Dua To Create Love In Husband Heart

If you are lonely during this pandemic and need to feel your husband’s warmth bite, you are not feeling so, and you are also feeling occasionally that your spouse is distant from you during this pandemic. So In this article, we are sharing Dua To Create Love In Husband Heart.

If you feel so sad and very much helpless about it, you must remember that there is always Allah who is always there to help you. Problems like this can occur in marriage to commonly where you get used to each other to the point that you don’t even want to see the sight of your partner.

But this common occurrence can lead to serious trust issues and fights. So as a wife, you must know how to control this boringness between you and increase the love so that your relationship could last forever.

Normally, the household wife gets very scared when this kind of thing happened; they become helpless as their husbands are not paying attention to them. As a result, tend to choose silent treatment taking situations in their hand making it worse.

This is not a way to make your husband close to you, as your husband is still wondering what they did wrong. They didn’t realize the distance between you two; things take time. 

Here is Procedure To Perform Dua To Create Love In Husband Heart –

Note This – If you want good effects, you recite this dua after Zuhar (Duhr) Noon Prayer.

Firstly you have to be very clean and fresh before recite this dua.

Now recite Surah Taha (5) eleven times. 

Now take your husband’s cloth-like tie, t-shirt and blow on it.

Finally, recite Durood Sharif and Pray to Allah SWT to create love in your husband’s heart.

If you do this dua correctly, then you will see the effects in 1 week. It will create love in your husband’s heart.

Here is Dua for husband and wife to be together Step by Step –

Love is a complex emotion, and sometimes in marriage, we fail to keep the love alive . for any successful marriage, love, attention, attraction are needed. There are many dua to increase the love in your husband’s heart.

After the prayer of Insha, you should read any Durood Sharif 11 times.

Now Recite Verse (102) Surah Tauba Eleven Times.

Finally, Read Dua for husband and wife to be together “laa ilahaa ill-alllahu, walahu akbar” 50 times.

You will have to continue reciting this dua for three consecutive days. Try doing this dua in a place where nobody bothers you, like your room. Visualize the love you want and let Allah manifest it. With this Dua To Create Love In Husband Heart.

Here is Powerful Wazifa for husband and wife to get back together –

Love is an important part of anyone’s life; we need love to survive and feel happy. We need to love to share our lives with a partner and grow old. Love can happen anytime or anywhere in the course of life. It can come unexpectedly but also can leave at any time.

Losing love is extremely painful, and we always wish for the person to come back. Here is Wazifa for husband and wife to get back together –

Make wuzu and offer the prayers.

Recite durood e paak five times

Recite verse 36 of Surah Yasin with a bowl of water in front of you (after durood e paak)

Pray to Allah for blessing your marriage and increase the love, and after that, blow on the bowl of water.

Continue this ritual for eleven days, and then give the water to your husband to drink.

Do this for a week, and you will see the effects within a week.

Here is Powerful Wazifa for husband and wife to get back together

You need to make sure that you have a very calm and concentrated mind to avoid any mistakes.

People who are concerned should know the importance of the prayer and should be truly into it.

Before performing any dua and wazifa, you should know dua and wazifa works slowly.

If you want an immediate result, you should contact Maulana Ji; You can contact Maulana Ji by click on the consult with our button.

We guarantee that the wazifa will work within 15 days and, if not, break continuously for 15 days, and it will work wonders.

Dua to make husband love you

Dua, in simple terms, is prayer in the Muslim religion. Dua can be offered on various occasions for various purposes, but it should always be used with a pure heart. Dua To Create Love In Husband Heart.

Dua is very effective and ultimately leads to blessings. Dua is an Arabic word that means call someone, and in the context of Islam, dua is like a prayer offered to seek anything from the almighty Allah. Dua in a Muslim life is given very importantly because basically, it is communication with Allah. Dua To Create Love In Husband Heart.

Not only are you seeking the resolution to your problems but also connecting your life to Allah. Dua is the solution for any big or small problem. It is the way of life and holds immense significance in a Muslim’s life. Dua keeps us humbled and closer to the almighty. If your husband has an affair with some other woman, you can perform Dua For My Husband To Don’t Have A Second Wife.


We provide Dua To Create Love In Husband Heart in this article. Problems are everywhere; you must know how to handle them and how to save your family from any of the unseen barriers.

Regularly making dua and following the procedures will lead Allah to answer your prayers. Beg for mercy and pray with a good heart. Women’s dua for husband’s love will prove effective if made with a pure heart and good intentions. One should always make dua to stay closer to Allah the almighty.

Frequently Asked Question

Which Surah To Create Love In Husband Heart?

If you want to get closer to your husband, you can decide to recite Surah Ya-Sin seven times after fajr namaz. Do this ritual for one week. Within one week relationship between husband and wife will good.

How can I increase love in my husband’s heart?

Firstly you have to start this wazifa after Maghrib namaz as you have done. You can perform this Dua to increase love in your husband’s heart. This will give you good results.

My husband is with some other woman, and I want him to love me back, and which dua will help me?

You can do this powerful  Dua to stop my husband from having an affair. Do this with all precaution it will help you a lot, or if you want immediate results, you can contact our molvi Ji.



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