Day: December 6, 2021

Dua To Make The Impossible Happen


The world is full of miracles, and these miracles bolster the concept of hope and salvation. Miracles usually make the impossible happen, and due to this, it is always advised to never lose hope and fight for what you believe in unless it does not harm humanity.

Dua to make the impossible happen can also be employed or chanted by people who try their best every day, but their efforts end in failure. Dua has the power of creating a strong weapon that helps you fight with your troubles, and chanting the Dua to make the impossible happen can also bring success in your life.

Dua is the words that were chanted by Allah and are considered to be the jewels of humanity that can save humanity, and also, with the help of the shine of these jewels, Allah will lead people on the path of salvation.

Procedure to perform the Dua to make the impossible happen:

In order for the Dua to show its true value or true colours, it is advised to recite the Dua with utmost perfection and with a heart full of compassion.

It’s your humanitarian instincts that please Allah and not your materialistic offerings. If you have a pure heart, then Allah listens to your wishes, and moreover, God helps those who help themselves.

It is of utmost importance to perform Namaz five times a day. This has been mentioned in the holy Islamic book, called the Quran.

After performing Namaz, it is of utmost importance that you recite “Allah Tallah” at least 11 times.

Reciting “Allah Tallah” makes your heart compassionate and will help you overcome your vices in the long run.

After a powering session, it is only logical to chant the Dua to make impossible happen to none other than Allah.

Recitation of this Dua should be done with utmost delicacy and intricacy for maximum benefits.

Recite “Ya Illaha Illahlah” at least 100 times.

کم از کم 100 بار “یا اللہ اللہ اللہ” کی تلاوت کریں۔

Reciting this Dua will reach the ears of Allah if and only if your wishes or Dua are humanitarian.

The Dua to make the impossible happen should be recited in the Namaz room only.

Dua To Make The Impossible Happen

Precautions to Perform Dua to Make the Impossible Happen:

Do not let anybody know what you have wished for, except Allah Tallah.

The Dua or the Wazifa is of utmost importance; hence it should not be ridiculed.

Women should not recite this Dua to make the impossible happen if they have missed their periods and also should not recite the Dua during their menstrual cycle.

Stay hydrated while chanting the Dua.

After knowing the procedure and various precautions that should be taken while chanting the Dua to make the impossible happen, it is only logical to know more about Duas and their importance.

Dua To Make The Impossible Happen

Dua is an important part of the Islamic faith and belief. It is a way that helps people feel closer to Allah Tallah. As mentioned above, Dua is like jewels that shine on people who are lost and are in dire need of some bliss in their life.

Some benefits of Dua are as follows:

The greatest benefit of Dua is the fulfilment of those desires that could not be completed or achieved due to variegated reasons.

Dua is nothing but a gateway to Allah’s mercy.

Dua is very powerful, and if chanted in an appropriate way with all the intricacies, it might also change your Qadr(destiny).

As mentioned in the article above, Dua also fills your heart with compassion and humility.

Reciting Dua will result in Allah Tallah bestowing blessings on you and your family.

Do people also ask whether Dua can increase someone’s life? The answer is very simple. If a person believes in Dua and its variegated benefits, then he/she might live a prosperous life and, in turn, would increase their life expectancy. A dua which is suggested is to remember Allah, offer prayers or Namaz five times and then recite Dua-e-Astaghfar. Reciting this Dua will help you live a long life in Jannat.

Dua is considered to be the best form of worship. According to the Holy Prophet, Dua will always be the most important form of worship because it affirms a person’s belief in Tawheed or monotheism and will help him shun his belief in all other false gods. With the help of so many Duas and its compassionate recitation would deepen or strengthen the bond between Allah and his disciple.

This world is filled with many different kinds of people. Some are good, and some are sinister. If a person is really ashamed of his sins, he should beg for forgiveness and should promise Allah not to repeat his sins again. If the forgiveness comes from a heart full of compassion, then Allah listens to your Dua and might also forgive you. One should keep in mind that sins against humanity will not be tolerated by Allah.

Perform Dua to Make the Impossible Happen

Similar to the Dua of making the impossible happen, reciting surah will also help you achieve or get what you want. Surah Al-Fath is the Dua to get what you want. Surah Al-Fath means the Victory in getting what you want and is therefore highly advised and recommended by the Maulvis.

According to hadith, Ayat al-Kursi is the most powerful Surah and chanting that Surah will get you closer to Allah and will help you get back on the track of salvation.

People also ask Allah to do what they want. The formula for successfully getting what you want from Allah is very simple and straightforward.

One should always believe in the possibility of miracles taking place.

God helps those who help themselves. Take steps towards making your dream a reality and avoid any or all distractions from your life.

Recite various Duas or Surahs to ask Allah Tallah for help.

A verse from a holy book states that “Verily, Allah is more pleased with the repentance of His slave than a person who has his camel in a waterless desert carrying his provision of food and drink and it is lost.” One should always dedicate their lives to help humans and propagate a humanitarian message throughout the world.


Dua To Make Things Easy


We live in a world where things are difficult to come by. We’ll have to fight hard for this. Dua To Make Things Easy We don’t always get it quickly, even after putting in a lot of work. That’s either because of the conditions or because of our good fortune. Luck plays a significant role.

You may use Surah to simplify things. It’s a very productive process. Being a human being, it is only natural that we experience problems, that we encounter a dilemma, and that we want to solve it. You can also make a dua to make things easy. Nobody has a nice time all of the time. Life isn’t all about having a nice time and being happy. But it’s all about struggles, sorrows, and problems. Our main goal should be to get out of that bad situation.

You should keep in mind, You will not get results instantly because dua works slowly. If you want an immediate result, you should contact Molana Ji. Just click on Consult With us button and contact Molana Ji.

Powerful Dua To Make Things easy

However, it is impossible to resolve. Are you dissatisfied with what happens in your life? Are you tired of the bad things that have been happening in your life for a long time? Do you feel hopeless about it? If this is the case, there is only one thing you can do: pray a dua to make it happen.

We’ll show how can you use dua to make things easy and easier in this article. Many people believe that Quranic verses will help them heal their problems. We will provide you with a powerful solution to all of your problems here.

Procedure to perform dua to make things easy

Difficult times or poor periods are inevitable in our lives. No one on this planet hasn’t been through both good and bad times in their lives. When positive things happen in our lives, we all feel as if we are the happiest person on the planet.

Our holy book, the Quran, contains methods for resolving all problems. One of them is this surah, which contains a dua to make things easy and to happen. It simplifies our lives. You may ask Allah to forgive you for your sins and to ease or fully solve your problems after reciting this magical, powerful, Islamic dua to make things easy.

You will be able to bind your heart with Allah after making dua for good things to happen. Often, tell him about your issues and implore him to help you. Many people have benefited from reciting this Surah in their prayers. You may also use the dua that we have included below in your prayer.

To get good results as soon as possible, you actually need to read all of the Surah carefully and with great devotion and focus. This dua to make things happen is broken down into a few measures, and you must follow them exactly. It will work if used correctly.

Here’s how to recite this dua step by step to make something happen. Before you submit, make sure you read and follow all of the measures carefully.

Take a bath and clean yourself well.

Do wuddooh the right way.

Clean the area where you’ll be spreading your Janemaaz.

You should sit facing Qiblah with your janemaaz spread out in front of you.

Durood sharif should be read once.

Learn Surah Waqia now.

Now read Durood Sharif one more time.

Now, with all of your heart, strive to communicate with Allah and pray for his mercy on you.

Powerful Dua To Make The Impossible Happen

Precautions to perform dua to make things easy

Offer dua before or after prayer (salah), or wait until you are centered and not distracted during it.

Accept modesty, obedience, and assurance.

Don’t just repeat duas you don’t understand.

Speak in a clear, direct, and humble manner.

Begin each dua by invoking Allah’s name.

Recognize your faults and repent of your sins.

Also, pray for blessings for others.

Make no negative demands to others or to yourself.

Dua to Make Things Possible

To make dua, many people claim that. To achieve this, you must devote your entire attention and effort. Only then can Allah be satisfied with you. He will constantly check and assess you to see whether you have confidence or faith. To make it simpler, recite the best dua. Pray in the correct fashion. Whatever steps have been listed, make sure to follow them.

Read the Dua book in its entirety. Learn about the key reason for reading dua. Finally, but certainly not least, Trust in Allah completely; he has something positive in store for you. You can also reach out to our Molvi Sahab for fast performance. You will also be able to permanently fix all of your problems.

Powerful Best Dua for Making Things easy

Nothing is impossible for Allah! But that isn’t to say that we can’t ask Allah for anything that isn’t possible. We will not say, “Please, Allah, change the path of the light.” Suppose you want to fix a problem or bring about a change. Then we can still make dua to bring about improvement. We have a chance to get it with the aid of this. And if we put in the initiative, we will see rapid results.

Making Dua is also beneficial because it aids our efforts. As a result, I never pose a question that is beyond my comprehension. So, we ask for something that we still have a chance to get into but will take a lot of work.

Allah did not always respond to all of my Duas, but most of the time, I was surprised with unexpected benefits that came as a result of my hard work.

Best Dua for everything

If you’re tired of life’s mistakes and how they affect you, it’s time to improve your fortune. If you want to succeed in everything but are experiencing excessive delays, you should begin using the powerful dua for success in everything. This is the only option for those who have recently been dissatisfied with the way life has treated them. Continue reading if you want to alter the course of events and take charge of your own destiny.

If you want to attract a lot of capital, riches, and opportunities into your life, you can use the dua for wealth. It is the most successful way to draw financial benefits and opportunities in your company, as well as to increase the amount of money you have. Money isn’t bad in and of itself, but how you receive, it decides its value. You cannot gain money by doing haram things and claim to live a prosperous life. Obtaining financial resources to make money, on the other hand, is the proper way to do so.


These are the best Dua To Make Things Easy. If you really believe in Allah, no calamity, no amount of trials should be able to break your faith. Believe in Allah’s you will definitely get results.

Wazifa For Marriage In 20 days


Everyone wants to get married at the right time or the right age. This Wazifa For Marriage could be the most crucial decision in your life.

Getting someone’s love is all everyone wants to have someone in your life, who cares about you, loves you, knows everything you like and what you dislike. And choosing the right partner Is very important, and many people face problems after finding their life partner in getting married.

Here you will get all your solution related to how you can get married to your loved partner in just a few days. You can take the help of Wazifa For Marriage in 20 days, which will help you fulfill your dreams of getting married very soon. It is advised to read the whole article to get your solutions. If you still face any problems, you can contact maulana Ji to seek the best possible help soon.

Powerful Wazifa for Success in Love Marriage

The dream and wish of many people are to marry the love of your life. In today’s world, though, it is still hard to match the one you love without objecting. This Wazifa allows you to improve your marriage and eradicate your marriage-related problems.

In Islam, there are many remedies available to help you in the right way. You need to believe in the kindness of the almighty he will embrace you with all his blessing to resolve your problems.

Follow Wazifa For Marriage in 20 days if you want to marry the love of your life and face opposition from your parents and the community to your marriage. This is the most efficient Wazifa to speed up the process of marriage.

Sometimes things heat up, and get married earlier is the only way to protect against more pain. Contact Maulana Ji to know more about the Wazifa so you can easily follow and get married soon.

Procedure to Perform Wazifa for Marriage in 20 Days

First Do Wuzu (Ablution)

The beginning of Durood-e-Pak eleven times (11)

Then say ALLAH’s Lovely name, ‘yaa Lateefu’ 800 times (800). Pray with dignity.

Finish with Durood Shareef’s eleven (11) times.

Then please pray in your name with their mother’s name for your lover.

Do this wazifa for (20) days continuously. With the blessings of ALLAH, within twenty-one (21) days, you can achieve your goal. You are, therefore, thrilled to be married soon to your loved ones.

Precaution to perform Wazifa for Marriage in 20 Days

If you don’t know then, waizifa has no source given in the holy Quran; according to the tradition f the prophet, it warned to introduce any innovation, Islam.

Wazifa is not connected with any prophet traditions; contact maulana Ji to seek advice on whether you should adopt the Wazifa to resolve your problems.

It would be best to use the Wazifa only when you feel that your problem is beyond any solution and you need support to make your relationship successful.

While reciting the Wazifa, you should keep faith in Allah in your heart.

Wazifa for love marriage from Quran

Marrying your love partner is the divine thing everyone wants. And getting married to the person you love will be the most precious moment of your life. There are times you may face difficulties searching for the perfect life partner and sometimes convincing your parents too.

You can meet many troubles to get the solution you can follow the Dua also you should also contact maulana Ji to get the best helpful advice from maulana Ji to seek help. He will suggest you with all the necessary help you need.

Inshallah, your marriage process will be trouble-free, and you will very soon get the result. Inshallah, your parents will quickly become sure of marriage, and your nikah will soon happen.

This Wazifa is the most powerful Wazifa for marriage in 21 days if done with religion and honor. You will use this Wazifa to marry in 21 days if you have problems finding a suitable partner for your matrimony but cannot find any. This Wazifa draws acceptable marriage partners for you and helps you to get married with your love.

Best Wazifa For Marriage In 20 days

If you genuinely love someone and want to get married to your love only. Don’t worry. You can follow the Wazifa For Marriage in 20 days, and you’ll start seeing the result very soon.

If you believe in Allah and know he is there for you, he will bless you with his love and blessing. You’ll be soon able to marry your loved partner without facing troubles in your life. You can also ask Maulana Ji to suggest better advice so that you can get married very soon.

Even though you want to get marry and your loved partner also feels the same. But sometimes you face problems in convincing your parents. They don’t allow you sometimes to get a match to the person your love.

To resolve this, you can follow the Wazifa; it will help you convince your parents to allow your marriage soon. Allah is always there for you, knows everything that his children want, and differently, he will enable you to get married to the right life partner, who will care for you, love you unconditionally. So, believe in Allah and pray regularly, and you’ll see the results very soon.

Working Wazifa For Marriage In 20 days

Powerful and tested wazifa for love marriage

Perform evening namaz regularly

Before that, wash your hands and feet properly

Recite Ya Wadoodo Ya lateefu

While reciting, imagine your loved one

It would be very grateful if you keep the picture of that person in front of you.

Recite Ya wadoodo Ya lateefu for one thousand one hundred and eleven times

Frequently asked questions

Which Surah is suitable for marriage?

Surah An-Nur, if you want to marry your love, is the most useful Surah for marriage. First, recite Durood Sharif 11 times, then recite this Surah An-Nur verse 6 to 11 after Fajr Nawaz. The main thing is to have a deep belief in Allah, His angels, books, and destiny to get the best from the Surah for love marriage. 

 Is there any dua to get married soon?

Yes, you can recite Dua to get married soon. It will help you with your problem. For doing this dua, start with fresh wuzu, then recite la ilaha illallah 21 times. After that, perform this dua to get married soon, then within few days, you start noticing the effects.

I am 28 and facing many problems regarding marriage. Can you suggest any Wazifa for this problem?

You can recite the Wazifa mentioned above For Marriage In 20 days. It’s mighty and helps you solve your problem, and if you want quick results, you can Contact Maulana Ji to know more about the Surah and wazifas. He will guide you throughout and help you resolve all your problems very quickly soon.

Dua to Increase Love in Husband Heart

 Love is one of the primary principles in Islam, and the Love between a husband and wife is of the most sacred nature. Islam has given us many solutions to every problem in our life through the Holy Quran. Dua to Increase Love in Husband Heart can help you to increase the Love your husband has towards you.

There can be arguments and fights between a husband and a fight in certain instances, and just like the good moments, the bad moments are also part of the marriage. The key to a successful marriage is not giving up on it and putting your trust in Allah and each other.

The dua to increase Love in husband heart is effective and powerful, so you can expect it to have immediate results.

Read this article carefully. Don’t skip any part of this article. Before performing any dua and wazifa, you should know that dua works slowly. If you want an immediate result, You should contact Molana Ji.

Here is Dua to Increase Love in Husband Heart step by step –

Note This – Recite this dua after Maghrib Evening Prayer.

The first step is to make a fresh wuzu.

Then recite Durood Shareef Elven Times.

Now Recite Surah Al Fatiha Verse No.1 to 5 for Five times.

After That, you can choose any sweet and blow on it.

Now You can make your husband eat the sweet.

This dua is powerful enough to give you instant results. This Dua will Increase Love in your Husband’s Heart.

Precautions to Perform Dua to Increase Love in Husband Heart is here –

A dua is a supplication to Allah, and sometimes when we perform a dua, we do it for the wrong reasons, or we don’t have enough faith, which will lead to the dua failing. One should keep in mind several things before performing the dua, and you must do so.

Before every dua, You must cleanse your body of impurities.

When performing the dua, you offer supplication to Allah to help you with the problem in your life.

Which means you need to trust and have complete faith in Allah.

Don’t perform the dua without faith.

You shouldn’t be impatient if your dua isn’t answered at that moment, as Allah knows what is best for every person.

Women who are going through their period shouldn’t perform dua until their menstruation is over.

Here is Wazifa to increase love between husband and wife step by step –

A happy marriage doesn’t necessarily mean that the couple has no problems between them. The husband might fall out of love and go after other women or indulge himself in other activities then do this Dua to Break Up a Couple or Separate Two Persons, which can be quite hurtful to the wife.

This Wazifa increase love in the husband’s heart is a very powerful Wazifa that will be effective for a difficult situation. The following instructions can help you perform this Wazifa to get the best results. 

Here is Wazifa to increase love between husband and wife –

Note This – Recite This Wazifa after Fajr Morning Prayer.

You have to Perform ablution before this Wazifa.

After that, you have to recite the Surah Taha three times.

Then you have to read the Ayat al Kursi verse 255.

Now you have to recite this Wazifa to increase love between husband and wife given below ten times.

La Ilaha Illallah, Wahdahu La Sharika Lahu, Lahul-Mulku

Wazifa to increase love in husbands heart

After completing the above-given instructions, you have to ask Allah for His blessings and pray to Him so that your husband will come back to you and shower you with His Love and attention.

This Wazifa will help you prevent your husband from cheating on you and make him faithful, loving, and kind to you.

Precautions to Perform dua to increase love between husband and wife

Sometimes your dua will not be answered, and your husband will still not show any interest in you, and it may be for several reasons. Your prayer should be perfect in the sight of Allah. Otherwise, your dua will not affect.

Your dua might have been weak-willed.

Women should refrain from performing the dua if they are on their menstruation.

Never perform the dua with evil intentions.

Perform the dua in a place where you are sure you will not be disturbed.

Follow the instructions completely so that you will get your desired outcome.

Surah to Increase Love in Husband Heart

Sometimes, when your husband might seem like he doesn’t love you anymore, is angry at you all the time, extremely strict, or seek Love from other women. These situations can be extremely painful, and the wife might have a hard time making her husband love her again and treat her with respect.

You might be going through one of these situations and feeling hopeless, but you don’t have to worry as long as you perform the dua to melt your husband’s heart. Allah sees the Love between a wife and a husband as of a divine nature, and it’s your right to have your husband’s Love and attention.

Important Note Before Doing Any Dua or Wazifa Click and Must Read

The Dua to meet the husband’s heart and the dua to increase Love in husband heart can be of great help to women who feel isolated from their husband. Every wife desires her husband’s Love and respect, and this dua can help you achieve your dream, or you can do dua to get what you want.

There are many solutions out there in the world, like Dua to Increase Love in Husband Heart, but Islam has all the solutions for your problems, and Allah can help you if you are prepared to trust and pray for the right solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Surah to Increase Love in Husband Heart?

You can recite Surah Al-Waqi’ah to increase Love in your husband’s heart. Surah Al-Waqiah is the best and famous Surah for any marriage-related problem. First of all, recite Durood E Nariya five times after Isha Namaz, then recite Surah Al-Waqi’ah Verse No.1 to 4 five times. This Surah will increase Love in your husband’s heart.

Is there any dua to make my husband love me again?

You can easily create Love again in his heart by reciting Surah Al Fatiha Ayats for one week regular after Fajar namaz. It will make your husband love you again.

How do I control my husband’s mind in Islam?

The dua to bring husband under control can help you to influence your husband’s behavior.

How can I bring Love back to my husband’s heart?

If your husband was suddenly not loving you, you could perform this Dua to make lost Love back, and it will effectively work.

Dua to Make Relationship Stronger


As-salamu Alaykum, if you want dua to make relationship stronger, then you are at the right place. One of the most divine relationships in the eyes of Allah is the relationship between two people of love.

However, the relationship between two people is love, trust, honesty, and loyalty. A healthy relationship requires upholding the core values of faith, love, honesty, and dedication.

Sometimes, we cannot keep a relationship from falling apart because there is a lack of understanding between the two partners. It might cause the relationship to end on bad terms, and the partners will feel wronged and will be in pain. The Dua to Make Relationship Stronger will prevent that from happening and keep all your relationships safe.

There are instances where you will face problems in your relationship with your lover, husband, wife, parents, friends, or relatives. Whatever the problem might be, the dua to make relationship stronger can help you fix the problem and move forward to have a happy, healthy, and long-lasting relationship with that person.

If you want immediate results, You should contact Molana Ji. You can contact Molana Ji by click on the consult with us button. Don’t skip any part of the article. Please read this article carefully. We are sharing the best Dua to Make Relationship Stronger.

Here is Dua to Make Relationship Stronger –

Note This – Recite this Dua to Make Relationship Stronger after Asar Afternoon Prayer.

First do ablution. (WUDU)

Now Recite the Darood Shareef eleven times.

Then Recite Surah Ya-Sin Verse (51) fifty times.

Finally, Make Dua to Allah (SWT) to make relationship stronger with that desired person.

After completing the recitation, think of the person with whom you want to have a stronger relationship. If you need any help you can contact Molana ji.

Dua to Make Relationship Stronger

Here is Wazifa to make Relationships stronger in the following Steps –

Note This – Perform this wazifa to make Relationship stronger on a Wednesday.

Begin with a proper ablution. (Wudu)

Then you have to start with reciting ‘Ya Wadoodo‘ forty-seven times.

Open Chapter No.45 in Quran and recite Surah Al-Jathiyah Verse (2) ten times.

After that, you have to recite this Wazifa given below in the image 500 times.

Continue to do this for thirty-two days without any break. You will see the magical effects if you have done this correctly.

There is no perfect relationship in this world. There will be good and bad moments, and going through that will make a relationship strong. Sometimes the bad and sound aren’t in balance, and the conflict can eventually drive two people apart. 

If you find yourself in such a situation, then all you have to do is follow the given instructions and perform the dua to fix broken relationships.

Wazifa to Make Relationship Stronger

In the span of a few days, you will see that you will solve the problems you have been facing in the relationship with your loved ones, and you will have a strong relationship. You should be patient and continue to pray if you don’t get immediate results. Then consult with our Molana ji. He will help you.

If you want someone back in your life and loves you like you, this Dua to Get Someone Back in Your Life Will helps you. 

If you want someone to fall in love with you, you can read this Dua To Make Someone Fall In Love With You This dua will help you fall in love.  

Precautions to Perform Dua or Surah to make Relationship stronger

The dua to make a Relationship stronger, being a supplication to Allah, requires to be done in a particular manner. Otherwise, it will only be a sinful act. It would help if you were sure that you are aligned with these rules before performing any dua.

Always have complete faith in Allah when praying for something.

Women should refrain from performing any dua or wazifa during their periods.

Remember to send Salawaat upon the Prophet Muhammad as it is pleasing to Allah.

Never be impatient when waiting for the outcome of your dua.

Perform your dua only in places where it will be quiet, and you will not be disturbed.

Which Surah helps to Make Relationship Stronger

There can be many reasons why a relationship is broken. Sometimes they are grave reasons, and sometimes it’s just silly matters that don’t matter. There can be ego clashes between the two, and the lack of understanding or compromise can cause the Relationship to break.

The dua to fix broken Relationships serves as a solution from the Holy Quran to solve all the problems between you and your partner. You might feel hopeless and wish that you can fix the Relationship. This dua can help you find inner peace and a meaningful relationship with your partner.

The Holy Quran gives us all the solutions to your problems through the dua to strengthen your Relationship. Therefore you can seek guidance from Allah to help keep your relationships safe from all malice and strengthen the bond between you and them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Surah Make Relationship Stronger?

If your partner loses interest in you and your partner doesn’t love you, then recite Surah Al-Anbiya for five days. Remember, have faith in Allah tala. If you do this ritual with your pure heart, your partner loves you again like before.

Is there any Dua or Wazifa for make Friendship stronger?

If you want your Friendship stronger, then recite Surah Al-Jathiyah Verse (1 to 3) after Fajar Namaz. After that, Read any Five names of Allah (SWT) by a pure heart. Finally, Make Dua to Allah To make your Friendship stronger. Do this ritual for five days.

Is there a dua to make someone love you?

Yes, there is a powerful Dua to make someone fall in love with you to work and help you effectively.

There are many dua that you can use to make your relationship work.

And one of them is Dua. To get lost love back will surely help you.

Which dua is for relationship problems?

Yes, there is a powerful Dua for all life problems. You can recite this and get good results.

Benefits of Surah Rahman


The world we live in is a place filled with conflict and difficult situations which can test our limits as individuals. Under the pressure of these trials, we have to persist and trust in Allah to help us through the most difficult of moments. The Holy Quran consists of many Surah, with each Surah offering guidance and blessing to the reader.
The many Surah offer benefits like good health, wealth, and protection. One of them is the benefits of Surah Rahman, which are sought after by many in their day-to-day life and continues to be important in the afterlife.
Among the many Surah in the Holy Quran is the Surah-Al-Rahman, which is important to every Muslim.  It is said that if a person recites or pronounces a single word of the Holy Quran, then ten virtues are recorded for him/her. The Surah-Al-Rahman provides us with many benefits that will help us throughout our lives, be it wealth, beauty, health, or the afterlife.
If you find yourself in a hopeless situation, you can see that this Surah will be of great help to you. There are many benefits of Surah Rahman that you should be aware of in order to get the best of this powerful Surah. You should read the full article in order to get a clear understanding of the benefits of Surah Rahman, and if you have any doubts or questions, you can consult with Maulvi Ji. There are many Surah for success in everything.

Benefits of Reading Surah Rahman

The Surah-Al-Rahman is considered to be one of the most powerful and beneficial Surah in the Holy Quran. This beautiful Surah consists of 78 verses and is the 55th chapter of the Holy Quran. Allah is gracious and merciful, and these attributes of Allah are mentioned in the Surah from the beginning to the end.

Here is Benefits of Reading Surah Rahman

Anyone who reads or memorizes this Surah has the protection of Allah from diseases and all kinds of danger. There are many benefits of Surah Rahman, and here are some which you should be aware of.
All these benefits of Surah Rahman are proof of the many blessings that Allah has given to us through this Surah. If you want your love back then you should perform Powerful Surah for Love Back.

Surah Rahman Wazifa for Health

Here is Benefits of Surah Rahman for Marriage Step by Step –
One of the many benefits of Surah Rahman is that of marriage when there is any problem that prevents someone from getting married. Many parents find it difficult to get their daughters married, and there can be many reasons for it. When parents can’t find a good match for their daughters, they recite the Surah Rahman.
There is a wazifa from the Surah Rahman that will be of great help to the parents to give a good marriage to their daughters. This is an accurate method and should be followed as per instructions –
The first step is to read the Durood Shareef eleven times.
Then you have to carefully recite the Surah-Al-Rahman eleven times.
Once you have finished reciting the Surah-Al-Rahman, you have to recite the Durood Shareef eleven more times.
You have to perform this for twenty-one days without changing the time or place where you first recited it. Within the span of twenty-one days, you will find a solution to your marriage problems.
Here is surah rahman for marraige
One of the most well-known benefits of Surah Rahman is the curing of heart diseases. In many spiritual hospitals, many patients suffering from heart diseases have recovered from their sickness by listening or reciting the Surah-Al-Rahman. This Surah can cure diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, and even mental disorders such as depression.
The Surah consists of the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon is on earth and in heaven, which shows the merciful and gracious nature of Allah towards His believers.
If you recite the Surah Rahman 7 times, benefits will include the curing of diseases that are difficult to cure by medicine. It is the most miraculous Surah as it can be of great help to invigorate weak-bodied people and also to get peace of mind in a world where people find comfort in worldly things over the spiritual blessings. Even if you recite the Surah Rahman 7 times for benefits or more, it is always good to memorize it and read it for protection from Allah.
Benefits of reading Surah Rahman
In today’s world, many young men and women are conscious about their beauty and go after the beauty and makeup brands to focus on their outer beauty. These artificial products most often have no effects on the physical appearance and only serve to make the user even more fixated and desperate to look beautiful. But why rely on artificial means of beautification when the Surah Rahman serves to help those who wish to have an attractive face and body.
You can recite the Surah Rahman 3 times for the benefits of getting Noor and glowing skin. Though the main reason you should recite the Surah Rahman is to cleanse your mind from evil thoughts and to gain inner beauty. The primary benefit of Surah Rahman, just like other Surah in the Holy Quran, is to get closer to Allah.
Health Benefits of Surah Rahman
As the world is in a race against time to find cures for new and dangerous diseases as well as for those diseases that have no cure despite many years of research, the Holy Quran gives us many solutions to the different diseases that plague the human body. The benefit of Surah Rahman on health is very important as in many spiritual hospitals.
The Surah-Al-Rahman is often recited or read to a patient suffering from diseases such as cancer, and there have been cases of miraculous recoveries that have surprised the medical world. It is said that the wounds of the soul and negative thoughts are the reasons for many physical ailments that affect many patients.
The Surah-Al-Rahman offers many benefits to us, and as Muslims, we can gain the blessings of Allah just by reading or reciting the Surah. The benefits of Surah Rahman can be achieved by reciting it every single day without fail, and you will gain success in every field in your life.
Allah has shown us a way to solve any problem and get through the toughest situations without any harm coming to yourself or your family. Prayers and relentless supplication have always been of great value to a Muslim as it brings him/her closer to Allah. The Holy Quran serves to be a guide on how to live a good life pleasing unto Allah and to be worthy enough to enter Jannah.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Surah Rahman read for?
Surah-Al-Rahman is mainly read for curing ailments such as blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases. Reading this Surah is said to have miraculous effects on many patients who suffered from incurable diseases.
Which Surah is for success?
Surah for success in everything will help you. This Surah shows the symbol of triumph, and those who read this Surah will triumph in the different phases of life.

Which Surah is the Beauty of the Quran?
The Holy Quran is a beautiful guide as it offers advice and wisdom to lead a good life in this earthly abode, but when taken as Surah, we can say that the Surah Ar-Rehman is the beauty of the Quran.

Dua to Get Married Soon


Everyone wants to get married as it’s a part of life which will make us happy and give us companionship and love throughout our life. The dua to get married soon is helpful for those who want to get married soon because their marriage is being held up by one problem or another.

Allah has been merciful to us in giving us all the solutions to our problems through the Holy Quran because He knew well that our life would have many troubles, making us miserable.

This article will give you the instructions to perform the dua to get married soon and the precautions you should take while doing so. If you still have any queries after reading the article, then you can consult with Maulvi Ji. If you face a problem in your love marriage, you can perform Powerful Wazifa For Love Marriage.

Reasons why you Perform Dua to Get Married Soon

There can be many reasons why your marriage isn’t taking place, and knowing why it isn’t happening or identifying the problem at hand is the most important step to getting married. These reasons can include

Sometimes your relatives or friends who wish ill will for you might have done black magic to disrupt your marriage.

You might have bad luck with marriage.

The dua to get married soon will be helpful if there is evil energy preventing your marriage.

These are some of the reasons you can be facing, and it’s important to know if any of these is the root cause of your marriage being interrupted.

It is important to know the root cause of your marriage being interrupted so that we can use the accurate dua to get married soon and in case you wish to marry someone in specific. The following instructions are for those who wish to marry soon, and dua should be performed accordingly.

Here is Dua to Get Married Soon step by step –

Note This – Recite this dua after Asar Afternoon Prayer for the best result.

First of all, you have to perform a complete ablution.

After that, you have to recite “Bismillah hir-Rahman Nirrahim“ (19) times.

Then recite Surah Yasin Verse (6) five times.

Now Recite this Dua given below on the image 100 times.

Finally, Pray to Allah SWT for you to get married soon to that desired person.

If you perform this Dua for getting married soon, you will have immediate marriage results with your pure intention with faith in Allah SWT.

We also share dua to get married soon, on the image which is given below. You can also recite this for your marriage problem.

Dua to get married soon

Every dua requires to be performed in the right way to get good results for your dua. Allah has given us the means to ask for the desires of our heart through supplication, which is the dua. If you do not perform the dua to get married soon, your supplication will only be seen as a sin. So be aware of the precautions given below.

When you perform the wazifa for getting married soon, make sure that you follow the instructions accurately.

Women should refrain from performing any dua when they are on their periods.

Only perform the dua for getting a good husband if you have complete trust in Allah.

Be patient as Allah will give you your desire when He sees fit.

Here is Some Powerful Dua for Immediate Marriage Proposal

Marriage is the union between two people who make vows to each other that they will spend the rest of their lives with each other. The decision to marry someone is not to be taken lightly, and sometimes the parents will face many problems when trying to get their children married—the dua for a marriage proposal.

Note This – If you want the best effects, then Recite this dua after Fajr Morning Prayer.

Take a shower and think about the proposal you want.

Then Recite Verse (12) Surah Duha and Qasas.

After that, Recite each Dua 100 times for Immediate Marriage Proposal, which is given below.

Auzu Billaahi Minash Shaitaanir

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Assalaatu Wassalaamu Akayka Ya

Dua for immediate marraige proposals

Here is Wazifa for Immediate Marriage Proposal Step by Step –

The first step is cleansing which is wudu or ablution.

Then recite Surah Tauba (120) 56 Times.

After that, Open Quran Paak Read Chapter No.12 Yusuf.

Finally, close your eyes and remember Allah SWT and pray for your immediate marriage proposal.

If you have someone you love and wish to get an Immediate marriage proposal from them, then the Wazifa for marriage proposal would help you greatly.

Wazifa for immediate marriage propasals

Important Note for Dua for Immediate Marriage Proposal Must Read –

The dua to get married soon, just like every other dua, has rules and regulations specific to it, and it’s best to follow them to get good results.

Do not perform a weak-willed dua.

Begin your dua by praising Allah and sending blessings and peace upon His messengers.

Always remember not to be selfish when making a dua.

Follow every instruction given to perform the dua to get married soon.

There are many men and women in the world, and if you wish to have a pious husband or wife, you should trust in Allah and perform the dua to get married soon.

You can also perform this dua if you wish to marry a specific person and your parents and relatives don’t agree to it. The dua to get married to a specific person will be helpful to you as you wish to marry the person will be fulfilled if it’s the right decision in the eyes of Allah.


Marriage isn’t something that can happen on a whim, as one should be aware of the characteristics of the person they are getting married to. However, it isn’t easy to find the right partner, and if you are looking for a perfect partner, you will probably have to wait for a long time to get married to someone who can meet all your requirements. The dua to get married soon will help you find the right person to spend your life with and make your worries disappear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any Surah to Get Married Soon?

You can recite any Surah, which will help you get rid of Married Soon problems. Two of them are Surah Yasin and Surah Duha, but this will show more effects if you praise Allah and pray fervently. Within one week, you will see the effects of this ritual. This surah will solve your marriage problems.

Can I make dua to Allah to marry a specific person?

You can make specific dua for a specific person, like you can recite Dua to get married to a specific person. This will help you a lot and also keep faith in Allah.

Can Dua change the destiny of marriage?

Yes, dua can change the destiny of marriage because Allah will hear and answer those who worship Him. You can perform Dua for all life problems, and you will receive an answer.

Is there any dua for love marriage?

Yes, there are many dua for love marriage. You can perform Powerful Dua for love marriage for someone you love. The Surah Al Ahzab recited thirty-three times would be good to get a good answer from Allah.

Dua to Make Someone Realize His Mistake

There can be many difficult and heart-breaking situations that each and every one of us go through, and these situations can seem too much sometimes. Allah knows that our lives are made in such a way that we will not have a smooth ride but instead face a lot of problems. Islam has given us many ways to find solve our problems through the Holy Quran.

If you have been wronged by someone you care about and wish to make that person realize his/her mistake, then you can use the dua to make someone realize his mistake. This person can be anyone in your life, and if you genuinely wish for this person to be a good part of your life, then using the dua would be of great help to you.

Procedure to Make Someone Realize His Mistake

The burden of emotional pain is not one that can be ignored, and if the matter isn’t resolved in a civil manner, then it can blow out of proportion which will damage the relationship you have with the other person irreversibly. If you hope to make, the person understands his/her wrongdoing and realize how important you are to them, then the dua to make someone realize his mistake is the perfect solution to your problem. You will be able to get a genuine apology from this person and much more by performing this powerful dua.

Some benefits of performing the dua to make someone realize his mistake are as given below

You will receive permission from both society and your family.

If your lover had abandoned you, then the dua to make someone change their mind will bring them back to you.

Finally, you will have peace of mind.

The following steps are to be followed accordingly in order to perform the dua to make someone realize his mistake.

Firstly, you have to perform proper ablution or wudu for purification of the body.

The next step is to recite the dua to make someone change their mind, which is given below, seven times every day, and imagine the person in whose thoughts you wish to be.

“Wa Tammat Kalimatu Rabbika Sidkan Wa Adlal La Mubaddila Li Kalimatu Wa Huwas Sami’ul Aleem”

Then you have to recite the Durood Shareef three times.

Once you have completed it, you have to think about him/her while reading the 9th verse of Surah Al Imran 201 times.

After that, you have to pray to Allah with complete faith to make him/her think of you.

Inshallah, your prayers will be answered favorably.

Precautions to Perform Dua to Make Someone Realize His Mistake

When performing the dua to make someone realize his mistake, there are some basic rules that you should follow as each dua will be effective only when you are able to fulfill all the conditions perfectly.

The first precaution that you should be aware of is that you should refrain from showing the person that they hurt you.

You can perform the dua to make someone feel guilty any day of the week, but you should be persistent once you start.

You shouldn’t get angry and lose your composure while dealing with this person.

Always remember to perform the dua to make someone feel guilty in a quiet place without disturbances as it is a powerful dua.

You must indulge your time in prayer and meditation.

Continue to pray to Allah to support you in your journey with this person.

Wazifa to Make Someone Regret

It is not a given that everyone in your life will give you the same love and respect that you have shown them. There will be instances where the person you love the most will leave you for someone else or just fall out of love and hurt you deeply. The dua to make someone regret is the perfect solution for situations as the one mentioned above. It’s not necessary that the person you love will realize his/her mistake by themselves and come back to you so performing the dua to make someone regret will help you tremendously. Allah will help you find inner peace by making that person realize how important you are in their lives. Allah has the power to change someone’s mind, and if your prayer is genuine, then you will receive favorable results. If you want to make things easy then you can perform Dua To Make Things Easy.

Powerful Dua to Make Someone Realize His Mistake

There are some people who believe that they can do anything and be always be right. Sometimes these people can be extremely hurtful with respect to their words and actions, which will result in conflict. If you find yourself in a place where you want someone to regret their actions or decisions, then you can perform the powerful dua to make someone realize his mistakes.

Begin the dua by performing the ablution.

Then you have to recite the dua given below on the first Thursday after the new moon.

“Kad Wameen Sha Niyaaz Ga Falam Fa Hiyat Ha Meher Shukar Talah”

Once you have completed reciting the dua to make someone realize his mistake, you have to recite the Durood E Ibrahimi three times.

After that, you have to recite the dua seventeen times.

Then recite the Durood E Ibrahimi three more times.

Ask Allah to bless you and bring the person who left you to regret their decision and come back to you.

You will receive a favorable answer if continue to perform the dua the rest of the week.

Dua to Make Someone Realize His Mistake

Allah has mapped out each and every one of our lives, and in many instances, we can see how He only gives us things as long as they are truly good for us. The dua to make someone realize his mistake is a supplication that we can ask of Allah as He promised that the prayers of His believers will not go unheard.  There can be many reasons that your prayer will not be acceptable to Allah, so be aware of the precautions given below if you wish to get the best results for your dua.

Don’t perform the dua with any evil intentions.

If the reason the person left you is because of your mistake, then you have to first apologize to the person.

Women shouldn’t perform the dua during periods.

Follow the instructions given as they are.


In conclusion, we can say that Allah will help you achieve any goal as long as you have complete faith and are completely to spend your time in prayer and meditation. As you continue to meet more and more people, you will realize that everyone is the same and that each person has a different personality which includes different likes and dislikes. There will be a conflict of interest that can cause a sense of distrust or anger between you and the other person, which will lead to physical or mental harm being inflicted on you or the other person. The dua to make someone realize his mistake will help you make the person who has been the reason for your pain realize his/her mistake and come back to you.

Dua to Stop My Husband Having Affair

As-salam Alaykum, if you need Dua to Stop My Husband Having Affair with another woman, this dua works like magic. Everyone faces some difficulty in their life, and the only one who can help us is Allah.

Every wife wishes to be respected and loved by her husband, and when he leaves her for another woman and commits the grave sin of adultery, it’s a painful ordeal for the wife. The dua to stop my husband having an affair is a helpful dua to save you from such a problematic situation.

However, there is no perfect relationship without misunderstandings and conflicts as it’s a union of people of two different personalities, and each person will have other likes and dislikes.

This can be a harrowing situation for the wife and might seem hopeless, but it’s not. The dua to stop my husband having affair is the perfect solution you need if you think that your husband or boyfriend is having an affair out of wedlock or cheating on you with another woman.

The dua to stop my husband having affair will help you greatly if you find yourself looking for a way to bring your husband or boyfriend to his senses and realize his mistake. Even if your husband is not having an affair and is only thinking of having an affair, this dua will change his mind and give you trust in your heart.

Here is the Dua to Stop My Husband Having Affair Step by Step –

Note This – Find a quiet place where you can pray in total peace and solitude. You will get effective Results if you recite this Dua to Stop My Husband Having Affair after Fajr Morning Prayer.

The first step is to make wudu or complete ablution.

Then Recite Durood Shareef and Surah Duha three times.

After that, Recite Dua 101 times given below in the image.

Finally, Pray To Allah SWT by Heart to stop your husband having an affair with anyone.

Have faith in Allah Tala, and Do this for one week. You will get effects within one week. If your husband is in an affair, then This Dua will stop it.

Here is Dua for Husband to Leave the Other Woman Step by Step –

Note This – Prepare yourself to perform the Dua by cleansing your body And Recite This dua after Zuhar (Duhr) Noon Prayer For Best effects.

Choose the usual spot where you sit for performing Dua.

Then you have to recite Al Baqarah seven times.

To conclude the prayer, you can recite the ‘DUROOD-E-NARIYA‘ 32 times.

After that, Recite This Dua “Allah Bismillah Surah Quman Torah Zimali Somali fitur” for hundred times.

You don’t have to continue waiting for your husband to return to you as with the dua for husband to leave other women. You will see how his mind changes with Allah’s help. In this world, nobody can help you as much as Allah can, and because of it, you have to trust in Him completely.

Surah to Stop My Husband Having Affair

Sometimes the situation would seem like it’s too late to do anything if you find out that your husband had been cheating on you. When there is conflict in a relationship, there will be a loss of trust, leading to a falling out of love. Later on, this lack of confidence will be why one person leaves the other for another woman or man.

The dua for the husband to leave the other woman would help you if you discovered that your husband has become enamoured by another woman and wishes to spend his time with her. This dua has helped many couples who have achieved the perfect married life.

Marriage is not only about rosy paths but also painful moments, and if you don’t fight for what you want, you will not get it. If your husband is aggressive, you can perform Dua For Aggressive Husband.

If your husband doesn’t love you and wants to make him love you, perform Dua to Increase Love in Husband Heart.

Precautions to Perform Dua for Husband to Leave the Other Woman

Allah will answer your supplication as long as you are prepared to follow all the instructions as given. Since every dua is a prayer to Allah, it should be performed appropriately, as shown below.

You should perform the dua to stop my husband having an affair without any break.

Women shouldn’t perform the dua to stop my husband having affairs during their menses.

Prepare to accept whatever answer Allah gives you because He knows best.

Be sure that you aren’t harbouring any evil thoughts in your mind while performing the dua.

Follow all the instructions that regiven precisely.

You must have complete faith in Allah to solve your problem.

If you want fast and effective results, you can contact our Molana ji.

Some Important Points Must Read –

Firstly, some arranged marriages can be a source of extramarital affairs, especially if it was a forced and hurried marriage.

There is no fundamental understanding between the two of them because they were strangers before their wedding.

Secondly, when there is a lack of trust, there will be a conflict that will lead to severe complications between the couple, leading to one of the two or finding comfort elsewhere.

Thirdly, financial problems can also contribute to illicit affairs.

Frequently asked questions

Is There Any Surah to Stop My Husband Having Affair?

If you want Surah to stop your husband from having affairs, Then you recite Surah-Ar-Rahman. Surah Ar Rahaman is the Most Powerful Surah for your marriage life problem. If you recite correctly with faith in Almighty Allah, you will get your desired result within five days.

I love my husband, but he is suddenly losing interest in me. Can you tell which dua will help me?

First of all, don’t lose hope and faith in Allah. Don’t worry, recite this Powerful Dua for husband love back. Perform this Dua with a pure heart and good intentions. It will surely give you good results.

I want my husband to love me back, and he is with some other woman. Which dua can help me?

If your husband is with some other woman and you need your husband back in your life, you recite Surah Al Mursalat after isha namaz for one week. Do it with good intentions and precautions. You can also contact our molvi Ji if you want quick results. They will provide you best Islamic ways to get the solution to your problems.

My husband does not love me as he does before. Which dua can help me?

You can do this, Dua, to create love in your husband’s heart. It will solve your problem, and you will get good results.


Dua For Finding A Good Husband

 If You Want Dua For Finding A Good Husband Then you are at Right Place. Anyone wants to find a partner that is suitable for her that can make her happy all life. Everybody wishes for their Prince Charming, and everyone wishes for their Prince Charming to have the qualities they want in them. Almost every girl’s dream is to have someone beside them that will support them and will help them at any cost.

Nowadays, in this cruel world, People are getting more and more evil. Finding a partner that will love you and will not betray you at any cost is hardly there with a pure mind. 

Finding the perfect partner for yourself in Islam can be pretty tough. If you are someone who is looking for a partner or a wonderful husband? We have got a Dua for finding a good husband that will work if you pray to Allah with a pure concentrated mind.

Here is Procedure To Perform Dua For Finding A Good Husband –

Note This – Recite this dua after fajr namaz for the best result.

First, you take a shower and make fresh wuzu.

Now recite Surah-Rahman  100 times.

Then open chapter No.93 in Quran recite Surah Ad-Duhaa.

Finally, Pray to Allah SWT for a good husband.

Keep doing this with complete faith, and Allah will show his way to you. Do this ritual for 3 days.

Here is Dua For Finding A Good Husband Step by Step

There are no precautions if you can follow the procedure most straightforwardly and purely with total concentration and cleanliness. This dua for finding a good husband will work fine, and you will get your husband for sure.

One who needs a life partner who will love like no other and never leave her will abide by all righteous virtues and have all moral values and family ethics in them. You need to follow these steps to get your Good life partner. The method is as follows:

Important Note –

Girls don’t do this dua and Wazifa on their Periods (Menstrual cycle).

If you have no time to recite this dua or Wazifa, you can consult with our Molana ji.

These All dua and Wazifa work slow.

If you want quick and fast results, you can contact us To click on Consult with us Button has given below.

Always Remember Faith in Allah tala when you do this. 

Here is Dua for Getting a Good Life Partner or Spouse Step by Step –

Note This – If you want the best effects of this dua, you recite this dua after Zuhar (Duhr) Noon Prayer. If you like someone specific, then it is good to put a photo in front of you to help you get someone like him.

Firstly you Recite Surah Yasin Verse No.29

After that, you have to Recite Durood-e-Pak continuously without losing concentration 11 Times.

Now take one small White Cloth And blow on it.

Then you will put that cloth on your purse or under the pillow where you sleep.

If you are not performing this procedure with all your mind and concentration, this might not work, so be very consistent about praying and following it for 2-3 days. Once you have finished with the reciting, you have to save from the mighty Allah for your marriage and that you receive an excellent partner.

Here is Dua for Getting a Good Life Partner or Spouse Step by Step –

It is best to do this when no one is around and after Nawaz, but you can also perform at any time of the day is suitable as Allah is always there, and if you are praying with a pure and concentrated mind, then he will listen to you anytime.

If you are having some photographs of his family, you can put it out there too, so that the duo works more strongly if you have someone specific in your mind that you want in your life.

This may take some days but don’t lose hope as Allah is always there, and his door is always open. Continuously pray and be consistent about prayer. If you want to do love marriage, you can perform Ishtikhara Dua For Love Marriage.

Surah For Finding A Good Husband

Often people forget that there is also a way that is always open, the door that you can always enter, a solution that you can always opt for and can be proved to be the best solution. 

Yes, it’s the Allah way. It’s the purity and the trust that can lead you to the best things in your life without any reason or any Haram. You will get what you deserve from the cord directly living your life peacefully, similar to Jannat. If you want to marry someone, you can perform Dua To Make Someone Fall In Love With You.

If you are someone who is already heartbroken and couldn’t put your mind aside and worried about your future, but probably you are too afraid to pick a partner, why not pray to Allah? As Allah has a solution for everything and, he will only do best for you.

If you are looking for the best husband who will care for you all your life and want to decide who that particular person would be, then why not pray to Allah as we have got a Dua for finding a good husband.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Surah For Finding A Good Husband?

Yes, Surah Ad-Duhaa  Is the most famous and powerful surah for finding a good husband. If you do it properly, First recite DUROOD-E-INAAM five times, then Recite Surah Ad-Duhaa Verse (5) five times. Remember Faith in Allah SWT When you perform this ritual, you will see effects within one week. You will find a good husband for you.

How Do You Ask Allah For Good husband?

The above methods can help you in a certain way, but constant faith and Belief in Allah is the primary factor that will help you, but if you want quick results, you can contact our molvi Ji immediately.

Which Dua To Read If You Want To Get Married the person you love?

If you want to get married to a person you love can perform this powerful Dua to marry someone of your choice. This dua will help you a lot.

I want to get married soon, but my proposals get rejected. Which dua can help me?

If you want to get married at the right time and right age but you are not getting acceptance from another side, you can perform this Islamic Dua for marriage proposal acceptance. This dua will show significant effects.

My family wants me to marry a person, but I don’t know he is right for me or not. I want to get ishitkhara. What can I do?

Yes, in this case, you can contact our Molana ji. He will assist you in the best Islamic ways and do your ishitkhara, and after that, you know what is good for you.