krna cahiye. Molana Ji aapke pyar ko kuch hi samay main aapke paas laa denge. Intajaar naa kren abhi contact kren.

Mohabbat Pane Ya Hasil Karne Ki Dua ko kaise perform karen

Kisi ko pyar karna ya kisi se pyaar karaana aapke liye islaam mein haraam nahin hai jab tak ki aap ise shaadi ke iraade se nahin karte. yadi aap kisi se bahut pyaar karte hain aur aap apne baaki dino ko uske saath uski baaho mai bitaana chaahate hain to aapko kisi se pyaar karane ke liye Mohabbat pane ya hasil karne ki dua karni chahiye.

Dua karne ke liye, aapko sahi tareeke se dua karne ki prakriya ka paalan karna chahiye. kisi ko aapse pyaar karane ke liye dua neeche dee gaee hai: –

Aap din mein kisi bhee samay is Mohabbat pane ya hasil karne ki dua ko padh sakate hain. bas aapko svachchh rahana chahiye aur sanyam ki isthiti mein rahna chahiye.

Mohabbat Pane Ya Hasil Karne Ki Dua

11 baar durood shareef ka paath karen.

1000 baar “allaah hus samad” ka paath karen.

“اللہ حسین صمد” 1000 مرتبہ تلاوت کریں۔

Durood shareef ko 11 baar yaad karen.

11 بار درود شریف حفظ کریں۔

Ant mein, allaah taala ko apne ichchhit vyakti ke dil mein pyaar paida karane ke liye dua karen.

Keval 21 dino mein insha allaah, vah vyakti aapke liye apna pyaar kabool karane ke liye aapake paas aaega.

Yadi aapko koi parinaam nahin milta hai, to aap 41 dino ke liye dua jaaree rakhen. aapko nishchit roop se sakaaraatmak parinaam milenge.


Precautions Mohabbat Pane Ya Hasil Karne Ki Dua

Isliye, yadi aap apane priye vyakti se milne ka sabase accha tareeka aazama rahe hain, lekin shuroo karne ka uchit tareeka nahin khoj sakate hain, to nishchit roop se aapako dua ya wazeefa ke liye kisi pryojan ke saath punarmilan ke liye praarthana karni chahiye. lekin Mohabbat pane ya hasil karne ki dua sunane ke samay, aapko isse vaanchhit parinaam praapt karane ke liye aavashyak saavadhaaniyon ka paalan karna hoga. jin savadhaniyon ka palan awyshak roop se kiya jana chahie, jo ki neeche btaaye gye hain –

Aapko dua padhaane se pahale aur baad mein 11 baar durood shareef padhaana chahiye.

aapko har sabd ka spasht roop se pathan karna chahiye. dua ke shabdon ke kisi bhee tarah kee galat path karne se aapko koi prabhaav nahi padega.

Aapko allaah mein ek nischchit vishvaas rakhana chahiye. islaami vishwaas mein, yadi aap sarb shaktimaan allaah mein ek majaboot vishvaas rakhte hain, to aapke liye kuch bhi asambhaabb nahin hai.

Aap uchit maanshik samarpan aur apne dil ke andar allaah par vishvaas karke rojaana 5 baar namaaj padhe.

Yadi aap dua ya Wazifa ke liye kisi pryojan se poore dil se saavadhaaniyon ke saath punarmilan ke liye Praathna karate hain to aapako nishchit roop se bahut jald mn vaanchhit parinaam praapt hoga aur aap jis vyakti se pyaar karte hain uske sampark mein rah payenge. Mohabbat pane ya hasil karne ki dua nischit roop se apko bahut madat karega.

Pyaar ek ehasaas hai jo har din badhata hai. aapako uske saath pyaar mein padne ke liye kisi ke prati aakarshit hone kee aavashyakata hai. isliye, yadi aap chaahate hain ki koi vyakti aapke baare mein paagal ho jae to ameen kuchh saal lag sakate hain.

Lekin, yadi aap aakarshan ke liye surah ke saath apne sambandh shuroo karate hain, to ve Mohabbat pane ya hasil karne ki dua kar sakate hain. aap vaastav mein har din aakarshan ke liye sura ka upyog karke kisi ko apni trf or aakarshit kar sakate hain.

Mohabbat Pane Ya Hasil Karne Ki Duas

Aakarshan ke liye sura din-raat ek vishisht vyakti aapake baare mein sochega. ve kisi bhee cheez par dhyaan kendrit nahin kar payenge. vah vyakti aapake baare mein sapane dekhana shuroo kar dega aur aapake saath apane jeevan ki yojna bnana shuroo kar dega.

Apne Pyar Ko Hasil Karne Ki Dua

Mohabbat ek ehsaas hai jisme koi bhi premi nakaami bardaash nahi kar sakta. wo har sambhav pryaas karta hai ki ushe uski mhobbat ushe haasil ho. Aur jab kisi Aashiq ko uski Mhoabaat haasil nhi hoti hai to vah vyakti gum se bhar jaata hai aur khudkusi karne ka bhi pryaas kartaa hain.

Agr Aap kisi se pyar karte hai aur usne aapke pyar ko inkaar kar diya hai to aap udaas na ho. Aap Mohabbat ko paane ki dua ka pryog kariye. Insha Allah aapki muraad jald puri hogi.

Kya aapako koi pasand hai? kya aap chaahate hain ki vah vyakti bhi aapse pyaar kare? kya aap kisi vyakti ke dil mein aapke liye bhavnao ko paida karana chaahate hain? kya aap unhe apne saath pyaar krana chahte hain aur phir usse shaadi karna chahte hain? to ‘agar haan’ to aapko kisi se pyaar krane ke liye dua karni chahiye.

Kisi ko hasil karne ki dua apki zaroor maadaat karegi isme. Ye dua aapke liye unke dil mein pyaar paida karegi aur wo aapke pyar mai Kho jayenge. vah aapke liye apni bhavnaao ko kabool karega aur jald se jald aapse shaadi karna chaahega. Isiliye, Mohabbat pane ya hasil karne ki dua apki bahut madat karega apko apke pyar ko hasil karne ke liye.

Mohabbat Ko Hasil Karne Ki Dua

Yadi aapko kisi par crush hai, lekin us vyakti ko iske baare mein koi sanket nahin hai aur aap us vyakti ko apne saath pyaar mein daalna chaahate hain, to apko mohabbaat ko hasil karne ka wazifa zaroor karna chaiyee.

Kisi ko aakarshit karne ki prakriya bahut jatil hai aur ise keval ek peshevar islaamic jyotishee ke maarg darshan mein kiya jaana chahiye. Mohabbat pane ya hasil karne ki dua aapka sahi maarg darshak hoga aur aapako apka pyaar zaroor milega.

Yadi aapke premi ne apko kisi kaaran se chhod diya hai, lekin aap use apne jeevan mein vaapas chaahate hain, to pyaar vaapas paane ki dua aapki madad karegi. Apne pyar ko hasil karne ki dua aapke premi ke dil mein un khoi hui bhavnao ko phir se paida karegi aur ushe vaapas bhi layega aur jald hi aap dono shaadi kar lege.

Pyaar vaapas paane ki dua un sabhi logo ke liye hai jo apne premi ke chale jaane ke baad bhi aage nahi badh paye hain. isliye, dua sune aur apne premi ko vaapas laye aur jeevan bhar unke saath rahe.

Kisi ko pyaar karna bura nahin hai, kisi ko aapse pyaar ho jaana haraam nahin hai lekin, keval agar yah shaadi ke iraade se kiya jaata hai. isliye shaadi ke iraade se hamesha kisi se pyaar karane ke liye Mohabbat pane ya hasil karne ki dua karen.

Islaam aapko ush vyakti se shaadi karni ki anumati deta hai jishe apne hamesha Chaha hai. to, kisi ke saath pyaar mein padna aur apne rishte ko haasil karne ke liye turant us vyakti se shaadi karna haraam nahin hai.

Kisi ko aakarshit karne aur use abhyaas karane kee prakriya ka pata lagaen aur jald hee vah vyakti aapke liye gir jaega. lekin, agar vah vyakti pahale se hee kisi ke saath shaamil hai ya kisi aur se shaadee kar raha hai to dua na Karen.

Yadi aapako kisi vyakti se pyaar mila hai, lekin aap unke liye achchhe nahin ho sakate hain. ab, jab aapane unhen kho diya hai, to aap use har samay yaad kar sakate hain. aisee sthiti mein, aap apane jeevan mein kisi ko vaapas laane ke liye Mohabbat pane ya hasil karne ki dua mein badal sakate hain.


Aisa maana jaata hai ki apane jeevan mein kisi ko vaapas paane kee dua mein ek vyakti ke liye doosare vyakti mein kshama aur prem kee bhaavana vikasit karane kee shakti hotee hai. Isliye, jab aap Mohabbat pane ya hasil karne ki dua ka upayog karenge, to aap us vyakti ke saath khoe hue bandhan ko phir se bana sakate hain.

Isake alaava Mohabbat pane ya hasil karne ki dua aapako sabhee kathin bhaavanaon ko door karane ka mauka detee hai aur bas ek baar phir se apane jeevan ko shuddh prem aur dekhabhaal se bhar detee hai. maasha allaah!

Best Famous Muslim Maulana or astrologer

 Aslam Walikum, My All Muslim brother and sister, if you search Best Famous Muslim Maulana or astrologer in the world, then the answer is simple our Molana ji is the best molvi in the world with no doubt. 

Some of you may not be happy with your love life. Each person has expectations with their partners. Each person has in their life a desire to be get loved and cared for. Everything must become happy in their life all they want. In love lives, everyone has their ups and downs.

So, when you consult Molana ji regarding your love life, he will definitely help you out and provide his blessing so you can achieve whatever you are willing to get in life., it will ease all the disruptions in your love life so that in the future you can settle with your dream love partner. You can easily consult with the molana Ji to solve your problems so that you can live a happier life if you want to defeat someone in order to gain your love.

In all life these days, Islamic astrology plays a crucial role. Since a while ago, human beings have been continually involved in understanding their future forecasts. All need to understand horoscopes from trained astrologers and to grasp what they want to do in the future.

Muslim Astrologer In UK

If it is an honest problem, they will be notified by knowing it and can take good advantage of it before it really disappears in the future. On the other hand, if there is a nasty occurrence, they would have to take all the appropriate steps to probably stop the plan for this risky incident in the future.

However, astrology based on correct forecasts is not an easy art and it takes a professional, you can consult with the Best Famous Muslim Maulana or astrologer, who is able to analyse astrological matters well and can make predictions that are almost true or specifically unthinkable.

A famous most famous maulana in the world is the greatest astrologer in the world and he is the most famous trustable person in the world.

The Muslim astrologer Moulana Ji is the world of astrology with his remarkable name.

One thing he talks about astrology was that in our country and by uncountable people

Astrology has been studied for thousands of years.

We appear to have started to use astrology for discovering answers about life or to pursue solutions to the problems that we face or will potentially face in the future.

Astrology is an associate degree part of Islamic philosophy.

Best Famous Maulana In The World 2022

Life is fraught with ups and downs. Perhaps the difficulties are more due to entities who are jealous of us. They’re going to have bad intentions towards us. This is why we don’t have the desired success in our lives.

If you, too, find like you face many challenges in your personal and working life, it’s time to contact Maulana Ji, He’s a person who can easily help you tide the rough patch. First, he will listen to your problems, expert Maulana. Then he’ll come to the root cause of the problem with his blessings to resolve your problems. But only the Best Famous Muslim Maulana or astrologer has to be approached. Because Astrology is one of the most difficult things. These rituals can only be performed correctly by a maulana Ji with years of practice.

Best Famous Maulana in the UK

You live in the United Kingdom, and you respect someone? But this person doesn’t take care of you? Then it’s time to contact Molvi Ji UK. He is one of the greatest consultants on all sorts of marriage and matrimonial issues. For e.g., it is time to contact molvi ji if someone is bothering you in the UK. molvi Ji can help you solve all sorts of problems with his mantra and tantra.

First of all, he shall take all the knowledge about the troubler or your affection.

He will then use his blessings and rituals to help you get the things in life that you desire.

For several years, molvi Ji UK studied Islamic lessons, philosophy, guidance.

Also, He has been trained by specialists in this area of astrology.

You should believe Molvi Ji, regardless of whether it is your ex-lover or your partner.

But only if you don’t want to hurt others can you produce the best performance.

Also, Molvi Ji is really peculiar because he doesn’t want to bother the innocent.

Make sure you don’t want to make the wrong stuff out of his control.

If you truly believe in Allah then only, he will go to help you out with your problems.

Best Famous Maulana in the USA

In the USA, you are bound to meet people from various countries. Best Famous Muslim Maulana or astrologer, if you are really facing difficulties in life and want to seek the right guidance from Allah. You can contact the molanaji he will guide you with his blessings and tell you what to do and what to not. He is the only person who is going to understand you truly, so believe in that Allah and have patience and consult the Best Famous Muslim Maulana or astrologer to seek help.

Two approaches to Molviji are always available to help the peoples. The first one is talking. You’ve got to tell him all of your chat issues. Then the chat solution will be given. The second way is on the telephone. All the answers are given on the call. Therefore, you don’t have to come to any other location in the United States because expert Molvi Ji in the USA can support you both on the phone and in conversation.

In the USA, molvi Ji is thoroughly familiar with the right rituals and other forms of tantra and mantra. He can verify the exact explanation for the error. He would afterward give the dilemma a solution. First of all, the protocol to be followed will be said. Next, he would know how to help the operation. Molvi Ji would have to take those procedures. Only then can you get the answers you expect. But you must be frank with molvi Ji for all this. Do not threaten to trick him and he is able to realize who lies and tells the truth.

Best Famous Maulana In The World

If there are many issues between partners love relationships are very dominant to deal with. Both people must realize that they are fortunate if they have loved ones in their lives. It is also important for everyone to deal with their love life. There are also plenty of these couples who prefer to be helped by a love expert. This is critical because it is one of the key solutions for making life easier for an individual.

This is critical because it is one of the key solutions for making life easier for an individual. The solution to the love dilemma in India has allowed even more couples to establish friendly ties by offering a solution to them. For a person to desire better things to improve their relationship, that’s really necessary.

Vashikaran specialist in USA

With the help of the Best Famous Muslim Maulana or astrologer he can help you out through your love life with the help of Astrology, it is really important to accept the love dilemma solution.

Some stuff has proved competence in solutions for the love professional Molvi.

For any love issues, he will carry out procedures.

He will help you, for example, restore lost love and strengthen life in love, and plan for marriage.

He will also help you handle your wife. He will help to shift your wife’s heart in order to treat you respectfully.

He will definitely understand first about the issue of love specialist Molvi.

If a couple has problems or someone else is the root cause of the problem. Islamic vashikaran specialist, He will then spend his attention on intent. He would use the dark force of his magic to help him solve any challenge in his love life.

Our astrology is something really important for a person whose partnership needs to be very useful. However, everybody has to live with their loved one unreservedly; it is really an incredibly necessary mission.

This makes it constantly essential for individuals to take the issue of love online free of charge. This is critical for a person because it is the sole direction that leads as far as possible across a challenge. Anyone who has to contact a professional in a love marriage should be searching for a solution to the marriage issue.


Love is an extremely or unbelievably strong term. When you’re in love, you want to be in somebody’s company or in relationship for forever, and when you’re not, you’re embraced known wisdom about being together and you need such an important person in your life to feel complete.

When you are in love you feel and wish to share your whole lives with the one you want or love most or to spend a single moment with each other. But it is only in life, or in love marriage, that the consequences or the dispute occurs, to resolve the problems and want to that the person is good for you or not you can consult with the Best Famous Muslim Maulana or astrologer to seek serious help.

The Best Famous Muslim Maulana or astrologer has a great reputation for his field of Muslim Astrology, or for his richness and skill in settling the implications and conflicts of the people in all aspects of Muslim Astrology. The Muslim astrologer also specializes in solving problems of love marriage.

Thus, the maulana ji is able to solve several problems. He has a secure and easy way to address the problems that tend and create an obstacle to your love marriages. He has several years of experience, better advice, and a better way to function. By Best Famous Muslim Maulana or astrologer you will boost your desires and get rid of your issues for marriage by praying to Allah for love.

Get Istikhara Dua for love marriage

 Loving someone and getting loved is the kindest feeling anyone can ever experience, but it is very difficult to get the best compatible person who can love you, care for you as you do.

Then it becomes important to know that the person you want to be with, whether the person you have chosen, is right for you or not?  If you want to get the best assurance that the person you have chosen is the right one you want to live your life with then, try this Istikhara Dua for love marriage, it will help you to find out your true love and weather your lover is the right person for you or not.

How to perform Istikhara for love marriage?

Love marriage is gorgeous if you believe in it. You should live your life with the one you love and have a life partner who understands you better than anyone else does. Somebody needs you to be grateful; he or she would do anything to make you happier. He or she will position you first, but after all this, you are in trouble to find yourself whether you are going to be married for love or not.

Islamic Molvi Ji, or any astrologer, will therefore help you to understand do Istikhara for marriage proper laws. If you start performing Istikhara Dua for love marriage, then Allah will guide you to the right path for your love marriage., You will see a good outcome in a few days if you follow the correct rules while performing the Dua.

Your wedding wish will be met. But when you’re concerned about your partner, whether the person is right for you or not, Dua will fix all the problems for easy marriage. It helps to marry a great partner in life and help you be happy and live a healthier life.

In this respect, Allah is the only savior if you face any trouble with your love marriage. If you truly pray to Allah, then the almighty will help you to get the best suitable life partner for your life. So, to be married easily, follow Istikhara Dua for love marriage with proper rules, and maintain faith in Allah. You will get married with your true love shortly in Sha Allah, by the blessing of the Almighty Allah.

The procedure is:

Recite Durood Shareef for 5 times a day after Namaz.

Recite Surah Fatiha any 3 times with Namaz.

Before going to bed, recite this dua just 1 time.

Ya Hameedu Tahmatta Bil Hamde Wal Hamdu Fi

Istikhara for a wedding of passion is one of the easiest places to do it. Istikhara is the best thing to do, and Allah Almighty leads himself in the right direction.

You have to just believe in Allah and perform the Istikhara Dua for love marriage to know that the person with whom you are going to marry is best for you or not. To fulfill your dream, you must fight with every circumstance. Also, Dua will allow you to marry your true love.

What is Istikhara?

Many people don’t know what is Istikhara? They may have heard this particular word a hundred times but in their daily life, but still, they are not sure of what it means. Istikhara is ” to seek goodness from Almighty ALLAH.” When anyone makes it, he/she gets a message from Allah personally, and how complicated this query may be.

It doesn’t matter. Istikhara is typically used for many items such as marriage, business, cash problems, etc. You must randomly pick Istikhara if you want to make your life delicious. The term Istikhara says clearly that Allah must lead you to the right kind of work or deed.

Often people believe their visions as God’s answers. Dreams compose, moreover, often of our thinking, goals, and so on, which we already understand. Sometimes these visions/thoughts are mistaken for the words of Allah.

During the marriage, people ask their families to do Istikhara when they are married. But the man and the girl get married, the only people in this marriage. So Istikhara should be finished by itself. We are told to ask Allah for an acceptable living companion from an early age; this is indeed a kind of Istikhara. So again, the guy and girl should do Istikhara. It is necessary.

If two people have dreams which contradict each other, the meaning may be the same but mistaken. Be sure you can’t get from Allah two separate responses; this is an inconsistency in our understanding. That is why the man and girl should pray and do not what others have to dream of; you should use istikhara Dua for someone you love and go with their gut feeling.

Istikhara for Love Marriage Problems

Marriage, which bound both spouses to always make each other’s promises through thick and thin time, is a holy connection between two souls. You cannot have a stable married life without a caring wife.

Istikhara Dua for marriage lets you decide whether the one you love could be right for you or bad for your future.

No one knows the truth except Allah Almighty, what is written in your future. Istikhara Dua for love marriage is a way of learning what Allah wishes for you.

So, you must decide with an open-heart whatever Allah does. With those who are wonderful for your good and well-being, Allah will always bless you.

Allah is the greatest almighty because if you believe him with the right intentions, he will fulfill all your wishes and prove the true blessings. to pay him respect, you should pray daily to Allah.

If the only almighty is with you, you won’t have any problems in your life. Quranic Dua, however, is the most successful and effective way to solve any issue in Islam.

Istikhara Dua For Love Marriage

You will get nobody until Allah sends you true guidance on what is for you in the future. You can face relationship-related difficulties in your love marriage; Marriage is something where too many questions occupy everybody’s mind when you intend on settling down in married life at that point of life.

Until you devote yourself to someone, you marry. Istikhara Dua for love marriage to know that the person you have chosen is right for you or not before getting engaged. No one knows what’s right for you both, except Allah. Istikhara would also relieve the stress because we live in a society in which our families don’t approve of our marriage of love.

In either scenario, if against your judgment, you do love marriage. Istikhara for marriage by name allows you to guard against potential embarrassment by saying whether this marriage is going to succeed in the future or not. Then, pick what Allah offers and save yourself from your parents’ and elders’ bad words.


Every person in the world, whether it’s a girl or a boy, has a dream of getting married to the love of their life. Marriage is the most beautiful moment of our life. Getting the right partner for your love might be difficult; you also love someone and want to know the person you love is cares for you or loves you.

You should probably follow the Istikhara Dua for love marriage. Yet you must sometimes face certain challenges to marry your true love. In married life, there are different types of challenges that you face. You can start to make a strong Istikhara Dua for marriage to better know the person is right for you or not.

But Allah is with his children, don’t worry if, for whatever reason, you will get married to your true love. The All-Mighty Allah is going to send a lovely boy or a girl, the most gifted and talented one. You will both live together after that and become a successful wife and husband. You need to find your life mate accurately if you plan to marry soon.

Dua For Love Marriage

 As-salamu Alaykum My All dear brother and sister, today we talk about Dua For Love Marriage. If you want Dua or Wazifa for a love marriage, then you are in the right place. 

Do you want to marry the love of your life? But, are you afraid that your parents or your partner’s parents won’t agree to the arrangement? If yes, then know you’re not alone. It happens to a lot of people. 

But don’t worry, you can solve your Marriage problem with the help of powerful dua or wazifa. Read This article carefully. Don’t miss anything if you want your desire one in your life.

We all need love in our life. It’s like oxygen for living our life. A person who can found the person he loves the most is one of the luckiest people ever. And the person loves you as well from the opposite. Then there is no better feeling than this.

Do you want to know what Islamic dua to performing to get married to the love of your life? If yes, then keep reading. Now you think, where is Dua for love marriage? 

Procedure to Perform Dua For Love Marriage in the following steps –

It is better to do Dua For Love Marriage after Isha Night Prayer.

Start by doing wudu.

Recite ‘Ya Allah Illallah” 100 times.

Read Dua given below on the image 100 times.

Now, Recite Surah Al-Fatiha (7) four times.

Finally, pray to Allah Tala for achieving in Dua for love marriage.

Wait for one week. You will get your dream proposal inshallah and solved your love marriage problem.

If you have any problem, then you can contact our Molana ji. If you are getting multiple marriage proposals and cannot discern who to marry, this will work.

But getting love marriage is not easy enough, and there are so many ups and downs that come in the way. If you try to marry the person you love with all your heart, make Dua For Love Marriage. This dua will help you.

Dua for love marraige

First, you take a bath.

Then recite Durood Sharif 10 times.

Then Recite verse (101-102) on Surah Taha.

Finally, recite Wazifa For Love Marriage given below on the image ten times.

Do this ritual for 1 Week. And remember with faith in Allah Tala. If you pray for the Wazifa For Love Marriage by all your heart with a holy intention, your prayer will be granted, and you will get married to your beloves person very soon.

You should keep in mind during performing this dua that this dua will work slowly. If you want an immediate result, you should contact Molana Ji. Don’t be confused. Just click on Consult With us button and contact Molana Ji. 

Wazifa for love marraige

If you want to marry the person you love the most and want to pray for the Dua For Love Marriage to make the way of your marriage smooth, then definitely you should follow some precautions regarding the dua –

You should pray for the Dua For Love Marriage only when you love the person with all your heart.

Your dua will be granted only when you pray with a pure heart with deep faith in Almighty Allah.

If you read this dua or wazifa with any wrong intention, then don’t do this.

If you want your lover back in your life, then we will recommend you Wazifa for love back.

Marriage with the person you love is a dream for every lover. Many people, want to get married to the person they love but always there be some obstacles to achieve it. If your parents against you then you recite this Dua To Convince Parents For Love Marriage 

If you see any problem with your lover, you can read this Dua To Make Someone Fall In Love With You. This will help you.

In our culture and society, our elders never agree with the words of ours. If a person says about their will to marry someone, then the parents can’t agree to it. But the use of this Dua For Love Marriage from the holy Quran will surely help you make everyone agree to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Surah for love marriage?

Surah Al-Fatiha (7) is the most Powerful Surah for love marriage mentioned in Quran. Surah Al-Fatiha (7) can Also be recited as an Islamic dua for love marriage. 

Here is The Procedure to perform Dua in a correct way –

First Recite Durood Sharif three times. 

After that, recite Surah Al-Fatiha (7) five times. 

At last, Pray to Allah (SWT) with a pure heart to succeed in a love marriage. 

Do this ritual for one week. 

Is there any dua or wazifa to make parents agree to a love marriage?

If you love someone and want to marry them, but your parents are still not agreed with you, you should use the Wazifa To Convince Parents For Love. This Wazifa will help you to make your parents agree with the decision of your love marriage.

What is an effective way to make a Wazifa for a love marriage?

If you are facing trouble to marry the person you love the most, then definitely you should pray for the Dua For Love Marriage recite ‘Ya Allah Illallah” 100 times after isha namaz after that read Al-Fatihah do this ritual for one week. after one week you will see your love marriage problem will be gone.

Is Wazifa for love marriage Haram?

Wazifa is not included in the Quran. According to the words of the Prophet, any inclusion inside Islam is strictly prohibited but still praying for Wazifa is not haram if you recite this by taking permission from our Molana.

Dua To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

 In Quran, there are many Dua To Make Someone Fall In Love With You. But We don’t know how to perform appropriately. So many other websites share Dua or Wazifa in their article, but they don’t provide an accurate way to achieve it. So here we Provide the Powerful Dua to make someone fall in love with you, So Read this Article carefully.

Islam is a religion of love and peace. It encourages love, which is why the Holy Quran is filled with scriptures and Dua for tackling all kinds of problems. It also talks in-depth about winning the love of someone you feel can be your soulmate. 

It’s normal to have a crush on someone every once in a while. But, when you find true love, you know it’s in your heart. But you are not sure about the opposite side has the same feelings or not. So, This Dua To Make Someone Fall In Love With You can be found helpful for you.

If you love someone and want that desired person to know how much you love them or want them to fall in love with you. Then this Dua Will be helpful for you.

Don’t skip any part of this article. If you miss any part of this article, then you will not know the proper procedure to perform the dua. If you do not perform properly, your dua will not be accepted.

Here is Dua To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Step by Step – 

Recite this Dua after Maghrib Evening Prayer.

First, clean yourself. (Wuzu)

Recite Durood Shareef by 11 times.

Now Recite Surah At-Tawbah Verse (19) fifty times.

After That, Recite Ayat given below on the image 50 times.

Finally, pray to Almighty Allah for that desired person to make fall in love with you.

You should follow the above process with all your heart for 7 days. If you follow all the steps, without any doubt, your prayer will be granted by almighty Allah, In Sha Allah. If you need any help, you can contact Molana ji.

Here is Dua To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Step by Step 

Procedure to Perform Dua to make someone love you –

It’s one of the easiest Dua to make someone love you mention below.

Before you begin, Take a shower. (WUDU)

Now Recite Surah Al-Hashr (10) Hundred Times.

Finally, Read DUROOD SHARIF Eight Times.

Do this ritual for one month to make that person love you again.

Remember to have faith in Allah Tala with a pure heart. You should keep in mind that performing this Dua to make someone love you will work slowly. If you want an immediate result, you should contact Molana ji.

Here is Wazifa To Make Someone Crazy In Love Step by Step – 

First, recite Ya wadudu 132 Times.

Then Recite “Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim” for 100 Times.

Now recite Surah-ar-Rahman (1-10) Ten times.

Finally, Pray to Allah SWT and Imagen that desired person you want to make crazy in love with you.

Do this Wazifa for regular 15 days. and pray to Allah to fulfill your wishes. After 15 days, you can expect changes in the desired man or woman. They will be crazy in love with you.

InshaAllah, with Allah’s blessings, you will see the effects of this Quranic Duas for making someone fall in love with you, which should become apparent in a couple of days.

Here is the most useful Dua to make someone love you madly –

The easiest way to make someone love you madly Start with Two Rakt of nafl. After that, you need to recite “Tanzeelam mimman khalaqal arda was samaawaatil ‘ulaa” 20 times on Friday, and inshallah, you will get the result by Monday. You will see that person will love you madly.

Precautions for Dua To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

Don’t tell anyone that you start this dua to make someone fall in love because this is very Paak (pure) Dua.

You should pray for this Dua For Marriage With a Loved One only when you have the intention to marry the person.

Have deep faith in Allah to get effective results.

You also need to make sure that you are performing Dua correctly.

If you want a quick effect, you should talk to Our Molana ji.

You can make anyone fall in love with you from these Duas. If an engagement fix of your boyfriend or girlfriend and you want to break this engagement at any cost, read this Dua to Break Up a Couple or Separate Two Persons.

Frequently asked questions

Is there any Surah to make someone fall in love with you?

Surah Al-Waqi’ah is the most Powerful Surah to make someone fall in love with you. If you want that desired person to love you, Then Here is the Procedure for that. First, do fresh wuzu. After that, recite Surah Al-Waqi’ah (1-5) Five times after Fajr Morning Prayer. At the last read (la ilaha illallah) three times. Do this ritual with faith in Almighty Allah. Within one week, That person will fall in love with you.

Is There any Surah to make someone love you?

You can simply perform Surah to make someone love you. First, you have to recite Surah Kafirun Ayat 1-6 facing at Mecca direction. Then take 99 names of Allah before going to sleep, and the very next day, you will see the effects of this ritual, and if you have any confusion, you can contact our Molana Ji for help.

Which Dua to make someone love you in 3 days?

Here you can perform Dua to make someone love you in 3 days in 3 easy steps –

Your body and mind should be clean.

After that, recite “Wa nazkuraka kaseeraa” 10 times, followed by Fazr namaz.

Then in the last read, Darood Sharif 3 times.

You will see the results of Dua to make someone love you within a week.

Is there any Dua to make someone talk to you again?

If you want dua to make someone talk to you again, Then First recite Surah Al-Fatiha verse (1 to 6) after Isha Nawaz, and don’t forget to imagine your love with a pure heart. Do this ritual for one week. Within one week, that person will talk to you again.

Islamic Dua for marriage proposal acceptance

 As-salamu Alaykum, my dear All brother and sister, we talk about Dua for marriage proposal acceptance today. Are you facing marital problems? Are you a girl who doesn’t get any acceptable marriage proposals? The oder are you a father nervous about your daughter’s engagement proposal?

The thought of marriage and starting a brand new chapter of life is certainly an exciting one. For some, it can bring on a storm of emotions ranging from happiness, anxiety, giddiness. But, for some, it can bring a lot of nervousness.

It usually happens when you want to get married to a specific someone. However, many of us are afraid to express our emotions and extend a marriage proposal. so now we share with you dua for marriage proposal acceptance

Here is Dua for marriage proposal acceptance Step by step –

This Dua will be more effective when you do after Fajr Morning Prayer.

First, you will clean yourself make wuzu.

Now recite Surah Ya-Sin 11 times.

Then recite Durood-sharif Ten times.

After that, Recite “Allahu Rabbi-la Shareeka-Lah”  72 times.

Do this Dua for three weeks. After three weeks, you should find the good results that you deserve.

Here is Dua for marriage proposal acceptance Step by step

Perhaps you also love that beautiful girl and want to marry her. But if you fear that for some reason- it may be financial, familial, or status-wise. If you fear your proposal will be rejected, then you need the help of Islamic wazifa. Do you want to know how to perform dua for getting your marriage proposal accepted? Then keep reading Wazifa For Immediate Marriage Proposal. 

Here is Wazifa For Immediate Marriage Proposal Step by Step –

Note This – Recite this wazifa after Zuhar (Duhr) Noon Prayer for best effects.

Do a fresh ablution And Sit in a quiet room.

After That Read Ayatul-Kursi  Verse (255) Eleven times.

Now Recite This Wazifa 500 times “ya Allah Hamid Ullah.”

Finally, Pray to Allah For an Immediate Marriage Proposal.

Repeat this process for 29 days. After 29 days, you will see the effects of this dua or wazifa, or if you want a quick and fast result, you can contact our Molana ji. Click on the consult with us button is given below.

Here is Wazifa For Immediate Marriage Proposal Step by Step

Important Note – 

Quranic Verse, Dua, and Wazifa must-read with correct pronunciation following the Islamic rules of reciting the Quran.

While making Dua begin with complete faith in Almighty Allah.

If you don’t know how to recite Quran with correct pronunciation, please learn a Qari/Qariyah first.

If anyone is not getting success after performing the Dua or you want quick results, contact our Molana ji immediately.

On the other hand, are you a young man who does not have enough riches and high pay and is looking for a proposal on marriage? Anyone who cares for ideas will take assistance from the wazifa. Follow the Dua for marriage proposal acceptance to see the immediate response. Also, read all the information given in the article to get all the crucial details regarding the Dua.

Wazifa or Dua for marriage proposal acceptance

If you consistently make Dua for marriage proposal acceptance to the Almighty, then you get the best proposal for your house within a short time. If a Muslim man wants to send any woman with a marriage proposal, the protocol is this. He can go alone or with any of her relatives to the women’s guardian and ask her hand.

Or perhaps someone else may be named in his name to go to the girl’s house and chat to her custodians. The girl’s permission will also be issued. You can consult with the maulana Ji regarding know the procedure to perform the Dua for marriage proposal acceptance.

Which dua helps to get your lost love back

Overcoming fear of rejection with Islamic wazifa Many times, so many people cannot marry the love of their life due to sheer nervousness or fear of rejection. These strong emotions can sometimes paralyze you and come in the way of your happiness.

Do not let that happen. Islamic Wazifa or Dua for marriage proposal acceptance By performing Islamic wazifa, not only do you increase your chances of acceptance by your loved one. But you also develop confidence in yourself. When you approach that girl of your dreams with confidence for marriage, she will automatically want to spend her life with you.

Wazifa for marriage proposal for girl

Why you should perform, this dua Love is the foundation of marriage. If you love someone, consider yourself lucky because that means you have a greater chance at a successful marriage, which many people cannot enjoy—wazifa for marriage proposal acceptance That is why, if you finally do find that someone special.

Do not let anyone or anything – even your doubt come in the way. One of the reasons you should perform this dua is that you shouldn’t let love slip away. Islamic Wazifa or Dua for marriage proposal acceptance and because you deserve love, happiness, and successful marriage. All of which are essential for a happy and purposeful life.

Dua for marriage with a loved one

Talk to our molvi Saab If you run into any questions or doubts or simply feeling unconfident. Then do get in touch with us, and we will get you connected to our Molvi Saab. His guidance will light your path towards a successful dua. 

He will also tell you specific things about performing dua accurately and how to remove doubt from your heart while performing any dua so that it’s more effective.

You will make the simple and efficient wazifa for proposals for children, listed below if you are bothered about your marriage. Follow the Dua for marriage proposal acceptance to see the results in just a few days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There any Surah for marriage proposal acceptance?

If you want your marriage proposal acceptance soon and you need surah for this, then you are in the right place. First of all, Recite Surah Yasin three times. After that, recite Verse No.14 of Surah Tauba. Finally, read any five names of Almighty Allah. Do this ritual for six days with faith in Allah SWT. You will get your desired results in Six-Day.

I don’t know why there is always problem comes when it comes to my marriage please tell which Dua can help me out?

Do not worry. In this case, you can perform Dua to get married soon. It will give you effective results, but you can contact our Maulana ji. He will help you in the best Islamic ways.

Is there any dua for love marriage?

Yes, there are many dua for love marriage. You can perform Powerful Dua for love marriage for someone you love. The Surah Al Ahzab recited thirty-three times would be good to get a fortunate answer from Allah.

I want to get married, but there is always a negative response from the opposite side, and there are always obstacles when it comes to my marriage. Which Dua can help me?

Okay, so in that case, you can read the Dua that is mention above. Do it with all the instructions, but contact our maulana ji directly, clicking on consult us on whatsapp if you want quick effects. 

Islamic Dua To Get Your True Love Back


Do you find it hard to live without your true love? Are you dreaming of their love? Do you want them to come back to your life and be in a relationship with you? Then you need to perform Powerful Dua To Get Your True Love Back.
Sometimes the spark and love between two people are interrupted, and one person decides not to have a relationship anymore. This can leave a big hole in the other person’s life who considered them to be their true love. But, you don’t need to worry. Performing this Dua will ignite that dead spark and revive your lost love and relationship. dua to make someone love you back
Usually, after some time, we do not pay any attention to our companion, to our love. This can create a vast distance between you and your partner as time passes. Also, it’s not easy to win a person’s love back after we lose it. What we need is the most powerful Dua for love back. Also, you can contact Molana Ji for further detailed information regarding this Dua.

Here is Dua To Get Your True Love Back Step by Step –

If you want your dua to get effective results, then you recite this dua After Asar Afternoon Prayer.
Make fresh wuzu ( Clean yourself )
After that, read Durood Shareef 11 times.
Then read Astagfirullah 97 times.
After that read Surah Muzammil  5 times.
Then read this Dua To Get Your True Love Back Fifty Times –
Allahhuma munzialal-kitaabii
Perform this dua for three days. You will see the effects after three days.
Here is Procedure to Perform Dua To Get Your True Love Back Step by Step
The only way to get your love back is to follow the – Dua To Get Your True Love Back. Also, it is advised that read all information given in the article to know what to do and what to not.

Powerful wazifa and dua to get your true love back

This dua is supposed to be quite effective and the most powerful tool in your arsenal. By doing it in the right way and by believing in the power of dua, you can get anyone to come back in your life. Dua for getting loved one Living life without your true love can feel like a curse. It can take away the motivation for you to lead a peaceful, content, and happy life. 
This Dua will get your true love will work like magic. And you will see your true love coming back to you in no time. dua to put love in someone’s heart
All you need to do is find and talk to a Molvi Saab and discuss your problem or situation with them. Our Molvi saab will take care of the rest.

Power of Taweez and dua that will get your love back

By contacting a knowledgeable and experience molvi Saab. Islamic Dua To Get Your True Love Back, You can wear and recite a taweez. And that will help you get your love back. The powerful dua is written on the taweez by our solvi Saab. It’s supposed to be very strong. All you have to do is recite it with belief and pure intentions of love. surah to make someone love you
You can wear this taweez either on your forearms or around the neck. But, remember it keep it under your pillow at night while sleeping. Also, make sure to perform this dua and wear this taweez with the intention of marriage or nikah. If those are not your intentions, then dua might not work. dua to make someone miss you

Surah To Get Your True Love Back

Love is an integral part of everyone’s life. Nobody wants to sacrifice their affection and love. And every person knows that it’s not easy to get real love. People devote their whole lives, but they are still unable to get true love.
That’s why no one wishes to sacrifice their true love. Yet, some people sacrifice their love. And after realizing what they have loosened, they look for the solution to get back their love. Here is an Islamic Dua To Get Your True Love Back, which will help you go back to your love.
How To Perform Islamic Dua For Getting True Love Back Step by Step –
This dua will work like magic in reviving your lost and dead relationship. But, you will have to show dedication to perform this dua. Here’s how you can do it
Grab a glass of water.
Then Keep it in front of you
Hold the taweez in your hand.
Now recite this Dua For Getting True Love Back 300 times.
Ruksar e Noor, Ilham durum Ulham ismil
After that, blow the taweez on the water.
Now drink this water.
Remember Allah Tallah and beg for his blessings.
How To Perform Islamic Dua For Getting True Love Back Step by Step 
Remember to perform this dua for at least 21 days. Islamic Dua To Get Your True Love Back If you cannot perform this dua with dedication, then there’s no chance that your love will come back to you. It’s also important to talk to our molvi Saab to discuss all the important things around performing this dua to make it more powerful. powerful dua for lost love

Wazifa for Lost Love Back

With the help of Allah Tallah and with the power of our taweez and your dedication, Insha Allah, your love will come rushing back to you in no time. It would help if you had the utmost and undying faith. dua for boyfriend love back
Most people today experience emptiness in their lives because we tend not to get the attention of the particular person whom we tend to crave or want. We seem to lose our lovers or partner equally due to misinterpretation and certain disputes, and we find ourselves alone. Follow the Islamic Dua To Get Your True Love Back in just a few days.
Frequently Asked Questions
Which Surah To Get Your True Love Back?
If you want your true love back again in your life, then Recite Surah Al-Waqi’ah Verse (5) For Five-time With pure intention. When you recite this Surah, Remember your love by heart. Pray to Allah SWT for your love back.
Is there any Dua to make someone love you?
Yes, there is a Dua to make someone fall in love with you which will help you get your love in just a few days, but you have to perform this Dua with all precautions.
My partner is not talking to me for one month, which dua to bring him back?
If your partner is not talking to you and you won’t bring him back, this dua will help you recite Surah Al Fath after Fajar Namaz for one week. You don’t have to worry. Trust in Allah Tala, your partner again, talk to you, and you will bring him back.
I want my partner to love me madly and always think about me. Which dua can help me?
If you want your partner to love you like mad, you can perform this Dua to make someone mad in love with you. This dua will help you out.

Dua for lost love back

 Love is a beautiful feeling that no one actually can defined ever. If you love someone by your heart you know it feels when you are in love. But loving someone is not always been enough. In corner of your heart, you do want to get loved and expect the same love that you have shown to your partner. But your expectation might get destroyed when your partner ends up on you and leave you abundant.

It is the worst feeling anyone can ever experience. But don’t worry, Allah is everywhere, and he will take care for you. What you need to do is believe in him and follow the Dua for lost love back, it will help you to get your old love back.

You recently had a breakup and now you are very much missing your partner? Are you thinking anything about how can you get back your love again? You will get them back if you had a chance? If you are looking for how to get your ex-love back, you must take the assistance of the Dua for lost love back to restore your lost love again.

This is the ultimate solution to create and plan your partner’s feelings of love and forgiveness. A lot of people in the world have lost their companion because of the misunderstandings that they had and want to get back once again. Dua will help you in doing this. You can contact maulana Ji to get more detailed information on how you can get your love back.

You must seek  help of a Dua for lost love back to return to your loves if you feel guilty after breaking up with your love. After performing the Dua for lost love back, in a few days, you’ll see improvements in your partner’s actions and the way they begin to offer you meaning.

Inshallah, they’d continue to value you and pay attention to you, too. Also, it is advised that read all the given information below to get all the details procedure to follow the Dua. If you still make some mistakes and want to seek help with the maulana Ji, you can easily contact him for the blessings and pieces of information if required.

What are the main reasons due to which you lost your love?

It’s really hard to meet someone you love that much and he/she loves you as well. Especially in today’s period, since for the present generation, the definition of love has changed, love for them does not refer to others but only to their pleasure. Here are some major problems due to which you lost your true love.

Short of communication: As communication is one of the important factors that leads to long-term relationships. But if there is somewhere lacking this connection. Then it’s pretty obvious. It will generate certain difficulties, such as recurrent quarrels and even misunderstandings. As a consequence, the friendship has a negative effect.

Distrust: The other reason you are losing love in your lives because of the distance between your friendship bond. it all happens only due to the problems of faith. You don’t believe your lover anymore. Then it’s so certain he will abandon you and the relationship you live in.

Lack of love: love is important in life. In the same way, friendship is equally essential. If you are a friend or husband or wife. If your lover thinks, however, that you can’t give the affection he wants to him. He wishes to abandon you, then sure. You can get ex back, though, by singing that our love astrologer can give.

Procedure to follow Dua for love

If you like somebody, but you are hesitant to accept your emotions, then you will have to confront them with many difficulties to fight for your love. Follow Dua for lost love back You will find that they had started to get attracted to you and show you the signals they want you truly

Follow the ritual given below to follow the Dua to get lost love back:

Make fresh wuzu.

Recite Durood E Shareef thrice.

اس کے بعد “یا ودود یا رحیفو یا رحیمو” 101 مرتبہ تلاوت کریں اور اس کے چہرے کا تصور کریں جس کو آپ واپس لانا چاہتے ہیں۔

After this recite “Ya Wadud Ya Raheefu Ya Raheeemu” 101 times and imagine the face of the one you wish to bring back.

In the end, recite Salawat.

Precautions while performing dua

Follow the Qur’anic Wazifa to create a friendship and get your lost love back. You must be vigilant whether you try to sever the friendship with someone or wish to take vengeance on you to leave. Do not attempt for this solution to meet your greedy desires.

With the aid of the Dua for lost love back, any form of friendship or marriage problems can be resolve to restore affection as it was before.

If your marriage life is passion free and affection free, then read this Dua for lost love back and know how to fix the problems and get back to your old love.

Inshallah, your romantic life continues to thrive with adoration and your partner even begins to regard you with respect.

Strong Dua to get back love

It is hard to live without your love, it was a time when you loved a person but when it came for your turn to get loved, they are not sure, but this is the time you have to patience follow the Dua for lost love back, to get the love you are dreamed of. You’re may have multiple emotional ups and downs at the moment when your partner leaves you. You can’t bear suffering from another girl or guy, just like your boyfriend or girlfriend.

If you tried everything to persuade your wife to come back to life, but you do not succeed, so the only way out of this is for Wazifa to bring back lost love. This spell can compel your beloved person to return to you with 100% assurance. This is the most powerful Dua you can use to produce immediate outcomes. But it doesn’t seem so easy. You have to look at certain facets of the rules. Wazifa to contact anyone

The strong Dua for lost love back allows you to change your lover’s heart and thinking and clarifies all the misunderstandings and misunderstandings surrounding your relationship. So, you will soon see the love in your life without fear of getting away from you, just recite the Dua for lost love back and Insha Allah. Don’t lose the confidence.

Recite it in the heart with correct intent and purity. Allah, in truth, is well conscious of your situation and the All-Powerful can only send you the stuff which will strengthen you.

You must get the support of our experienced and competent Molvi Ji. In this respect. – In this respect. He will explain to you how to bring love back and Insha Allah, and you won’t make any error in it with his advice. Therefore, ensure your devotion is perfect. Do this until you are 100% confident about your relationship with him and want to marry him/her.

Dua for getting lost love back

Many lovers had a love dilemma because a lover did not get beautiful desired love many times due to many issues. We see a lot of time that Islam is a path back to lust, like Dua/Wazifa/amal/taweez. You should follow the Dua to get back your love life.

In our hearts will be born love feelings. In this country, live performance is the most important thing today. You can use the below Dua as a lover for someone you love and be sure if you recite the Dua of the Quran every 100 times a day then you are sure your lover returns very soon after a few days.

How to Make your Ex-love back

In our lives, what we normally suppose doesn’t usually happen. Like you suffer from sorrow in your life because your love has been destroyed.

Then Dua is the key explanation for it You must be separated from your beloved, we promise that you will flee in the next future and send your lover back to you… But to return your lost love with the love and devotion in your life again. We give you the most efficient tips. Not only does this help you win the heart of your lover. Although even the odds of love are improved


Losing long term romantic affairs nowadays seems to be a widespread concern. The primary explanation for such difficulties lies in the circumstances in which we build relationships. You can get your lover back with the help of Dua for lost love back. Often these difficulties arise due to the rejection of partnerships by the organization or relative. As long as we trap you, we have not enough confidence in our loving partner in a very bad situation. In most marriages, it is normal that we do not love and respect our mate.

Strong Wazifa or Dua for lost love back, it works in real life. This trick is very successful and your love will return easily. Dua or Wazifa are well-known to improve the true friendship between the two spouses. The two parties must have a central relationship and this is used to define issues. 

Wazifa to bring wife back home


As-Salaam-Alaikum, my brother and sister today talk about Wazifa to bring wife back home. Marriage is one of the most beautiful experiences of life. I think we can all agree with it. That’s why it begins with a glorious celebration to set the tone right for the rest of your life. 

Unfortunately, sometimes people are not careful enough to respect the other individual and do their best to make the marriage successful. The relationship of marriage is like an investment. The more you invest in it, The more benefits you stand to reap with each passing day.

But, if some due to some misunderstanding or mistake, you ended up losing your wife and she decided to leave you, and you are now looking back at your decisions and repeating them, then don’t worry. There are always ways to make things work.

If you find yourself constantly missing your wife and want to bring her back into your life, this is the post for you. We also talk about dua to reunite husband and wife. So, read this till the end to know what kind of wazifa will help you win the Love of your life back and make her a part of your life all over again. Now we share Wazifa to bring wife back home.

Here is Wazifa to bring wife back home back Step by Step –

Note This – This wazifa to bring wife back can be performed at any hour of the day. You can also start it on any day of the week.

The wazifa involves offer salah five times as well as performing tajjud namaaz every day.

While performing this wazifa, make sure to perform wudu with clean water.

After this, recite Durood sharif seven times.

Once you are done reciting durood sharif, recite “Bismillah Al Ameen Illallah” 50 times 

Do this for a month and see the magic happen. If you want quick and fast results, then contact our Molana Aji.

Here is Wazifa to bring wife back home back Step by Step

Dua for the wife to come home. Do you love your wife, but your wife had left you due to those reasons/problems? Now that she’s your wife and you’re missing her? to get back your beloved wife, You can do the best Islamic Wazifa to bring your wife back home. 

If your wife doesn’t want to come to you anymore, you can carefully ask for help and perform the Wazifa. And for those husbands who loved their wife still, she left him alone. It would help if you went to the Dua For Wife To Come Back Home. It will work in just a few days, and you will see the result very soon. 

Here is Powerful Dua For Wife To Come Back Home Step by Step –

Take a bath and clean yourself. Make wudu.

Then recite Surah-ya-sin Verse No.55 eleven times.

Now take your wife’s photo and blow on it.

Finally, Recite Durood Sharif Fifteen times.

Do this following ritual for 15 days regularly by your pure heart and faith in Allah tala. Your wife comes back to you and loves you like before.

Here is Powerful Dua For Wife To Come Back Home Step by Step 

Did you fight with your wife, and that’s why your wife and your family have abandoned you? There are other reasons your wife could have abandoned you because she lost interest in you. There are many explanations why she has left you, but only that you want your wife to return to your home and your life. You now need a wife’s Dua to love her husband. We are 100% positive that this Dua for your wife will surely make you get back to her.

Dua to Stop Divorce 

Wazifa to bring wife back home, from the holy book Quran for the wife, will benefit you. It’s going to be your wife. You must know the essential shohar ka farz biwi ke liye in Islam before executing the wazifa and dua. You (a husband) are going to know the obligations through this post.

Online Dua For Wife Loves back.

The way this Dua works is based on the force of desire of yours and by Allah Tala’s blessings, also as the Prophet’s favorite blessing. These are the Islamic due’s ideas that make your wife love you. 

If you feel a growing divide between you and your partner and feel increasingly isolated, you will certainly be assisting our experts. Inside the guts of your wife, you can surely see a restoration of commitment for you and her family engagements. Woman’s Dua returns home. A husband/ wife to improve affection.

Dua for husband and wife to get back together

What to remember Love – everyone deserves it. It’s like a birthright. But, with every right comes certain responsibilities which we are often negligent about. Wazifa to bring wife back home 

If you have found your soulmate or are in an arranged marriage, dua for wife come back home, it’s important to treat the other person with respect. It’s often the lack of trust, respect, and understanding that usually makes a marriage fail. 

Powerful Wazifa to bring wife back home

Suppose you want this wazifa to work effectively—Wazifa to bring wife back home. Then have complete faith that Allah Tallah will listen to your prayers and will connect you with your soulmate all over again. This time, when you do connect with your wife, make sure to cherish her and the relationship that you share with her so you two can always be in love with each other.

Talk to our molvi Ji for further assistance.

If you want to seek the help of a professional or have any questions in need of answering, then we are here for you. Let us know, and we will connect you with our molvi Ji, who has a solution for all problems in life.

Frequently asked questions

I am facing many problems in my married life, and my wife will give me Divorce, and I want to save this relationship which Dua can help Me?

So, in that case, you can perform this Dua to Stop Divorce. This Dua will help you a lot. But if you want a quick result, you can consult with our maulana ji.

My wife is having an affair with someone, and I want her to love me back as before, so Which Dua can help me?

In that case, you can recite this Dua to reunite husband wife love do this Dua with all the instruction, and it will help you a lot, and if you want more details you can contact our maulana ji he will give you best Islamic Advice for your problems.

My wife is not talking to me for three months, and she also leaves home and start living with her parents, and I want her to come back. Can this Dua will help me?

Yes, the above Dua is very powerful. Do this with all the precautions, and it will show good results. And If you have any questions, you can directly ask our Maulana ji to assist you and help you out.