Dua To Make Your Husband Love and obey you

 It’s normal for married couples to go through their fair share of problems. Dua To Make Your Husband Love and obey you. For example, some couples find it hard to stay faithful to each other while others go through financial trials and tribulations. 

The common problem, however, remains that of a sense of love lacking in the marriage. It’s expected that after a while, the love that kept the sparkle going will soon fade away. If you are reading this blog, perhaps you are also going through the same challenge.

Maybe later, you have started noticing that your husband doesn’t love you as much as he used to. Dua To Make Your Husband Love and obey you Maybe now you find yourself often feeling lonely. That’s ok. It happens with the best of us. But, the one thing that you need to remember is never to lose hope.

In this post, we talk about a powerful dua process through which you can make your husband love you more and more so that lost sparkle will once again brighten your lives.

Here is Dua to make husband love you more Step by Step – 

Note This – Grab a photo or any belonging of your husband. It could be a piece of cloth or his wallet or anything you can get your hands on.

After the Isha namaaz sit in the room of prayer

Now Recite this Dua “Inner wajjahtu wajhiya lillathee fataraassamawati“ 103 times

Then Recite ‘Ya Ilaha Illalla” 45 times

Pray to Allah Tallah, and ask him to make your husband love you more and more.

Do this regularly for three weeks and see how your husband’s behavior will start to change for the good. If you want immediate effects and need any help, you can contact our Molana Ashif Ali Khan.

Here is Dua to make husband love you more Step by Step

Insha Allah, if you practice this powerful dua rightly, you should make your marriage more loveful. Your husband will show more interest in spending more time with you.

Dua to make my husband talk to me

Why Husband’s love fades away You have to know that the only way to enjoy anything is to keep it fresh. Dua To Make Your Husband Love and obey you To enjoy life. 

It would help if you kept it fresh by trying out new things and new experiments. In the same way, to keep your marriage flourishing, you need to find new ways of expressing your love for the other person. But, often, couples start taking each other for granted. 

That is when they stop trying to make an effort to refresh things and have a brand new take on things. Even love needs to be refreshed now and then. But, because most couples find themselves stuck in a rut, they start feeling bored.

Dua for Husband Wife Relationship.

This happens more often with the man than the woman. The man’s hunt for newness is more powerful than that for the woman. Dua To Make Your Husband Love and obey you. That is why you should make sure that things remain fresh all the time for things to keep blossoming in your married life.

Powerful wazifa to get back husband from another woman

Other times, it could be that your husband is probably bothered or troubled by something. It could be a work-related matter, or it could be something else. 

Perhaps he is going through some financial burden. Or maybe he is going through some personal crisis which he hasn’t told you about yet. Regardless, it would help if you showed compassion towards him. Only then will the love that you crave so deeply will come to fruition. 

Talk to Us If you need any advice related to life’s problems, you have come to the right place. Just pick up the phone and talk to us. And we will make sure to offer you the best Islamic advice possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

My husband doesn’t respect me at all; also, he insults me sometimes. I want some strong Dua to make my husband more understanding and caring?

You can recite thisDua for a husband to listen to his wife. It will help you in this matter and make your husband listen to you. If you have done this Dua properly, you will start noticing changes, and he will start respecting you.

Is there any surah To Make Your Husband Love and obey you?

Surah Al Hujurat is one of the best Surahs to make your husband love and obey you. First, you have to read DUROOD-E-IBRAHIMI (11) times. After that, recite Surah Al Hujurat verse (6) after Isha Nawaz. Now again, repeat  DUROOD-E-IBRAHIMI (11) times. Now, pray to Allah from the bottom of your heart. Then, within few days, you can see your husband love and obey you.

How can I find a good husband? Is there any Dua for it?

You can recite Dua for finding a good husband. It will help you find a good husband. If you face any problem performing this dua, you can directly contact our maulana Ji by clicking on consult with us.


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